Writing Weekends | Science Fiction Worldbuilding

AND WE’RE BACK. Kickstarting the return of Writing Weekends with Science fiction worldbuilding! What is your favourite genre of science fiction? Mine is cyberpunk I think, but I want to know yours 🙂

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Disclaimer: I am not a published author. I am a writer with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English who is working on a novel.

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David Sanchez says:

Don’t know why you would get hate for saying Star Wars IS in fact a Space Opera; definitely NOT science fiction.

Also, I stumbled upon your channel looking for tips on how to better write Sci-Fi and honestly, you break down how to write, in general, in simple, yet sophisticated ways! So thank you!


The Viewing List says:

I really didn’t know much about science fiction until I saw your vid. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! 🙂

laela1 says:

I have a wonderful imagination – believe I could write a theme with your “baby hairs” Love it!!

mikhail Jeffers says:

How about creating my own superheroes and supervillion mix Sci-fi with fantasy and actions

wesley patterson says:

im so glad i found this. i’ve had a vague idea about another planet to set a story on, but wasn’t shore how to develop it! thanks!

legofanguyvid says:

How would I mix magic with technology?

Zac Stenske says:

I agree and disagree with you on the magic conjuring type of stuff in cyberpunk. Of course it does need to be done right, like in ShadowRun, where the world was “re-awoken” and magic and races like dwarves, elves, etc. are brought back, but it can be done. But I’m glad I stumbled upon your channel while looking for some help with cyberpunk.

My Autobiography A Fanfic says:

I kind of object to this…. Space Opera is better described as “fantasy pretending to be SF” (which explains the entire genre in a sentence). The difference between SF and fantasy is not that one uses magic and one uses technology. It’s that one of them is all about sight seeing, and acting like “you” are the chosen one, and one uses fictional elements to say something meaningful about the human condition.

Also there’s no focus on the story. World building should only be done out of necessity, and if you’re making the “world” define your story you’re not writing a good story. Or at least an original one.

The differences in world (the science fiction elements) all need to say something. If you set a romcom in a cabin in the woods, it’s still a romcom. If you write another genre in a science fiction world I wouldn’t say you’re writing science fiction.

Not to mention, world history isn’t talked about in your everyday life so it won’t be something you need in your story. If your backstory is more interesting than your story or is necessary to your story, it shouldn’t just be background worldbuilding, you should be writing THAT story.

Dammit_ Travis says:

You could say humanity is the only /intelligent/ species/living thing in the universe, it’s fiction. The Fermi paradox is a clue in a long line of ideas that suggest that sure, life is probably common but for life to get to the point of looking for OTHER life is *clearly* uncommon, and to a point, even rare. And if you push it even a step further in your fiction you *could* say we are the only form of life to be able to look out to the stars and seek other intelligent brethren. It’s not a stretch of the imagination. *when humanity found itself alone*. It’s an interesting premise to say the least I think.

Logans World of awesomeness says:

I want to write a space opera with the villains leading the universe but I don’t want people to say I’m copping Star Wars, what do I do?

Damon Albarns Knees says:

I love this video! (Btw, for the baby hair issue, just jell them down with grease)

Luís Dias says:

Love Your Ideas

Gabriela Silva says:

Can’t I mix Steampunk and Cyberpunk? Like, a Victorian city, but in year 2100? Obviously the new buildings are going to be “cyberpunk-ish” but like… The traditional old buildings being “steampunk-ish”? Just talking about the architecture tho.

W K Cyrokin says:

Another type of Science Fiction is contemporary sci-fi, which is set in contemporary times but that has heavy science fiction overtones, or the premise of the story requires science fiction to work. I love contemporary sci-fi. XD The show Sliders is a good example of this.

Superhero is also a genre of sci-fi.

Jorge Warcrimes says:

The reimagined Battlestar Galactica is a better example of space opera in comparison to Star Wars but hey…

Slice of Mike says:

This is awesome! I don’t think I’d ever tackle a science fiction story, because the world building is way too complex for me. Major props to you lol.

whosaidthat84 says:

I love this!! I’m working on a steampunk/fantasy story and I’m building the world. it’s tough but fun

Aimee Partain says:

Princess Mononoke!! That makes me happy!

Cody W says:

I like the Starry Night photo with the Tardis in the background! My friend had it as a phone case. Awesome video by the way. You earned yourself a new sub.

Gamer Voice says:

There are not enough first contact stories.

Let's Read says:

I’m glad people think about these things. Excellent look at the varieties within science fiction.

Philipp Lyanguzov says:

Theres a great quote by by arthur clarke that states: Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

JustCoNa says:

Can tell just from this one video all your other ones will be great, not often I subscribe after one video haha

legofanguyvid says:

There are different genres of sci fi?

Luke Hartman says:

😀 😀 I love the god naming idea!

Terra Titanius says:


James P says:

Alistair Reynolds, Revelation Space novels are in my opinion the absolute best Hard ScFi / Space Opera.

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