Here are some of my favourite sci-fi books so far! Let me know what’s your and if you agree with me on any of the ones I mention!

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I appreciate every single one of you so much that it hurts. Can you feel all the love? I know I can. Thank You for being amazing!


In Bookville says:

Loved “Dark Matter” as well 🙂

that bookish mom says:

Love Dark Matter❤️❤️❤️ so much!

amy13b says:

The audiobook of The Martian was *fantastic*

Francesca Mulvey says:

Shattermoon by Dominic Dulley is brilliant too, so absorbing go check it out highly recommend 🙂

Pingo says:

yaaass sci-fi <3

Castle Library says:

I thought sleeping giants was adult it’s in the adult section so I assumed

Nicole M says:

Hey G!
thanks for all your recommendations! In your July Book Release Video you mentioned A long way to a small angry planet and I read the first chapter on Amazon. I bought it directly and finished it yesterday! I absolutely agree with you. The writing style and all the characters are brilliant! When I hadn’t finished the first book, I already bought the second part and started it first day this morning =) Thanks a lot for your good recommendations!

brit roses says:

I’m reading Children of Time right now and it’s fantastic. In short, a nano-virus is sent to a new planet with primates, with the intention of speeding up evolution from primate to Homo Sapien, and it ends up infecting an entirely different species. The story is two sided- from the perspective of humans going to this planet and the perspective of the species that now possess human intelligence and can contemplate its own existence. HIGHLY recommend it!!

Iva says:

I had to read so many Sci fi books in university and I didn’t really like most of them, but I still enjoy it as a genre, bc there were some really thought provoking Sci Fi books I read and I can’t really ditch the genre for some bad apples.

Willow Reads says:

Great recommendations!!! I’ve gotta add some some more books to my TBR lol
I really want to read Sleeping Giants.
I just got all of the Hitchhiker’s Guide at a used bookfest.Love the movie, and the depressed robot is the best lol.
Love Illuminae!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet. I need to pick up the second one.

bookellenic says:

The Themis Files are spectacular, I’m currently reading Waking Gods on audio, I don’t mind the young girl voice performed by an adult like you mentioned put you off, so far so good. I have the physical copy and the audiobook of Illuminae but haven’t started it yet. Same with The Martian and A Long Way, I own them but haven’t read them yet. Wow I need to catch up. Dark Matter sounds like something I will enjoy, but my owned tbr simply cannot grow any more at the moment.
For anyone interested in middle-grade sci-fi, I would recommend The Zanna Function by Daniel Wheatley. I also quite enjoyed Replica by Lauren Oliver, for YA fans.

animeislife_ says:

Adding Sleeping Giants to my tbr ~

Bonescarab says:

Thanks for the recommendation of Sleeping Giants – I thoroughly enjoyed it. ^.^

Mariana Sala says:

you should do a high fantasy recommendations video!

the wild Sasha says:

I’m planning on reading ” A long way to a small angry planet” et the second one for the NEWT’s so yep yep I love sci-fi I always have so no need to convince me haha but I liked the video. I think I will try to read Dark Matter, you intrigued me haha

Shukri G says:

I love the Themis files (sleeping giants) so 3 minutes in and I know you have good taste.

Danielle Oliver says:

The Martian is an amazing audiobook

Moonstone-Dreamer says:

Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy is one of my dads favs i really need to read it. And I love the Martian. Sleeping Giants is on the list

Mariana Quesada says:

Yaay! I have Dark Matter for D.A.D.A. NEWT’s!

Susan Frances says:

Please consider reading “A Glimpse Beyond the Aether”  by Susan Frances  Pegasus Publishers.  It is about a world that has irrefutable knowledge about what happens when we die.  Sci Fi  / Romance

Parlabane Isback says:

I don’t really understand why ‘Dark Matter’ is so highly thought of. It’s a good romp, and a pacey read; but the characters make some really daft decisions just to ginger up the plot, and there are so many far-fetched plot devices that it became too implausible for me to fully engage with. Good escapist fare, but nothing more than that as far as I could see.

Arctic W says:

Thank you for the recommendations! I had a completely different idea what the Martian was about for some reason but after this I want to give it a go! If you want to check out more female driven sci fi books then an interesting ya is Revenger by Alastair Reynolds. Also I neeeeed more people to read Ann Leckie, her books are such a breath of fresh air and there’s so much inclusivity in them <3

Heather Harbron says:

I agree with so many of these! My all time favorite sci-fi series is Red Rising. Another book that I loved was Fuzzy Nation!

Gail Young says:

I’ve read Illuminae Trilogy and The Martian…and I have added every other book you recommended to my TBR! Starting with Dark Matter and then moving on to the Sleeping Giants trilogy! Thanks so much for this video!

GOOSEN says:

Yass queennnn

Miranda Dedrick says:

G do you have any good dystopian recommendations? That’s one of my favorite genres to read! Love to hear if you have anything. Or anyone in the comments as well.

Imogen Olliver-Kneafsey says:

Have you made another vid like this yet?????

santanasg says:

Ahhhh I’m gonna add them all to my TBR! I’ve been wanting to jump into more sci- fi books sooo bad, thanks! <3

silvia holm says:

I’m trying to get more into sci-fi but there are just to many books to choose from, so your video was really helpful 🙂 I will definitely check out Dark Matter and Illiminae!

Waywolf Sol says:

I’ve recently started a campaign to help me finish writing a futuristic, sci-fi novel, anyway I don’t mean to spam so ignore it if you like but you can check it out or even support me @ @t ,thx

Gabriela Fernandez says:

From what you’ve recommended, you MUST read John Scalzi. He is such a great sci-fi writer, and his books are hilarious! My personal favorites are Redshirts and Lock In. And thanks for the new recs!

Leah K says:

The Martian is one of my favorite books!! I loved the diary format and that he had to use his wits and some science to try and survive. I haven’t pulled for a character as much as I did for Mark since reading it! Yay science fiction. I’m happy you made this video!
Leviathan Wakes and the rest of that series is one of my favorite Sci fi series. I also really like the classic Sci fi stories like 1984 and Brave new World.

suzanne cattanes says:

I love the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy x soooooo funny

Chynna Williams says:

I just bought Sleeping Giants, because of you! It sounds so interesting, but I really want the U.K. covers, they are so beautiful! But, I wanted to see if I liked the first one, before buying the entire trilogy!

Jacquera Black says:

Tried Illuminae twice… Just couldn’t read it… Love science fiction… Reading the Power by Naomi Alderman atm.

Becca's Book Club says:

I’m hoping to get more into sci-fi so thank you for posting this video!!

Kefi's Garden says:

Thank you for the list. My favorite “sci-fi” (in quotes because some would disagree) series is the dragon riders of pern. They are awesome!

Aldrin says:


Cynthia Desgagné says:

My favourite Sci-Fi last year was the third book of the Imperial Radch (Ancillary Mercy) by Ann Leckie. The series is absolutely great, it ends in such a perfect way that I get the urge to reread it when I talk about it. The first book does take a bit of getting used to (the narrator is non human and jumps between two timelines), but the pay off is amazing.
I had never heard of We are Legion We are Bob, but I’m intrigued!

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