Science Fiction Book Recomendations

This time in the Cantana the Lich Lord talks about one of his favorite things Sci-Fi books and gives some ideas of books to look into reading during the summer months.


redkagami says:

Nice review, i think i gonna chet

Underline truth says:

I was looking for good sci fi books and when I searched all I got is young adult romance disguised in sci fi but your list is very promising. I think I’m going to check all of the books you mentioned nothing better than books that entertain me and makes me think at the same time. Hope you do more of books reviews or recommendations.

Jack Bethel says:

Do you read Kim stanly Robinson . If so you should do a video on his books

MilesPadilla1 says:

you sound just like seth rogen dude 

Alder ly says:

The all look really cool ! With Fahrenheit 451, did you read 1984 and ” the best of the worlds ” (french translation : le meilleur des mondes) ? they really are cool ! (my favorite)

swirlcrop says:

Your book recommendations are excellent. Can I recommend “Time Enough For Love” by Heinlein. It´s a good laugh with a little wisdom and a dash of outrageousness. Good book       🙂

freshrr2 says:

Can this list be any more generic? It’s almost like you googled top ten sci fi books, and than made this video.

StandingNomad says:

Great recommendations, a little less knows works there as well. Definitely going to pick some of them up. If you haven’t read the The Martian I recommend that one, one of the best recent sci-fi books if you ask me. Very easy to ready and funny.

Jamie Kabzinski says:

Thanks for the share. I’m just getting into SciFi books; really enjoying the headiness and big questions. Just finished Childhoods end the other day, which was a fantastic read. Trying to get my hands on the first Dune book at the moment.

Hostile Pebble says:

I would recommend robot wars.

redkagami says:

Check some of these

The 99th Rogue says:

U should read halo fall of reach

Mikael Andersson says:

Most of your choices are good. Dune is my favorite out of these.

But god i hated Childhood ends. Especially the end. It was interesting in the beginning but the end totally spoiled it to me.

Childhood ends is not Hard scifi. He even ACK even warns in the beginning that yeah i was super christian at the time and boy it shows.

y n says:

dude where the hell do I know you from ?! you look super familiar

Cyber Serpents says:

If you like science fiction novels, please check this one out:
Anunnaki sci-fi fantasy story,
Cyber Serpents, an epic illustrated novel.

Javi O says:

I have read all of those except “Nova” and the Sturgeon book. Only Delany book I’ve read was “Babel-17″… cool vid. Maybe you can do another one of these soon.

RomansBookReport says:

Great reviews!

Mike Archcraft says:

I like a lot of the books you recommend. I’ve read all of them at one time or another and especially love anything by Ray Bradbury or Arthur C. Clark. I just read a new one you might like. It’s called Tales of The Screaming Eagle and it’s about a veteran’s bar in space. Lots of great stories all in one book.

marc bell says:

Any PK Dick EXCEPT Valis.

D Doryani says:

i ordered dune after watching this

Drayton Alan says:

Getting ready to launch book 3 looking for feedback on my campaign before I launch.

escole48 says:

All of these titles are great. The iconic Dune would be my favourite, especially with the religious development and the gradual getting rid of computers for human Mentaps etc. It’s a sort of Dark Age Universe with feudalism on a Galatic scale. I loved that story. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is also another great choice.

Robert Pietzsch says:

Great recommendations. Would love to have your review on my novel “Troman”. It’s the first book in a series that I am writing. I just released it on Amazon. If you love #scifi you will enjoy this book. Link to it on Amazon is in my description or just search “Troman” on Amazon. Thanks!

steve barnett says: check out this new book!!!! Or see trailer  supernatural thriller.

Clayton Callahan says:

If you would like to review an e-book, I’d like to recommend Tales of The Screaming Eagle. Its a fun read about a funky bar at the edge of the galaxy. 

I think therefore I err says:

great review man… must admit PKD is my personal favorite.

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