Here is my to be read scifi books of 2017!
Have any suggestions for me?

Books I mentioned:

-Star Wars Trilogy:

-Star Wars Bloodline:

-Star Wars Lost Stars:

-Star Wars Aftermath:

-Star Wars Smuggler’s Run:

-Star Wars Moving Target:

– Armada:

-Ancillary Justice:

– Ready Player One:

-The Thousandth Floor:

-The Vagrant:

– The Promise of the Child:

-Doctor Who (leatherbound):

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Winter Fox says:

Meep! I could never get into sci-fi books really. The only sci-fi book I can remember is the Fifth Wave… Was that even sci-fi?

originaljawz says:

Star Wars isn’t science fiction. It’s high fantasy set in space.

Sammy Xoxo says:

Check my website for reviews and other things about reading and studying.

Crazy4Comics says:

I know this video is months old but I thought I’d still leave a recommendation, I recommend The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

Graham Quigley says:

I was planning on reading a lot of Doctor Who novels this year as I am missing the show.

Have you tried any of the “Class” spin off novels? Those are quite good (“Class” is a spin off show from Who that’s written by Patrick Ness.)

Dimitris Lianos says:

Again, what an interesting video! I’ll be looking foreward to learning from your reads and vids. I haven’t read much sci-fi either, except for the two legendary early ’70s Soviet/Polish books, Lem’s “Solaris” and Strugatsky Brothers’ “Roadside Picnic” (Stalker), and I’m planning on re-reading them (wow, I write that a lot, haha!) cause it was ages ago and I only read them because they were the basis for the Soviet sci-fi movies by legendary film director Andrey Tarkovsky.
I haven’t watched much sci-fi either (I never watched Star Wars, don’t block me!) but I’d like to start somewhere. I adored the Aliens Quadrology and the Martian (are these even classified as Sci-fi?)
Seeing how much I also adored “Ready Player One” – and I can’t WAIT for next year to watch the film adaptation by Steven Spielberg! – I’d want to start with the masterpieces of the genre, like Frank Herbert’s “Dune Chronicles” original Trilogy or Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation Series”, but they don’t appeal to me at all – they’re old books too… Your amazing Star Wars copy immediately caught my attention! 😉

awordmakesmecrumble says:

The Thousandth Floor and The Promise of the Child sound really cool! Now I’m intrigued aha. And I don’t think I’ve ever read a book in second person? Hmm. HA well, it caught 10/10 content, that’s for sure. xD

Writer's Mob says:

Hey, I’m now seeing this video. If you’re going to read Star wars, then I suggest you try the New Jedi Order series. You’ll love them. Trust me

Daisy J says:

If you’re looking for an excellent scifi series, I’d highly, highly recommend the Expanse series! I’m only three books in, but I’m really enjoying it. 🙂

Hannah says:

The only scifi books I can remember reading are Red Rising by Pierce Brown which disappointed me especially with all the hype and The Martian which I loved. Claudio Gray has another scifi series called the Firebird trilogy which is on my tbr this year. All I can remember that it’s something to do with a device that allows you to jump through dimensions. I’ve heard mostly good things so I hope I’ll enjoy it. Good luck with your tbr 🙂

ireadforpun says:

I just found you today, so I’m late to this party, but check your expectations for Armada at the door. You’re going to be disappointed. It’s actually kind of laughable. I’d love to hear your thoughts once you’re done.

eatskittensfordinner says:

I’m a scifi junkie and have read a lot of great authors. Piers Anthoy’s Photon/Phaze series was a really great read. You should also check out Dylan’s Prize by J.A. Brimingham. It’s the first in a series (I think) but I really enjoyed it.

ChaptersWeLove says:

I keep hearing about Ready player I will pick it up and see, I haven’t read any Doctor Who books either. You make me want to get some Star Wars books (:

The First Chapter says:

I want to read Armada too! I love Ready Player One, it is also one of my all time favorites 😀 The Promise of the Child sounds so interesting! I’m definitely going to check it out.

neverlandbooks says:

I’m such a sci-fi noob, other than the lunar chronicles i have pretty much read 0 sci-fi, I have NO IDEA where to start.

Ammalyrical says:

Have you read The Hitchickers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams or The Time Machine by H.G. Wells?? The last one I really liked and the first series is on my TBR for next month 😀

ShelfAwareness says:

If you haven’t ever read Lois McMaster Bujold, I highly recommend absolutely anything written by her. She writes both scifi and fantasy (and possibly other generes too, I’m not sure, really). For sci-fi, I suggest the Miles Vorkosigan series which is not written chronologically and can be read in pretty much any order.

Liene's Library says:

yaaaaaas May the fourth be with you! I have gotten credit for that so many times by people who have no idea that’s a thing 🙂
Have you ever read The Forever War? It’s quite……technical……but it’s definitely thought-provoking…….

Liam Redmond says:

I’d say read the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. That’s one of the most dense and ‘foundational’ sci fi series you can read. Asimov was a genius.

Heartbreak-Pudding-Reads says:

that gold star wars book is so pretty! I love the interior with the Ralph Mcquarrie illustrations… there are some real early one in there, back when Luke’s character was going to be a girl

Mr gatsby Ward says:

Love your channel just subscribed

T.J. Patterson says:

Try an indie ebook trilogy. Whisper Independence. It’s a sci-fi analogy of the past few years…

AlffBooks says:

I would like to read Armada at some point! 🙂
John and Hank Green were talking about Ancillary Justice at VidCon EU! 😀
Some interesting books on that list! 😀

Leanne Rose says:

Buddy read of Ancillary Justice??? I’m trying to read more Sci Fi as I’m doing a Writing SFF module in uni. I’m learning so much! 🙂

Christiana Cali says:

One of the best sci-fi books I’ve read is Red Rising by Pierce Brown. Excellent writing, believable characters, and really compelling themes. Plus kick butt action.

Mider999 says:

Have you read the older Star Wars books? The Darth Bane trilogy, Darth Plagueis? There’s also Tarkin and Dark Lord the Rise of Darth Vader. I haven’t read the last two books but I loved Darth Plagueis and the Darth Bane trilogy.

Buddy Reads says:

It’s funny Ready Player One was the first book I ever reviewed for youtube, but I still haven’t read Armada either. Maybe after I finish the Dark Tower series; if you haven’t read it yet, (yeah right fat chance :p) we could buddy read it.

Otherworldy scifi isn’t really in my wheelhouse, I prefer more urban scifi/fantasy that’s rooted in our world with a slight tweak. So I don’t know how well I’ll do with suggestions, Maybe Fluke by Christopher Moore? but don’t look up why it’s scifi, just dive right in.

Also, I’m a little Jelly of those leather bound editions, just a little though.

EX58UD says:

The Vagrant looks like an interesting book. I haven’t read much sci-fi other than Ender’s Game and Starship Troopers.

Tracy Peerboom says:

anything by isaac Asimov…um…enders game..dune..

Suchabookaholic says:

Oh Gosh, Ready Player One.. I really have to read this one, it’s been on my TBR for so long!

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