Not sure which FANTASY or SCI-FI is going to fit your mood?! ALREADY FINISHED EVERYTHING FROM The FANTASY Noobs 101 Guide? LET ME TRY AND HELP with the Noob’s Guide to Fantasy reading level 2. Thanks to Random House for sponsoring this video! IF I CAN’T HELP I’M SORRY I’M STILL A NOOB MYSELF. I AM MOST DEF a pretty hardcore Sci-Fi noob. Thanks for watching!! SUBSCRIBE ►

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FEBRUARY 2019 Book of the Month – TWO CAN KEEP A SECRET by Karen McManus


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My name is Christine Riccio! I love comedy and reading fantastic books. I make what I like to think are funny videos every Tuesday and other days of the week too about books and book related pop culture stuff! Hence the channel name polandbananasbooks. I also have a comedy channel if you’re into that kind of thing *winky face* it’s polandbananas20. I’D LOVE TO TALK ABOUT BOOKS WITH YOU. ALSO COMEDY. ALSO TV. ALSO MOVIES.

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Lucinda Jennings says:

love the suggestions and the lipstick.
Don’t really count a court of thorns and roses as epic fantasy though…
Some more sci-fi recs
Prador Moon – Neal Asher
Old Man’s War – John Scalzi
The Collapsing Empire – John Scalzi
Ancillary Justice – Ann Leckie

MaasBookLover says:

Oh you are gonna have FUN with that pending romance in Eragon Christine *tears up just thinking about it*, also he made a new short book about what happens after Inheritance (last book) if I had any money, I would have bought it right now haha

Jen E says:

Any other Firebird Trilogy fans out there? One of my favorite sci-if/fantasy series ever! If anyone is interested in parallel worlds with romance and a character driven plot, this is a really great read.

teabooksmagic says:

“Give it a second” is the best fantasy reader advice there is!

liv xo says:

I’m reading Skyward right now!

Lauren P. says:

Your noobs guide to reading series has saved my reading life more than once

Stars and Embers says:

Well, you’ve got a point about sci-fi

Moonstone-Dreamer says:

i’m in no way a newbie to fantasy lol but you’re so funny i love this. And i need to read brightly burning at some point lol

Fandomaddict04 says:

Her make-up is on point! And the recommendations will definitely help me. I’m a fantasy/sci-fi junkie so this is really helpful

Ranya Ray says:

I LOVE carry one. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. There are so many things different than Harry Potter. I don’t think its comparable. Its beautiful in it’s own special way.

Rogan Porter says:

an absolutely remarkable thing sucked tbh i was super let down

Shuzzlin' reader says:

Uh maybe wouldn’t recommend court of thorns and roses as fantasy. Like yeah it’s there but Idk if it’s enough to out weight the like 30+ romance/sex scenes

Treasure Davis says:

I wish you were my best friend Christine

Justine Reeves says:

I just bought An Absolutely Remarkable Thing and when I opened the front cover, there was a hanklerfish drawn in there by Hank and I screeched so loud in BAM that this older woman turned and asked if I was okay

Sean K says:

Check out the “His Dark Materials” trilogy, the first book is The Golden Compass. It takes place in a world that is like in ours in some ways, but completely different in many other ways. People in this world have their souls separate from their bodies in the form of an animal, what they call daemons. The main character is a girl, Lyra, who lives at Oxford in England.

Getting into it: Medium
New words: yes
Funny: on occasion
Romance: very little
Emotional punch: yes!
Boring parts: only if you are boring
Rating: Book 1 – 96%, haven’t finished 2, haven’t started 3

kmc3521 says:

ha ha ha thats been me.. I dont know what to read

Demure Emu says:

im just sitting here appreciating that amazing pillow in the background <3

Fateha Razak says:

Honestly I think I would enjoy the crooked kingdom a lot more if I read the geisha trilogy first

Gaming Postman says:

I love this video it’s very similar to one of my own video’s.

Megi Panariti says:

Do you have to read the grisha trilogy in order to read the duology? Because I have the duology cuz everyone said those were better lol

Olivia Hester says:

I seriously want to read ALL those books but I don’t know which one to read first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caitlin O'Brien says:

I watched the other video for the first time yesterday lol

Grace McLean says:

This video is so wild for headphone users

Jasna Reads says:

Yaasss!!! The greatest booktube video series ever created is back!

sannaili says:

I LOVED THIS I HAVE SO MUCH TO READ NOW! However i i have only one complaint WHERE WAS THE ILLUMINAE FILES SEIRES. That was the sci-fi book you recommended and was my first wonderful step into sci-fi (thanks for telling to read them btw). Now it’s one of my all time favs that I recommend to everyone. Anyways long story short looking so a fun wild time in space read the illuminate files series.

Madelyn Peterson says:

ah aliens
*fear fear fear*


I love these

fafamaia says:

I have now a TBR longer than kingdom of ash . Loved the recommendations.

Yoa Noo says:

What’s with the accent?

Isabel Soliman says:

language of thorns is just that shy middle kid in a huge family that everyone forgets about

Avery Lauren says:

A lot of these books are on my tbr

Sarah Lou says:

“PIECE BY PIECE… my brain put it together” love that soc reference :))

Victoria Cui says:

Christine should do a noobs guide to standalones

Agnes Gallant says:


Joy Fraser says:

Anyone surprised TOG wasn’t mentioned in this?

infinite bookish says:

All I know about The Martian: 1) Mars is a character. 2) it is a big red period.

Abbey Polverari says:

Another series early fantasy some of y’all might like the reckoners series Brandon Sanderson, it takes place in the a little while in the future where these groups of people called “epics” have taken over the world and the main character David joins the rebellion (the reckoners) to take down steelheart, an epic who killed his dad

Easy to get into: yes
New world: not really
Funny: YES
Romance: a little

Abby McIver says:

I LoVe ScYThe!!!!!

Michaela Wagner says:

I’m the opposite of a n00b to these genres, but I watched the video anyway! SUE ME!!!!

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