SCI-FI BOOK HAUL!!! Classic Science Fiction

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Rio Azul says:

Hi quick question, is there any possible way I can buy the Olaf Stapledon “Sirius” novel you displayed in the beginning of this video from you? I got the other two that came in that particular publication. Stapledon is extremely hard to find,
And I love his occult style. Okay, hopefully you still posses this particular book. Thank you so much.
I love the video, great collection man!!

PeterClarkTheWriter says:

I’ve heard so many good things about “Childhood’s End” It’s been on my TBR forever now but I just haven’t got to it yet. And that cover is absolutely gorgeous. I love the 60’s Disney era tech look like Tomorrowland.

David Crader says:

Wow… I’m impressed!!! Most people think Isaac Asimov wrote FANTASTIC VOYAGE, instead of just writing a novelization!!!

Phillip Nicholson says:

Absolutely love Moorcock, Ballard and Aldiss. The whole new wave of British Sci-fi from New Worlds is excellent.

Book Your Imagination says:

Wow! You got some really great, old paperbacks! I love those book covers. Good vid!

Collectible Science Fiction says:

Great haul including that awesome Pelham cover on Sirius.

James Chatham says:

Childhood’s End is wonderful! It’s at least as good as 2001: A Space Odyssey, and was my first Clarke. So good.

Todd the Librarian! says:

Simak wrote “Enchanted Pilgrimage”! One of my favorites! Great pile of Sci-Fi! Have you read, “The Lake” by Ray Bradbury?

Armstrong Hawkins says:

I want that “Ring Around The Sun” and the Stapleton. : )

James Holder says:

Awesome haul!

Jerlin Vinso says:

Like LIKE Like… like

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