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I think it’s time for another recommendations video! This time I’ll be talking about some wonderful science fiction books 😀

Find Me Places.


Mai Cook says:

I definitely regiment Chi Langs “the silver linings of smog”

Lycidas says:

I have no clue what to read! There are so many books. It’s kinda overwhelming.

Fahim Ahmed says:

The first 2 eps of The Expanse TV series really impressed so I decided to pick up Leviathan Wakes. Haven’t had the chance to read it yet but I’m definitely looking forward to it now. Thanks for the recommendation!

Jonathan mendoza says:

how do you feel about anthologies. going by this video, you might want to read the short story Turing’s Apple, which is found in Gardner Dozois’s The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Sixth Annual Collection. if you have a public library account, check if they offer their patrons the OVerdrive Program. If the public school system is located in a big city, odds are on overdrive you’ll find gardner dozois whole annual anthology series.

girlofmonceau says:

this is an awesome video, definitely going to read the first two!! I just finished The Library at Mount Char which is a little more fantasy than sci fi, but it’s got me in the mood for more. thank you! p.s. YOU ARE SO CUTE =^.^=

MsRandomBadger says:

Nice list! Always good to get some more recommendations, since I haven’t been reading too much 🙁
Shades of Grey sounds super up my alley too (never thought I’d say that sentence, unfortunate title is unfortunate)

Fortune’s Pawn made me think that you would probably like to read the Honor Harrington series (book 1 is called On Basilisk Station)

Curious about which ‘classics’ you’ve read/liked in this genre (aka 1984, I Robot, etc)

Jena Felsheim says:

Love your shirt!

Garry Summer says:

AWWWWWWW YEAAAAAAaaaaa! new Sciences-Fiction!

Khan Khan says:

thank you for the video…. the 80’s are a good starting place for hard sci fi as with apple and windows… with all great things… there the shadow is cast

STech27 says:

For anyone interested in something similar with female protaginists…try Elizabeth Moons – Vatta series or david drakes honor harrington.

James Borman says:

I loved “The Lathe of Heaven”, one of the first I read as well. Orson Scott Card is another author who pushes the envelope on the sci fi genre. You might also like this one

Brooke Hodge says:

Fortune’s Pawn sounds right up my alley. I’m checking it out right now, actually. That being said, I’m currently writing my first novel and one of my…more ambiguous…characters is named Sana. I actually thought I’d come up with that name all on my own. Well crap. Lol. Anyway, thanks for your recommendations! I have some options while I’m waiting on the Leviathan Wakes wait list at my library (because my husband forced me to stop buying SO MANY BOOKS haha). I’ll be looking forward to more recommendations!

Mellissa Ann says:

Have you read anything by John Scalzi yet?

Shattered Ripple says:

If you haven’t read it I recommend illuminae its amazing

mynameismarines says:

I’ve been in a weird reading mood, but a short sci-fi reading just sounded really appealing. The Lathe of Heaven ebook was available at my library so BOOM. Borrowed.

BOOKparty! says:

I need to read sooo much more SciFi. Leviathan Wakes is so high on my wishlist, especially now with the Expanse tv show! Have you seen the show yet?

Aaaand…what lipstick are you wearing?? It looks gorgeously bloody :D!

Khan Khan says:

the mind can travel beyond reality

Irene says:

YAYY! Shades of Grey is one of my favorite books ever! I feel like it’s super under appreciated. I also really liked his Thursday Next series, so much book nerd humor.

Let's Read says:

Necromancer eh? That one was a little harder to dive into, but it’s still an interesting read. The Lathe of Heaven is a fantastic story. Have you seen the A&E movie they made? I remember it being quite good.

Hapsari Darmastuti says:

Have you read The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet? That book is so good, the world building is so interesting and all the characters are all relatable.

7410n0 says:

Finally a sci-fi list that isn’t completely filled with dystopian YA books

Fred Weasley Died Laughing says:

I tried to watch The Expanse but I just couldn’t get into it. I think I’ll give the book a go though.

girlofmonceau says:

oh also, in relation to the last one, if you haven’t read Alif the Unseen you should check it out! I haven’t read Nueromancer (need to try again), but the description you gave reminds me of Alif. it’s a great book that’s like…. futuristic hacker who’s a little magical fighting against THE HAND aka the all-controlling government.

FangirlNoir says:

I’m currently taking a Sci-fi lit class at my Uni and we just read Ender’s Game which I really enjoyed. Now I’m reading The Handmaid’s Tale and it’s amazing.

rencrow says:

Leviathan awakes has also been adapted into a tv series called The Expanse on the Syfy channel.

Jessica Ashley says:

Great recommendations! I’m always looking for more science fiction to read! 🙂

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