The Bleakest Depiction in Sci-Fi

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Screen Smart is a show celebrating Ryan’s love for film, games, art and entertainment through personal retrospective analysis that aims to explore what made them so good.

Ryan Hollinger is a Ddesign & Animation graduate from Northern Ireland, working freelance in media production and broadcast.


Beyond The Lows by The Whole Other
Gaia in Fog by Dan Bodan
Leoforos Alexandras by Dan Bodan
Breathing Planet by Doug Maxwell

Beginning by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Deep Space by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


Ryan Aguayo says:

Tell me more about the new weeve movement and I have no meuth

fleshlight that cries says:

I have no rope, and I must hang myself.

fleshlight that cries says:

I’d rather experience everything from this book than eat anything from my fridge due to it all smelling and therefore everything tasting like fucking potato salad of all things.

Robert Szasz says:

I think “A Colder War” is right up there

Chirurgeon Crane says:

The Good Place…

chuck solomon says:

No offense, but you REALLY need to work on ur diction….

DJSbros says:

I like to think of ideas like this story as a warning, something we should actively keep in mind when designing AI’s.

sean heck says:

excellent analysis. you earned a new subscriber!

dsadsa dsadas says:

Nu-clear not nuke-u-ler. The word is two syllables not three.

ilusions4 says:

I’m so confused… I just played the video game and AM is separate from the Chinese and Russian computers in it. Also, AM gets destroyed in the end and it’s implied that Ted’s consciousness is transferred to a computer or something while the 750 people on the moon are unfrozen and the earth begins to terraform itself back into shape. Also, Ted (or any of the other characters depending on your choices) only becomes a blob with no mouth after a “bad ending”.
The book must be way different then…

Bane G says:

You have Zacc’s lizard eyes

Justin Y. says:

Obama is gone

Alex B says:

Ok so I had just watched this video when I found a new song and started listening to it. Now i can’t get this out of my head whenever I hear it. The song is Let’s Be Happy by Fire Chief Charlie. I can’t say there’s any strong connections to be drawn from the two but whenever I hear one I think of the other. Maybe it would be contentment in the face of death.

José Armenta says:

I have no might and i must bench.

Kevin Wright says:

I am sitting here on Christmas Eve, 2018, reading your comments, and I am satisfied. For decades I have collected Harlan Ellison’s work. Like many of his fans, I could never understand why he wasn’t far more widely known, why he didn’t have far more influence. When you meet the man in person you find that he is every bit as interesting as his stories. Actually, hellaciously more interesting. He wasn’t a big fan of technology and neither am I, but I am heartened to see, in more or less real time, so many interesting and intelligently questioning posts to this story. I’m seeing outre thoughts being expressed, hearing odd ideas being tossed about, feeling emotions being triggered, and in complete sentences, no less. I have noticed no swearing because none, apparently, is needed. In other words, actual polite and informative human communication. Harlan inspired people like this. People like you, quite frankly. If he has a legacy, this would be one of them. I will grieve for a very long time over Harlan Ellison’s death (I know I have no choice), but your comments tell that me he did, indeed, matter. I am sad, but I am satisfied..

ajr993 says:

How about warhammer 40k? Now that’s a bleak future.

An Unindicted Coconspirator says:

I don’t like thinking about this.

FBI says:

“darkest depiction of sci-fi”

Warhammer 40k: Hold my beer

Thomas Fernandez says:

Basically, AM is GlaDos. But maybe a bit more cruel.

FireFirePow says:

Yeah, definitely one of the most traumatizing endings I’ve ever seen. It’s because we never really explore the dark endings and like to focus on the good ones, can we be blamed? Edit: Jesus, the arguments this guy puts out are so stupid.

Poindexter Queue says:

I can’t help but notice your accent. It sounds like American, then Scottish, then American, then Scottish, then perhaps a little scotch, then American. 😛

Truly Infamous says:

I have no mithe and I just scream. I love that accent.

La Gatita says:

And here we are living in an era where Artificial Intelligence is seen as a desire to have to quench our thirst to be Gods.
“IF” humanity creates AI for the soul purpose of “legally” abusing a human like being, I wouldn’t be surprised if AIs attack us.

Crabmaster says:

“Evil? I am not malevolent. I simply AM.”

Bobby Earhart says:

You have beautiful eyes.

TacoRoniNoodles says:

i thought wh40k was fucking bleak

DerekTV says:

Your eyes are very wet

Will Bryant says:

One thing at 5:00 im pretty sure the survivors were searching for ways to kill themselves not for food.

Ryan Hollinger says:

*What’s your favourite short story?*

*I’m now on a long overdue holiday! Come follow me on **** and vote on my next videos at ****.* Also, note that this video is NOT ABOUT THE GAME. I feel it’s unrepresentative of the simplicity of the original short story which you can read here:

I’m considering doing more literature-based reviews in the future, so… more variety!

Cristóbal Duchén says:

Does someone know the best way to get this game?? It looks really good but I can’t seem to find it anywhere

mrsubject1 says:

An AMalgamation…

Pool’s Closed says:

This is one game/book that I would like to see adapted into a movie, I would hope that it would be done right as in psychological horror over the current trend of jump scares and shock. I feel it would make for a great, but long movie. Especially if it followed the stories of each individual character

SvanfortS says:

I am very dyslexic & and I must read

williscool says:


The Raff says:

I keep tryna focus on depressing stuff but this dude is really handsome


I have no computer, and I must meme

Daniel Ruiz says:

Ellison is a fad and fake, check out the slop and hype that litters his brand of critical expression in the fights with The Comics Journal and the rape of the history of comics as a paycheck from Playboy magazine.

Radrook says:

From a Christian perspective this story can be seen a Satanic propaganda which is telling the reader :

1.That there is no God to protect humanity from such a future.
2. That if there is a God he doesn’t care or that he approves.
3, That all those who have hope in assistance from God are delusional.

In harmony with this the machine forces the victims to witness how angels sing as he tortures them. In that way it provides a hope of divine intervention and then dashes it to pieces. It stirs up emotions of disappointment because their prayers are not answered. It raises questions concerning God’s righteousness or motives.

As a Christian those were the factors that kept rising to my mind as I read it.

Fire Flowers says:

What is the music in this video?

I'm Stupid My Opinion Is SHIT but says:

Favorite quote in the entire story is “I think therefore I AM.” It’s just so powerful to me.

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