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Greetings earthlings! I hope you guys like my science fiction book recommendations 🙂
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5thLiver says:

Richard Paul Evans – Micheal Vey Series
1. The Prisoner of Cell 25
2. Rise of The Elgen
3. Battle of The Ampere
4. Hunt For Jade Dragon
5. Storm of Lightning
6. Fall of Hades
7. The Final Spark

Eric Matthews says:

Ive always thought what defined science fiction was more using imaginative, futuristic worlds to explain things or answer philosophical questions about our own. These sound more like romance in space. If you really enjoy aliens and universe-related stuff read 2001: A Space Odyssey, Childhoods End, or Ubik


youre nerd

Kiza Kizic says:

annoying voice, poor list, waste of time

Dwayne Deed says:

hey YouTube commenters be cool! She’s young adult she deserves credit for even reading it today’s internet generation ! as she gets older her taste will get more and reading list will become more sophisticated…

Fabricio Rodas says:

the cough scene made me crack up

jesse james says:

Better try Philip K. Dick, Alastair Reynolds or Stanislaw Lem, not those shitty romances.

damian pryde says:

Check out the Lorien Legacy series

Dhruva Mukhopadhyay says:

Where is Odyssey series?

Suki Odayaka says:

You should check out EPHAIDRIA by Jim Grieco. It’s on Amazon. Four clairvoyant teens are summoned to another galaxy, to assist an abducted race of humans. They’re battling an army of paranormal entities. Great characters, great story, great read!

trha2222 says:

This list is proof that modern SF is dead!

Omar Ichaf says:

“such amazing” “just so strong” “just amazing” “anoying” “amazing” “georgous” “amazing” amazing amazingmfdkv . . .
Couldn´t finish the video . . .
Is there any objective description at the end?

ThatGamingShow says:

dear God.

my ears.

Mai Cook says:

I definitely regiment Chi Langs “the silver linings of smog”

D. X. Wynne says:

Ha ha  ha, loved the opener; funny.  Maybe you could review mine, entitled NOI.  Keep up the good work.

Y0ur Fav Asian says:

also the jumper series by steven gould is a must read if you love sci-fi!!!!!! Davy can teleport. 2nd book he’s captured. 3rd book his teenage daughters pov. etc it’s amazing ahhh

katelyn D says:


Skinnymarks says:

I’m sorry but across the universe is a diarrhea stream.

I couldn’t read it because it was so bad. The writing was dreadful and the exploration of the characters was just shit.

PumpkinMozie says:

I feel like none of these are actually scifi…they’re just YA romances pretending to be scifi……

Jessy says:

If you liked starcrossed there is another tv series it’s a bit older from the early 2000’s called Roswell about these three aliens Max, Isobel, and Michael whose ship crashed in the 1947 Rowell and they were incubated in these pods for like 50 years and came out of the pods as five year olds and 11 years later when they’re 16 and in high school and Max saves a girls life, Liz Parker, with his alien healing powers when shes shot because he has this huge crush on her and it was before her time. Anyways you get the idea it’s on netflix it’s a great show i looove it.

Daniel Rowlands says:

This isn’t sci-fi. This is romantic story time for teenage girls with a sci-fi paint job.

Also notice that she mentioned no male authors, only female authors that fulfil her weird alien romance fantasies.

Francisco Sousa says:

anyone know any good space sci-fi books? the books she mentioned didn’t really peek my interest. I looking for books similar to the mass effect effect novels if anyone has read them.

Riarda Murseli says:

the lux and across the universe are AMAZING. but i have some problems with these broken stars. please tell me if is it worth it to read the trilogy cuz p.s. I LOVE THE COVERS

Rebecca Siegel says:

carve the mark by Veronica Roth

Nawal A. says:

If you’re looking for a Sci-Fi television series, you can watch Roswell. It was filmed in 2001, with three great seasons!!!! It has alll the action, romance, and drama you’d need!! I definitely recommend this show to anybody who loves alien/human romances!

Dr Wonky says:


Sammy Xoxo says:

Check my website for reviews and other things about reading and studying.

Rebecca Siegel says:

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and the war of the worlds by hg Wells, I, robot by Issac assimov and enders game by Orson Scott card.

animewarrior08 says:

There was also a show that was on TV in the late 90’s/early 2000’s called Roswell and it was about Aliens and Humans as well. All three seasons are on Netflix and its a great show.

Isabella Barone says:

Try these sci-fi series:

The Atlantis Grail (by Vera Nazarian)- In the not-so-distant future Earth is threatened by an oncoming asteroid that could wipe out everyone on Earth. Luckily an alien-human civilization claiming to share ancient ancestral lineage with the humans of Earth have returned to Earth (their planet of origin) to shepherd as many people as they can to their planet Atlantis. But compition is stiff for a spot on one of the arc ships and only teenagers are eligible to compete for these coveted spots.

Red Rising (by Pierce Brown)- In the distant future humans have been genetically modified and bred for tasks that benefit the society and their genetic differences and abilities determine their place in a color-coded caste system design to enslave the masses and elevate a privileged few.

Ender’s Game (by Orson Scott Card)- Two generations ago Earth barely survived and attempted alien invasion by an insectoid alien species. since then the human race has been preparing for a second invasion. To that end a unified Earth has been recruiting/drafting child geniuses and training them in space warfare and strategy so that they can lead the fight in defense of Earth. Andrew “Ender” Wiggins is the genius the world has been looking for and Ender’s Game is his story.

Starstruck (by Brenda Hiatt)- Takes place in modern USA and is about a girl who falls in love with a Martian assuming the persona of a popular teenage boy at her high school. She and this Martian boy have a special connection that even he doesn’t fully understand. What’s worse is now she is developing strange abilities that would make anyone question one’s sanity. What is a Matian doing on Earth and what does it have to do with her?

wes lee says:

Who let this woman out of the kitchen anyway ?

i asimov says:

You lost me when the first book you hauled out was written by a woman.

Books Are Delicious says:

dumb bitch

AlyannaBaba Alquiros says:

Can someone Add all the books she mentioned in this video?

Légende Spatiale says:

look like princesse Leia

The Truth says:

I like your personality ☺

Ívan Er Sá Skelfilegasti says:

Can you get them on audio book form? I’m dyslexic so I find it difficult to read.

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