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The Sci-Fi genre can be intimidating so I decided to film a “Beginner’s Guide to Sci-fi” to be able to give you some recommendations! Here are books I would recommend for beginners who want to read some sci-fi books. Wether you usually read more contemporaries or action-packed books, you should be able to find the sci-fi equivalent here!


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Julie Engle says:

ALL 3 WAYWARD PINES BOOK ARE ON AMAZON FOR $5.37 (all 3 books on kindle) 3 books for $5!

J.L. Knepp says:

Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the galaxy is a great book for beginners because it’ll just make you laugh. If you like action I’m in the middle of reading Ready Player One and I love it.

Lolly Pereira says:

I always thought Sci-fi was not my cup of tea but I’ve realised how many I actually love. I mentioned on another video that I was stuck in a rut, reading 5 books at the same time but not finishing them. I picked up Sleeping Giants and that seemed to solve that issue.l, such a fast read. I also would suggest The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; very zany and funny.

Andrea14792 says:

I have a ton of screenshots with funny Emily-faces haha whenever I want to save a recommendation for later I just do a screenshot instead of writing it down haha 😛

BookswithEmilyFox says:

What’s the best Sci-Fi book you’ve ever read?? :D`

Raquel Ourives says:

I read Dark Matter because of you and I loved it 🙂 reading now Illuminae, so let’s see. So many of those are on my tbr you have no idea

Leticia Toraci says:

I remember starting sci-fi by picking up “The Robots of Dawn” by Asimov, in my school library at 13. It was groundbreaking for me. Afterwards I was reading a lot of his short robot stories. Another great starting book was Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke.

Sophiesticated Books says:

Emily, this makeup look fits you PERFECTLY! I just watched your tutorial and I want to do it so badly! Hazel eyes are really beautiful on you too. I just added Flowers for Argenon to my TBR because that book sounds INCREDIBLE.

Densilh May says:

Thank you a lot for the recommendations. 🙂 Station eleven and the humans and replay and the fifthte- okay…..maybe all of them sound interesting ^^’

Jacqueline Boyster says:

I’ve added a few books to my TBR that I am pretty excited for from this. Thanks for the recs. I LOVE that you have Wool and Dark Matter on the list. Two of my favorite Sci-Fis.

Maria Mironova says:

currently listening to dark matter because of your recommendation

Anna Reads says:

Emily, have you ever read the Imperial Radch trilogy (first book being Ancillary Justice)? It’s by far the best sci-fi I’ve ever read, and I recommend it to everyone !!

Givemeprimelaughter says:

I just started The illuminae Files. I am on Gemina and loving the series. It’s mind blowing. I was always afraid of Sci-Fi but I find myself reaching for it more often.

Merel C says:

Hi Emily! I picked up the humans by matt haig because of you and i’m LOVING it! Thank you!

Lisa Lantrip says:

Great recommendations! The Humans is one of my absolute all time favorites! Flowers for Algernon is up there too. I also love dark matter and station eleven. The first 15 lives of Harry August is high on my list to read.

Bookswith Katie says:

I really enjoy these kind of videos 🙂 I have the pines trilogy and dark matter, I really need to read them soon. I’ve watched seasons 1 & 2 of Wayward Pines already but I really need to read the books. Great video ☺

Jess Grover says:

The Binti trilogy, especially the first book, are so so so well loved and definitely approachable. I think I’m the only one in the world who didn’t love it, so I suggest other folks try it out. It’s a good beginners book, features a black main female main character, and a pretty exciting world. It’s more space-focused in its genre than the ones you showed in your video though.

Brenda Cano says:

I’m so glad you mentioned the U.S. title!

teezka says:

My first sci-fi book was The Day of the Triffids and it is still one of my most favourite. I read Flowers for Algernon too and I fell in love with the story. Yesterday I started Dark Matter so I can’t wait what’s gonna be 🙂 Hope you will make fantasy recommendations too 🙂

Rachiebaby95 says:

I would love, love , love a reading list of the best post-apocalyptic reads. I just finished Zone One and I want more!

Raven Girl says:

Thank you for list. Now for post-apocalyptic book recs

Hapsari Darmastuti says:

I really really love your recommendations! I have read half of the books you mentioned and I enjoyed all of them. The other half sounds so so interesting as well, especially The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. I like that the books you recommend all have unique premises that are not generic sci-fi. I don’t know whether you’ve made a video like this but about thriller recommendations before, but if not I would be very interested in watching it!

One other book that have similar premise that I also enjoy is Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, although it’s more of a historical novel with a slight sci-fi twist.

Terizian Says says:

Hey there! You mentioned you’ve been in the post-apocalyptic genre reading mood lately. I think you might enjoy The Passage by Justin Cronin (I noticed you marked that as TBR on goodreads). It has the Stephen King vibe. I haven’t completed it but from what I’ve read so far, it’s really great.

AlphaMike says:

This is such a helpful video! I usually read mystery/thriller books but have been wanting to branch out. Thanks for the recommendations!

duffypratt says:

Flowers for Algernon was better as a short story. The movie, named Charles, is better than the book.

Timothy Strohbehn says:

Silo is pronounced Sigh-Low

bearberrie4 says:

Can you do one where it’s more out space themed… like that kind of sci-fi? I don’t know where to start but I wanna read a few of those kinds of books.

ElleTee says:

I literally just received my order of The Humans in the mail today. So excited to read it

sandruszka14 says:

Love your makeup <3 I bought a yellow eyeshadow right away to try to recreate your look :p and thank you for this video, I want to read all of the books you recommend!!

Anita Adam says:

Oh well this is just perfect! I’ve been looking for some sci fi recs here and there because I don’t read much of this genre but lately I’ve been seriously feeling like it, so thank you so so much ✨ also, I recently bought The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and I can’t wait to dive into it asap

Lakedamia Bocconcino says:

I got so many new books to read!

Also, love your makeup 😀

Claudia G says:

Dark Matter is terrible.

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