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Nihaal Kumar says:

I think Diabolic would be a great anime.

Nessa M says:

Another good Sci-fy series is “The Giver”

Joe Courtney says:

Sleeping giants started off really good, i liked how it was written with like interviews and such, but the last book and ending sucked. wasn’t a fan of the last book and found myself just finishing it to finish it.

Riley Lupin says:

You should read Stranger Than Fanfiction!

Rebecca Brown says:

Iv just got back into sci-fi/dystopian novels and you just have to read This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada, I loved it so much the minute I finished it I picked up the sequel, can’t get enough of it!

thebookishmind says:

JESSE I AM SO BEHIND ON WATCHING BOOKTUBE VIDEOS AHHH. Anyway…The Diabolic sounds amazing! I have an arc, but never got a chance to read it! I’ll definitely have to get to that one and Skyward!! I think you’ll really enjoy Renegades! The characters are all super unique and fun. I am not the biggest super hero fan, but I truly loved it! I still need to read the second one! I’ve also read Unearthed, but wasn’t that impressed, but I feel like I need to give it another chance lol.

Shaegeeksout says:

SKYWARD IS SO FREAKING GOOD!!! I loved it! I’m gonna have to check out some of the others on your list!

A says:

I’m a non-english native speaker and I’m looking for these types of young adult books for practicing English, as they are easier to read than the mature ones, Any recommendations?

The BaughnFire says:

Great thing about Renegades, there are three little words that are music to my ears….

No love triangles.

ColourfulTears says:

I’m reading skyward atm, and I’m loving it.
Do a UK vs US covers pls!

Ally Watkins says:

YES HELLO I’m Renegades trash. Definitely pick it up, you’ll love it! The hubby and I are currently rereading it on audio in preparation to buddy read Archenemies together, and basically at this point Marissa Meyer could publish a phone book and I’d be its number one fan.

Amilia Ahlberg says:

I love the diabolic, it was actually the book that made me start reading, but it was a while ago and Im not sure what I would think of it if i re-read it now. (Sorry if my english is trash) :).

LorienKittyBooks says:

Read Want, it’s my favorite book of the year. And the suits are to protect the mega rich from air pollution. They don’t protect from viruses and illnesses because hands are exposed and you can catch it that way.

Also Renegades is effing AMAZING!!! You need to read those two!

Mayasser J. Hariri says:

I would love to see your thoughts and review about the after series, since the movie is coming out

Andrea Citlali Coronado Hernandez says:

You really should read Renegades, it´s really really good and I´d like to know what you think of it <3

Alessia LeBlanc says:

Love Skyward definitely recommend

cato3149 says:

The long way to a small angry planet! It is a very character driven book and the world building is so engaging

Brenda Hess says:

I just started Skyward I love it!!!!

Axelle L says:

I didn’t really like Diabolic, I don’t know, something just did not feel right about it.
I really want to read Renegrades though, feels like a 5 stars book! I have the ebook so I might read it soon!

JJ Papa says:

I’m not sure if it’s considered YA but you should really read Artemis if you haven’t yet.

Lauren Daniel says:

Can u do a ya recommends

Subscription Box Addict says:

Loved Skyward SO MUCH. Most of the other books are still on my tbr as well. I would really like to know what you think of Unearthed. Puuullleeaaassseee read it like now!
Another amazing SciFi I would recommend to you would be Ignite the stars! Think Cleana Sardothien in space.

Ruth H says:

Read Renegades and Archenemies can’t wait for the next book. have to know what happens next.

Aakankshya Koirala says:

Endless suffering until the third book of Renegades comes out. The first books are addicting and amazing

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