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Michelle Hashberger says:

I’ll be starting Red Rising soon, and you’ve got me super interested in Artemis!

Nyxxyn says:

I recently picked up sleeping giants, I havent read it yet. But your copy is so much prettier than the boring US copy.

Laura Elizabeth says:

If you even remotely like wars and technology and robots and AIs and books written in a Themis Files-type format you HAVE to read Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson. I don’t read a lot of sci-fi because I generally hate it, I don’t understand a lot of it and it makes me feel stupid, but Robopocalypse was the first sci-fi book I ever picked up and it blew me the fuck away. It’s absolutely phenomenal, and it’s told in a way that us normal folk can understand :’)

Amanda Schopmeyer says:

I would have never picked up Red Rising without your recommendations in several videos.. so thanks for sharing all your love for it because I absolutely adore it!❤️

biancareads says:

I need to get on to Golden Son like YESTERDAY. Currently reading Waking Gods on audio and loving it! I never remember whether it’s technically sci-fi or paranormal or speculative fiction that is GREAT is the rook by Daniel O’Malley

BrinaFilms says:

omg I knew you would mention red rising plz give me 50 points to ravenclaw

Elizabeth Trawick says:

I have been following your channel for some time now, and I have read a lot of your recommendations and loved a lot of them. For some reason I can not, for the life of me, get into Red Rising. I read the first 100 pages and had to put it down because it was a struggle to move on. I want to love this book so much so I will eventually pick it up again!

bacyna says:

I love love LOVE your chanel! <3 (also how come you haven't read The Lotus Wars by Jay Kristoff?? It's so amazing!)

Jackson Gortney says:

I just started Red Rising because of your amazing self and i’m loving it so much.

Jessie M says:

All of these are going on my TBR. Goddamnit Piera, I can’t afford all these books

Maggie A Novel says:

Artemis sounds awesome! And I’ve been wanting to read Sleeping Giants for a long ass time now …… And not just bc the author is Canadian

Lauren Oneill says:

Love your channel! You should read unwind by Neal Shusterman it’s really good!!

Sam Barnes says:

piera likes red rising??!?!?!??!?1/!???!?!1

Ashely Diaz says:

10 points for me haaa

Tess Avery Books says:

Your the one who got me to read Red Rising, and now it is one of my favorite books.

The Book Goblin says:

Did the giant metal hand have five fingers? Or more/less? I _need_ to know!

Leslie Ring says:

You are the first person I’ve seen that likes Artemis. I’m kinda intrigued by that. I may pick it up since I loved The Martian.

Autumn Rose says:

I’m kind of surprised you had this many sci fi recommendations since you don’t like sci fi but I will definitely look into red rising

Katherine Pinnell says:

Would you ever do a video about your favorite slow burn romances/recommendations??

Tiffany E says:

I actually picked up red rising cause I heard you talking about it ☺️

FrumiousReads says:

Illuminae!! That’s probably one of my favorite sci-fi recently released books. I read The final book too and it was the perfect end to that series as well.

вσσkwσrm #983648 says:

Okay, she said she hated Illuminae…
I’m confused

Kaylarssage says:

Oh look I finally got your notification this time.
I just started LIFEL1K3 today and when I finish that I’ll probably either jump into Illuminae or Morning Star not sure which one yet. I can’t even recommend any sci-fi books because all the sci-fi books I’ve read are one’s you’ve recommended. You are taking over my reading life.

Paper Wren says:

Can not tell you how psyched I am that you are now uploading so frequently! Also, I get 10 points 🙂 I would love to see a video where you show all the special editions of books that you have. You seem to have so many cool ones!

Jay G says:

Neeeeeeeeeeed Life Like

Becca's Book Club says:

I normally don’t go for sci-f but these sound really good.

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