Sci-fi Book Recommendations | 2016

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Ernie Scheel says:

I’m just starting to read SciFi/Fantasy. At first i wanted to read strictly stand alone novels, but now i think I’ll get into series books as well. Thanks for the recommendations. I subd too.

Brandon Wilson says:

Sleeping Giants by Sylvian Nuevel (spelling?). Also Ted Chiang’s Stories of Your Life. It’s a collection of short stories with Arrival being one of them.

Extremecast says:

Hi. After watching this video I decided to order Ready Player One. Haven’t arrived yet but if I’ll enjoy it I have you to thank. So possibly thanks in advance.

LdychubbReads says:

These Broken Stars (Space Opera trilogy)
Illuminae (space opera)
Across the universe
The diabolic
City of Ember (middle grade technically)
Empress of a Thousand skies

Yanke East says:

do androids dream of electric sheep

Giorgi Sulkhanishvili says:

please read dune

JAsmine Ong says:

I had only read Ready Player One in the list >< I tried The Martian but it's too scientific and I can't carry on with it :/

Mihai Ioan says:

Solaris by Stanislaw Lem; Neuromancer by William Gibson; Dune by Frank Herbert.

Josh Jaylee says:

You should check out EPHAIDRIA by Jim Grieco (on AMAZON). Four clairvoyant teens are summoned to a distant galaxy, to assist an abducted race of humans; struggling to defeat an invasion of paranormal entities. Great characters, epic story, fantastic read!

Felicia Black says:

2018! Awesome so i have plenty of time to read ready player one 😀
ALIENATED!! One of my favorite series of alllll time

Aditya Mistry says:

“Spin” by Robert Charles Wilson, really interesting and original concept. A must pick.

Dancing Books says:

I’ve read Ready Player One last year, and I really enjoyed it. Check out Erebos by Ursula Poznanski. It’s kind of similair to Ready Player One. It’s about this weird MMORPG. I don’t know if it could be considered sci-fi, but it’s so much fun. 🙂

EmeraldMaster says:

My dad is making me read books so I looked up books to read and thanks for recommended these books

Kimberley Jean says:

Hey new subscriber here… loved this video.

MoonStarWolf88 says:

I really liked Alienated 🙂

I can also recommend a book called Loop by Karen Akins.
And I just ordered Illuminae by Amie Kaufman, after seeing so many people talking about it on youtube 😀 So look forward to checking that one out 🙂

Andrew r.p.g. fun says:

The Star Super Mother is mislabeled by some. States your a daughter that is Special. Thank you!

Vanessa Valiente says:

You should check out Red Rising by Pierce Brown. it’s amazing!!

JohnHE says:

Ready Player one is truely a masterpiece! I am so excited for the upcoming movie of it!

Katja Baladad says:

Aside from Dune, try Starship Troopers. But seriously, you should read Ender’s Game. Don’t judge the story by the movie, the book is so different. I love all the Ender and Shadow series too. All the sci-fi classics as well.

傑楊 says:

They have been mentioned already but, DUNE and Ender’s Game. These books are amazing! You can find these two on almost any list of best sci-fi ever written.

Yanke East says:

the shinning jaws first blood- movies better then the book they are based off if

teltri says:

Your eyes are meeesmerizing.

DarthMessias says:

It started with some decent sci-fi novels then turned into the ordinary fan-girl books. Props up for trying at least.

lesyayandfilksongs says:

Joe Haldeman’s “Forever War” is a classic for the ordinary soldier’s perspective of an interstellar war.
A fun and quality read is the famed Miles Vorkosigan series of novels (and a few stories) by Lois McMaster Bujold.
As for the classics, Frank Herbert’s Dune, Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light, Iain M. Banks’ Consider Phlebas…

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