Top 5 Favorite SFF Books of 2016

My favorite fantasy and science fiction reads of the year – not necessarily all things released in 2016, but what I read in 2016. Next year, if all goes according to plan throughout it, I may have some more varied Top 5 lists to show you! As for this past year, there’s only this and my Top 5 Audiobook reads – look out for that one as well!

Age of Myth:
Dark Matter:
The Three-Body Problem:
The Dark Forest:
Death’s End: coming soon!
Free the Darkness:

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avakeda says:

Btw what do critics say about Dark Matter? I haven’t come across any bad reviews about that book.

Melody Torres says:

I ended up picking up The Tree-Body Problem recently. Going to hopefully read it next month. Looking forward to reading it. Ended up picking it up from your review.

Also hoping to read Dark Matter and Age of Myth. Ended up picking those up during a convention this pass year and hoping to get to them after your description of them and your reviews. Thanks for that 😀

Seveneves is one I have been wanting to read. May get it in the future.

Brandon Sanderson can’t do no wrong lol. Love his books can’t wait for the last one in that part of the series.

All the books sound so interesting must check them out 😀 Thanks for sharing.

angela oickle says:

I find your channel so refreshing. Alot of the bookish channels I come across on YouTube mostly always focus on YA. I do enjoy YA sometimes, I’m not knocking the genre, but it’s difficult to find someone talking about more adult fiction.

FinalBlowJoe says:

Robinson and Mieville are both good to see, thanks for mentioning my review as well. A good few books here I know nothing about, that will have to be solved. In time though, the never tbr will need to be examined.

IzzyClarke says:

I felt the same way about Dark Matter. It’s one I’d like to buy when it comes out in paperback and read it instead of listening to the audiobook. I haven’t read many reviews but anticipate doing so before I physically read it. By then many more opinions will be out as well.

LuvFromCL says:

Embassytown sounds mind-boggling , it’s going on my list!

Mae Jenk says:

I will be ordering some books soon now! Ha ☺

Who Picked This Book? says:

All of your “Honorable Mentions” I’ve never heard of (except for Brandon Sanderson) and all sound amazing! This is, I think, the third video I’ve seen that feature dark matter on a positive note, so now that’s definitely going on the TBR.
As for your top 5, I can say I’ve never heard of any of those books, but the way you talk about them makes me sorry I haven’t! Honestly, have I been living under a rock?!!
I want to talk about my favorite books of 2016, but I’m gonna be doing it academy awards style!! I got the idea from Jessica and Christeena @ gameoftomes… super fun way to talk about your favorite books!!
Great video!!

Marcus says:

Yeah, Dark Matter just missed out on my top 10 for this year. It got a tad over the top for me at some places. Definitely enjoyed it more than Wayward Pines though. Absolutely loved City of Stairs. Will definitely try to read the next books this year. I keep telling myself to get back into Mieville because I absolutely loved Perdido Street Station, as weird as it was

王博 says:

didn’t sleep for 3 nights until finished three body 1,2,3.

akarin97 says:

I want to read seveneves, the plot sounded interesting (well, all the books you mentioned sounded interesting)

Daria A. says:

Thanks for some recommendations, now I have something to read this winter. Btw I read Dark Matter and I absolutely enjoyed it! Thanks to your video, really 🙂

Jamal Campbell says:

rezkin is a badass

The Fancy Hat Lady Reads! says:

I also read Embassytown this year and found it pretty fascinating. It’s relatively clear what’s going on with the double text in print because those lines and names are written stacked like fractions (I tried to type an example, but YouTube comments couldn’t handle it), but I imagine it would have been really cool on audio! I considered switching to the audio version at one point, but decided against it because it was dense enough that I wanted to be able to flip back and forth to reference things.

Karen Keay says:

I loved Seveneves and still think about it.

avakeda says:

Dark Matter was my favorite SF in 2016. It was so amazing! I have three body problem and Embassytown on my shelf. I am planning to read them in 2017.

jlfergin says:

I loved City Of Stairs. Can’t wait to read City Of Blades and City Of Miracles.:-)

Astaudt86 says:

I really loved Dark Matter and have to say it was definitely one of the books that surprised me this last year. Thanks to you I now have added a few more books to my list on Goodreads! At this rate I will never complete my reading challenge for 2017 haha.

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