Skeleton Crew by Stephen King(Book Review)

This is an ultra-long review of Skeleton Crew, which is a collection of short stories by Stephen King. In this video, my friend Chris and I review and discuss each story from the collection. In between our discussions on each story, we cut to short reviews that my friend Mark Allan Gunnells did on each story.

Publication Date: 1985

The Stories-

“The Mist” (Novella)
Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Mystery, Drama

“Here There Be Tygers”
Genre: Children’s, Fantasy

“The Monkey”
Genre: Horror, Drama, Mystery

“Cain Rose Up”
Genre: Horror, Thriller

“Mrs. Todd’s Short Cut”
Genre: Fantasy, Drama

“The Jaunt”
Genre: Horror, Science Fiction

“The Wedding Gig”
Genre: Crime, Drama

“Paranoid: A Chant” (Poem)
Genre: Poetry, Horror

“The Raft”
Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Mystery

“Word Processor of the Gods”
Genre: Fantasy, Drama

“The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands”
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Drama

Genre: Science Fiction, Horror

“The Reaper’s Image”
Genre: Horror

Genre: Horror, Drama

“For Owen” (Poem)

“Survivor Type”
Genre: Horror, Drama

“Uncle Otto’s Truck”
Genre: Horror, Drama

“Morning Deliveries (Milkman #1)”
Genre: Horror, Comedy

“Big Wheels: A Tale of the Laundry Game (Milkman #2)”
Genre: Horror, Comedy

Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy

“The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet” (Novella)
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Drama

“The Reach”
Genre: Drama


lestatmac way says:

Dude how old are you and BTW I love your vids

Kaylem Kerr says:

1:02:34 is kinda funny! Anyway great insightful review of all involved.

Harrison H. says:

Hey man, just wanted to say that I love your reviews, especially the last couple with your friend here. I actually like the longer devuews and how you guys discuss the book together. You should try to do more like this, but even if you don’t I’ll continue to watch your vids. Thanks so much for the content and keep up the good work!!


love your vids man keep it up btw love the stephen king reviews i can tell you are a big fan.

Joshua Morgan says:

Christian, I absolutely love your reviews and I watch them all the time, but since I love them so much I have an overwhelming urge to say that the word especially does not have an X in it. For the love of the gods, I apologize if you think I’m being rude. If you even read these comments that is. Other than that man I love your work, and I very much hope you keep doing these.

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