Decided to try again the Try A Chapter TAG to help with my reading slump! This time I’m reading some popular Sci Fi books! I’m reading the first chapter of 5 books, then continue the one I think I will like the most and finally review that book at the end! Will I read them all? Will I DNF some?

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I started this channel to read more in English but I will read the French Classics in French!

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Queen of Cups says:

You should read Want by Cindy Pon. Id love to hear ur thoughts

Anastacia Burns says:

I really wanted to like Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Literally everyone was reading it high school in the early 80’s because Sci Fi was all the rage. (Watership Down, Brave New World and anything Issac Asimov was wildly popular during the time as well) I really found it to be more annoying then funny since the author kind of throws you into the whole story without any understanding or background. When you do get some information it’s done by using over explanation in some areas and not enough in others. At 52 I decided to try it again just to see if maybe it was just me being young at the time. Nope. This book is a cult classic and will be adored by some and just annoy others like myself. It’s not badly written per se, it was just really clumsy for me in conveying storyline. To each his/her own. I would say the only way anyone can ever know for sure if they are going to like it , is to give it a try.

Mmm Cookies says:

We Are the Ants is most definitely not a sci-fi book lol I’ve heard Sleeping Giants is best in audio format, but I don’t know that I would like the book myself so I haven’t tried it yet. You should choose the genre ahead of time and take a vote from your subscribers to decide which 5 you should sample chapters from.

Alexa Loves Books says:

I’m really intrigued by Sleeping Giants now, thanks to hearing your thoughts about it. Definitely adding to my TBR! Also, I love your lipstick 🙂

brokenshutter94 says:

Hyperion totally sounds like a SciFi version of The Canterbury Tales!

OMG Mallory says:

Oohhh I would love a video about first sentences.. it would be pretty interesting

ArtsyKarina says:

read the 5th wave by rick yancey
there is a movie that came out last year but trust me the book is waaayyy better!

Galadrielle says:

You are my fav booktuber. 🙂 You should do these kind of videos more often. I will try this “first chapter project” too. haha

jose silva says:

Sleeping giants was beyond my expectations. Specially the 2nd one. They’re quick reads!

Drew M says:

Red Rising? Did you ever read that trilogy?

charity yoder says:

Right now I’m reading Feed by Mira Grant. It’s zombies. It has some hilarious parts. Seriously. The most fun I’ve had reading a book in first person for awhile. But it also has discussions on politics and religion and how they’ve been shaped due to the zombies. A character also nicknamed herself Buffy because she’s blonde and wants to destroy the Blonde stereotype and is apparently achieving it.

Jes Reads Books says:

This is such a cool idea!

Coco Swan says:

Sleeping giants is amazing finished the audio book great it’s a trilogy. Waking giant is even better

julied945 says:

I really enjoyed the format of Sleeping Giants. I brought it with me on a week-long beach vacation and read it in about 2 or 3 days as well. The second book in the trilogy, Waking Gods, came out a couple of months ago. FYI.

Cynthia Desgagné says:

You had an excellent selection of Sci-Fi books and I’m glad you chose Sleeping Giants… Now I want to read it too!

Joanne Bloor says:

The book fell 🙂 ha ha x

Joanna A. Mullins says:

Can you do a video review on the best audiobook and ebook services. I’m getting into reading sci-fi because of your channel. Working full time, family, life, and all other distractions, it’s hard to get into the thick sci-fi trilogy books. I thought a online book service could get me going but it’s becoming overwhelming of what service to use. There is audible, kindle unlimited, scrid, open drive, and I’m sure there is more. Or at least point me in the right direction. Thanks!!

Marianna Givre says:

I couldn’t agree more with you on this! I’m so glad Sleeping Giants was the one you chose! I bounced between the physical book and the audiobook (which I HIGHLY recommend if you ever want to re-experience the book in a different format)! I loved Waking Gods too so I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the 2nd book once you get to it! I listened to that on audiobook and was not disappointed!

Nathalie Gonzalez says:

I just realized you have a beauty channel and then everything made sense. I commend you for not promoting it, I don’t judge people who do that but it’s pretty cool.

nightking says:

The Three-Body problem isn’t very good, IMO. The aliens aren’t a focus…in a sense. I don’t wanna spoil it for you but it’s nothing like you’re expecting.

Dylan Griggs says:

Not sure if you check comments on old videos but I highly recommend reading Hyperion. I just finished it and wow… it’s such a beautifully written book. Don’t worry about the sci-fi aspects. While it is sci-fi the best part of this book isn’t the sci-fi backstory. It’s the characters lives and experiences. It’s great.

April Strand says:

Can you make a video with favourite first sentences!

Hellocindy2 says:

the three body problem gets more Sci fi for the remainder of the book. If I remember correctly the political parts only goes on for 2 or 3 chapters after that it starts talking about more science based stuff. I really enjoyed it, the authors take on Sci fi was super refreshing to read. I loved how in depth he went with the story, it talks about the human perspective and also the alien perspective of the human world.

brokenshutter94 says:

When I saw your makeup in the background, I was so confused and thought I was on your beauty channel! But it’s all good 🙂 I love these try-a-chapter videos.

Kristin R says:

Sleeping Giants and Waking Gods have recently become two of my favourite books! It might be my favourite series! I hope you love it!

Endymions Rage says:

The Audiobook of Hyperion has a full cast. I highly recommend it. Just around 22 hours 😉

GracerRacer says:

I love how you read the book and review it at the end of the video. I want to check this book out now!

CelesMaria says:

sleeping giants sounds awesome! Also, have you done a hair care/styling routine video on your beauty channel?? I have major hair envy haha

Tauriel V says:

I’m reading the three body problem right now and I’m really enjoying it! I knew nothing of it before going in and I’m glad I didn’t. And keep reading past part 1, it doesn’t stay that political/historical ^^

hey handsome says:

oh you look extra beautiful in this video! This was literally my first thought! 🙂 love these types of videos and great choice! I only heard good things about this book! 🙂

Jamie Dawson says:

I just ordered sleeping giants and I’m so excited to read it now!

Penny Zhang says:

I have to say the three body is absolutely amazing! The first part was a little bit confusing but later it got so intriguing! People rave about this book all the time because it changes the way we think of aliens. It has a big picture of alien life and human in earth. It’s worth reading over and over again. I’m Chinese,but the political part was not overwhelming. It’s just a background that makes the story more ‘reasonable ‘ if you know what I mean……..

Ashley Kishibay says:

Since you mentioned that you are still working on your English, I thought it would be appropriate to ask in this video: how did you decide what books to start reading English? I really want to learn French – I took four years in high school, so I know a little, but I want to be able to read in French as well. Do you have any suggestions on where to start reading or how I can decide what types of books to start with? And do you have any suggestions on buying physical books in French (Amazon seems to have a limited selection). Thanks! Sorry to spam your comments section with only semi-related comments…

Вика Красуцкая says:

I absolutely loved Sleeping Giants and the sequel gets even crazier)

MokaTutu says:

Putting We are the Ants on my list!! 🙂

Samantha Michaels says:

Love these videos! I definitely need to read all those books too, though I’ve heard the Three Body Problem is pretty deeply Chinese historical fiction for about half the book and then the sci fi starts later. I also really like your eyeliner in the review clip 🙂

Denis Mezi Žánry says:

I wish you read Hitchhikers guide soon! I love it and want to know what you think about it 🙂

Heather says:

I love these types of videos! I listened to the audiobooks of Sleeping Giants & Waking Gods last month. They are some of the best audiobooks I’ve ever read!

Jashana C says:

Oooooh, now I really want to read Sleeping Giants! 😀 I want more sci-fi in my life. 🙂

Liveyourlife says:

Sleeping giants is AMAZING! Read it in one sitting yesterday and I’m on the second one today… It’s really blowing my mind in the best way possible.

MaggieChatsBooks says:

I loved Sleeping Giants and have the next book Waking Gods on my July TBR.  Also read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and found it funny but just ok.

Miranda R says:

The 3 Body Problem was so hard to read 🙁 It is too Slow pace for me and I did feel bored at times

Kim Reese says:

The covers for Sleeping Giants are so beautiful. I definitely want to give that a chance!

Books Beauty Ameriie says:

When I saw HYPERION, I was so surprised–I never see that novel anywhere lol! I ended up picking mine up as a second-hand book because another reader in the store (well-versed in all things sci-fi) swore by it. I read some of it and ended up setting it aside for now, but I plan to go back when I’m in the mood. HGttGalaxy also works great as a radio show (it’s on youtube or elsewhere online). Great video!

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