Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson: Book Review

A book review on Neal Stephenson’s Cyberpunk novel, Snow Crash. This is a general review for the entire book with minimal spoilers (no worse than reading the book’s cover).

Snow Crash was nominated for both the British Science Fiction Award in 1993, and the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 1994.

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Decatonkeil says:

I was also rather disappointed by the ending and felt that the interesting ideas that linked the Snow Crash metavirus, ancient summerian myth, posterior religions, other viruses… had a lot more promise than what was delivered. I also think I found some inconsistencies regarding Snow Crash SPOILER: I believe it was implied that the vials that were seen everywhere were a physical form of SC that was distilled from the blood of infected hackers like Da5id… but then at some point it says that it was a virus that existed long before, that may have come with the passing of meteorites (????) and that the neurolinguistic virus might have been picked up from extraterrestrial signals picked by L. Bob Rife (????) END OF SPOILER. I don’t know. I suppose I was expecting something more along the lines of memetics, a recurring topic in this kind of cyberpunk-postcyberpunk works. I also don’t know what to make of things like how he sees religions or “rational religions” as opposed to, say, the cult of Asherah… it was… weird. Those problems should take a chunk of my rating of this book… but then I look back to how much fun it was to read almost up to the characters getting to the Raft (and some parts after that), the crazy world building (anarcocapitalism, hyperinflation, balcanization, alternative cultures, national sentiments that I didn’t know like the Tajikistanis and the Aleutians…), the juvenile energy and the crazy characters: Ng has to be my absolute favorite, but one off characters like Sushi K or Lagos were cool. Also Raven.

I suppose I could give it a 7/10. Not that easy a novel to recommend for the general public, but I’m glad that I read it and would probably reread.

quogir1 says:

your review is on top

TheBaconlaser says:

Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash narrated by Jonathan Davis remains my favorite audiobook of all time. Every single character is just so incredibly COOL. Even the villains like Raven are quirky & likable. Stephenson’s description of the metaverse is so vivid, it’s like livewire voodoo, and Davis narrates it like he was there. It’s really really good.

Eyedunno says:

Omnipotent narrator? If that were the case, couldn’t the narrator have just solved the problems?

Seriously, I think you mean omniscient, but I don’t think that’s accurate either. IIRC, a few chapters were third-person omniscient, but most are third-person limited, with different viewpoint characters (and the narrator even takes on the slang of the person in question, especially with Y.T., but also with Hiro).

baldbookgeek says:

how did i not know about this book

James P says:

Poor impulse control!

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