Today I am recommending you some sci-fi reads! Granted I don’t read a ton but I thought I wold still share with you some of my favorites!
If you love sci-fi please recommend me some books! Looking to get into the genre more!

–Books Mentioned–
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline:
The Martian by Andy Weir:
Dark Matter by Black Crouch:
Across the Universe trilogy by Beth Revis:
Illuminae & Gemina by Aimee Kaufman & Jay Kristoff:

–Reviews of Mentioned books–
Ready Player One:
The Martian:
Across the Universe:


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MusicalOne09 says:

You definitely make me want to read Dark Matter – it sounds so interesting! Your makeup looks awesome in this video, too. 🙂

TheShadesofOrange Booktube Channel says:

I only really got into the scifi genre in the past year so I still consider myself somewhat of a newbie. I’d recommend trying out books labelled as “space opera”, because those tend to focus more on the adventure, rather than the hard science and technical details. Like other commenters, I would recommend you read The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers. It’s a super cute space opera that is really easy to understand and felt like reading a contemporary story set in space.

Potter Pants says:

The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov – slow start, but an amazing book. Really friggin cool.

Heather says:

I think you’d like Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel! It’s told in a similar format to Illuminae and it’s about humanity finding a giant hand and what this means. It’s very cool.

Ivy Puff says:

A very under appreciated book that I think is awesome is One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy by Stephen Tunney! It’s so good!

Lisa Salyers says:

I haven’t read much scifi that is specifically scifi… most of what I read is a combination of scifi and fantasy.

For full on scifi, I have enjoyed…

Singing the Dogstar Blues by Alison Goodman (YA)
StDB came before The Dark Days Club – what most people know Goodman from – and before the Eon/Eona duology – my personal favorite. StDB is about a girl – Joss – in future Australia who finds out that she has a strange bond with visiting alien, Mav. Her life becomes a balancing act between school, this strange bond with her alien friend, impressing a popular boy she likes, dealing with the struggles and discrimination towards the specifics of her nature and her birth, and investigating a teacher who seems up to no good. To do this, she breaks an important rule – she travels to the past… learning about her own nature in the process.
There’s also a short story sequel… which is in an anthology I mention later in this comment.

The Enertia Trials by J Kowallis (YA/New Adultish)
is set in a dystopian Earth, after war and an evil corporation had ended life as we know it. Most humans have been rounded up by said corporation… some are killed, others are brainwashed and placed behind walled cities where their whole lives are decided for them. But those that exist outside the walls struggle to survive. One group, in particular, live as civilly as they can, until they meet a man who escaped from a walled city, a man with inside information he is willing to share in exchange for helping his family escape. The inside information…. a person rumored to have special abilities that can be used to bring down the corporation and change the world… Her name is Reggie, a psychic who has been used and abused by the corporation her whole life.

The Revenger by Debra Anastasia (ADULT, smut lies ahead)
is about a woman – Savvy – who lost her family in a car crash… a car crash that changed her life in more ways than one, not only did she lose her husband and child, she also gained an unbelievable ability to take out the wicked… creating an obsession to find and destroy the person responsible for her loss. Savvy = female Deadpool! Total anti-hero badass!!

The Lorien Legacies series by Pittacus Lore (YA)
is about a group of young aliens who escape to Earth when their home planet is attacked by a vicious alien race who want nothing more to destroy the Lorien and take their resources. The survivors grow up on Earth, always on the run because they are still being hunted down. These Lorien children – now late teens -have abilities, one of which is a connection that tells the others when one is killed. The series is 7 books long and is a pretty epic scifi!

Now some scifi/fantasy…
Basically anything by Lois Duncan…. my favorites are Stranger With My Face, The Third Eye, Gallows Hill, and Locked in Time… all of which I’d recommend. She also wrote the I Know What You Did Last Summer books that the movie adaptations were based on.

Andre Norton. Now, it has been some time since I’ve read any of her books, but I remember really enjoying Songsmith, Moon Called, Three Hands of Scorpio, and The Moon Magic series. Have a browse through her books… she has a ridiculous number of books that I’m sure everyone can find something they’ll enjoy.

Songs of Seraphina by Jude Houghton (YA)
This one is a bit harder to summarize, it’s more complicated, but it’s basically about three sisters who move to England after their parents’ death only to find out that their family has strange ties to another world… This one is a strange but cool fusion of scifi, fantasy, and something resembling fairytales/folklore

I have read several scifi/fantasy anthologies that are def worth checking out… I’d actually discovered some of my favorite authors – Alison Goodman included – from these anthologies! These are also really good for those that are new to scifi… or those that don’t like hardcore scifi as most of the stories in these are threaded with fantasy.

Firebirds Rising: An Anthology of Original Science Fiction and Fantasy (Firebirds #2)
This is the second collection of three, but I’ve not read the others… and def my first rec. Alison Goodman and my favorite author Tamora Pierce have short stories in this one!
“This star-studded follow-up to the acclaimed “Firebirds” contains riveting, original stories by some of today’s masters of science fiction and fantasy, including Fancesca Lia Block, Alan Dean Foster, Diana Wynne Jones, and Tanith Lee.”

Young Warriors: Stories of Strength
“What makes warrior?
This gutsy collection of fifteen original short stories offers a variety of answers to this question with thoughtfulness, heart, and the occasional wink. Compiled by bestselling author Tamora Pierce and folklorist/author Josepha Sherman, Young Warriors includes stories by some of today’s most acclaimed and beloved fantasy and science-fiction authors for both adults and young adults.”

“A girl who hears the sea amongst the busy streets of Manhattan. A princess born with the strength to clutch a sword hilt. A winged boy who cannot fly. In these stories, the kind where trees can become men and girls wake up with snakes for hair, people are not always what they seem. But they still must discover who they are.

Compiled and edited by Bruce Coville, with contributions by Tamora Pierce, Gregory Maguire, Jane Yolen, Nancy Springer, D.J Malcolm, Janni Lee Simner, Jude Mandell, Tim Waggoner, and Lawrence Schimel.”

Matt Svorinic says:

Read battlefield Earth

Cinders Boo says:

my favorite sci fi book is Sphere by Michael Crichton. I have read it at least twice. I love it.

Kay P says:

Dark Matter sounds really good! I’m going to have to go and check it out! 🙂

Shelley Washburn says:

I’m currently reading These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner and I’m really loving it. This is a space adventure where the spaceliner that the main characters are on is destroyed and they have to survive on a new planet. This is a completed trilogy.

Eszter Szabó says:

You should read Star Wars Lost Stars by Claudia Gray. 😉 It’s a YA sci-fi book.

Super Space Chick says:

I would recommend Sleeping Giants and Waking Gods by Sylvain Neuvel – it’s told in a similar format to Illuminae. And its always super controversial but Ender’s Game was the best sci-fi book I read as teen. It was a game changer for me!

maria Castillo says:

here a movie that you will love its call passager it all most like the across the universe books

Patricia A. says:

You should definitely check out Dune by Frank Herbert, the Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown and the Foundation trilogy by Isaac Asimov

miri019 says:

For a guilty pleasure should check out the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout 🙂

Tara Akin says:

I LOVED Ready Player One and Dark Matter was my book club’s pick a few months ago! I HIGHLY recommend The Red Rising trilogy if you haven’t read it. It’s like The Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones set in space. It’s one of my favorites!

angelmae says:


Jennifer Chambers says:

Love your top!

Kayla Mueller says:

For sci-fi, I’d check out the books of Ursula K. Le Guin. She writes fantasy too, but a lot of her stories drift into sci-fi territory. Not really the overly science-y kind, but more like futuristic and otherworldly.

kaitieskates says:

Andy Weir and Ernest Cline need to write more asap!!! Please please please!!! Cline has another book which, if it’s possible, I liked it even more than Ready Player One. Very similar vibes but given how much you liked the first, absolutely read his second book.

fa3ryg1rl1 says:

the silver metal lover by tanith lee

Tia Seitz says:

also, was The Martian book better than the movie?

Katie'sBookCorner says:

When you said “Two YA series, you know what they are”, all I could think was:

“Wait- Across the Universe, Lunar Chronicles, and Illuminae- which two is it going to be?”

Wickedjr89 says:

I’ve also read the Across the Universe trilogy and loved it, and Illuminae! I haven’t read Gemina yet, kinda dreading the long wait for the 3rd book Obsidio! lol I haven’t read much sci-fi yet either. Oh I did read Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray and loved it!

Stephanie Lechelt says:

My favourite scifi is the Lunar Chronicles. I loved Illuminae and just got the Martian and can’t wait to read it

brittany brosseau says:

More than this by Patrick ness is a great one!!!!

ninaelle2003 says:

an oldie but goodie, “The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy”. it’s a short but fun read, the movie did not do the book justice one bit.

Bryan Singleton says:

Recommendations: “Earthchild” by Doris Piserchia / “White Light” by Rudy Rucker / “Orbitsville” by Bob Shaw / “The Forever War” by Joe Haldeman / “Kindred” by Octavia Butler

Heroic Pages says:

I don’t know if you have watched Star Trek at all….but I don’t think you need to know much about it to read this…but try ‘Redshirts’ by John Scalzi….the book is hilarious and meta. I really enjoyed it.

Tia Seitz says:

any Michael Creighton books are really good. especially Jurassic Park and Next

diana says:

I personally haven’t read this novel (yet), but I’ve heard really good things about We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson

Armands Šlihte says:

Red Rising

Boek In Wonderland says:

the movie rights for dark matter has been bought by sony. I hope it makes it into the theaters.

History and Mystery says:

I’m surprised you haven’t read the Lunar Chronicles! definitely recommend that series. another interesting YA sci fi is Megan Shephard’s The Cage.

for a twisted read check out George RR Martin’s The Sandkings!

and for a classic…I definitely recommend Acrona by Anne McCaffrey!

aeellerson 29 says:

I want to read Illuminae but I’m really worry because I never read a book told in emails

Hannah Carmona Dias says:

This is my favorite genre! I also recommend The Passage Trilogy and The Girl With All The Gifts

The Thing About Books says:

I would strongly recommend Red Rising by Pierce Brown. It’s a fantastic SciFi trilogy but it has aspects of mythology and romance and it’s just so good!

cristinasjourney says:

I never read Sci-fi, but I read The Martian and Illuminae in the past 2 months 🙂 And I loved both, so I would like to read more. Ready Player One sounds very interesting. Across the Universe sounds a lot like the movie with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

Tia Seitz says:

Dark Matter is next on my TBR. i got it from the Book of the Month club. which is an awesome subscription book club

Drew Simoneau says:

I have read ready player one, the Martin. I want to read Dark Matter (I have the audiobook on hold from overdrive). I have never read the across the universe trilogy before! And I read the Illumaine series! And it was amazing!(:

misslizzie1204 says:

I’d recommend These Broken Stars (from the starbound trilogy), also by Amie Kaufman with another author Meagan Spooner. One of my favourite scifi series, and the covers are divine!

Megan Koenen says:

yes!! one of my favorite genres AND great recommendations?!?! #winning

adalie hoke says:

I’d recommend Avalon & Polaris by Mindee Arnett
also the Virals series by Kathy and Brendan Reichs

kaylen baker says:

you should read These Broken Stars, it’s a wonderful little YA novel about two people who hate eachother getting stranded on an unknown planet together. it’s amazing

Bluebell says:

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers 😉

Amber's Books and More says:

I tell myself that I love sci-fi and yet I’ve only read The Illuminae files out of your recs. What am i doing with my life! Also I need Dark Matter, it sounds so good.

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