The Polity Novels by Neal Asher – The Dom Reviews

The Dom uses his next November Nano to tell everyone about one of his favorite series of science fiction books.

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Oddly Brandon says:

I literally just got my hands on gridlinked! Goodbye for the next few days.


i’d love to read all of these, but my library’s only got 3 of them 🙁

MagicShadowWolf says:

Shit now i gotta read that shit. Sounds awesome af

lexxy baby says:

I love you for that Ace Rimmer shirt alone

Samri Panshire says:

-_- how dare you dom, I’m sold XD even as a guy who doesn’t read much I feel like I should at least read some of this world

Brendan O says:

Great review just a minor nitpick it has to be 80% of a planets population wanting to be absorbed not 50. Those dastardly AIs aren’t above stacking the deck though. Cheers from across the pond. 🙂

Mark Geurten says:

man I’ve been going through your videos the last couple of days and been enjoying the content loads, but this may be my favorite video so far; I love getting recommendations for books where the setup intrigues me this much; thanks!

Neal Asher says:

Lol! Excellent!

Star Hunter says:

Went to buy Gridlinked… and it’s on pre-order. Yet the second and third are available. Wtf?

Just read a sample from the second one and… well, I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time reading for several weeks or months. Not sure if I should thank you or curse you! But I’ll definitely be sure to toss some money at you on Paetron before I spend too much on books. ^.~

Viktor Bodnár says:

Siperpowered amish pirates. You just sold me on the books!

Entropy Wins says:

I think the Primes from the commonwealth novels are more violent/vile/whatever than the Prador 🙂

Rna says:

Great, now i’m super disappointed because it looks very awesome… but apparently only 3 of Neal Asher’s books were ever translated in French?
And… I don’t have the level to read entire novels in English yet.

1987MartinT says:

It’s kinda like Asher took the Culture series and decided to hardcore it up a bit.

mrdarkevilme says:

I can say now that this recommendation was well justified. I’m up to brass man now.

Fernando Giubilei says:

Have you hear dof the web serial Worm? it’s a sci fi and horror book with a superhero setting. Great writing and themes, though it requires commitment as it’s as long as A Song of Ice and Fire, it IS finished though.

Guy Grist says:

Alright you’ve convinced me I’ll give it ago, I told my not to get into anymore Science fiction series for awhile never mind that’s gone out the window.

ZemplinTemplar says:

I was suspecting you were going to say something like “but the issue is that Asher’s protagonists are rather interchangeable”… and there you went, saying just that. 😛 🙂

BTW, have you read any of Alastair Reynolds’ Revelation Space works ? A bit different space opera, but no less fascinating, IMHO.

Silber Wolf says:

This video made me look up the books and I now have read The Technician and am NOT disappointed. (Only downside: our library only has that one book. But it featured Dragon, Amistad and Penny Royal and I love them now)

The Dom says:

If you’re about to ask which book to start with, the answer is “Gridlinked” ^_^

Liam Wadden says:

Which one should I start with? These sound REALLY AWESOME, and I want to read them.

Bystroushaak says:

What I like about war with Pradors is the sheer scale and industry behind the war. Whole polity with it’s AI and robotic factories working to keep in pace with war demands. Also I don’t know how you can speak about Pradors and leave the genocide.

But what makes Asher really stand out is the Jain. That is really something you don’t read every day.

Pytr Man says:

One of my favorite authors. Exciting sci fi series. Good balance the future has its problems, but we’re not doomed to extinction by AI.

Solarn40 says:

The setting sounds like a really cheap ripoff of the Culture made by someone who didn’t quite understand what the Culture was about.

GrimSister says:

A robot calling itself Jerusalem just to mess with people’s heads?
Sounds about right. At least a third of the tourists that come to my country tend to declare themselves the next Messiah. Most of them get out of it in a day or two

Awakeandalive1 says:

Having just gotten into the series thanks to this video, and having decided to read them in publication order, I think it’s worth noting that the Spatterjay novels come out alongside the Polity ones — the first Polity novel, “Gridlinked,” came out in 2001 and the first Spatterjay book was published in 2002! It’s less that he was bored with the Polity and more that he had a bunch of fun ideas for the future and decided not to limit himself. There’s even a scene early on in “Gridlinked” that serves as an almost MCU-style teaser for the Spatterjay series. Also, the man is EXTREMELY prolific.

issac flores says:

You should read World war 2 alien front because it is fucking interesting.

sote says:

“Brass Man”. I just loved to read it.

Almighty Kue says:

@The Dom, Why is that not a human?

Kelsey Howell says:

Sci-fi isn’t my cup of tea but my husband LOVES this exact type of story! Definitely going to pick up the book for him! Thanks the Dom!

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