RINGWORLD – A Classic SciFi Book Review

My review of the classic scifi novel by Larry Niven, Ringworld!

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Coleton Donaldson says:

Just discovered your videos (great stuff I subscribed) and I’m just here to say that you should really read The Realm of the Elderlings series by Robin Hobb, I think you would like them a lot. It’s 16 books (lol even longer than Wheel of Time) but it is split into 5 separate series of 4 trilogies and 1 four book series. It has a specific chronological order that goes: Farseer Trilogy, Liveship Traders Trilogy, Tawny Man Trilogy, Rain Wild Chronicles, and Fitz and the Fool Trilogy. You could easily take breaks in between each series in the “overall” series, and since it’s one of the most beloved classic fantasy series ever and hugely popular it would be a nice edition to your channel and review/discussion videos. It’s deeply character focused and absolutely beautifully written with possibly the best written characters I’ve experienced. Robin Hobb is a phenomenal writer and the level of depth and emotional involvement she achieves is astounding.

Ryan Ratchford says:

Daniel, for your new style of critic that you’re still trying to find, you’ve said you’re aiming to be more “harsh” in your Criticisms.
Is this harshness just a purely analytical objective stance, or do you think you’ll just be more honest about your emotional responses to the books, in a more open honest way where you’re not to worried about what audience backlash might be?

I know it’s a nuanced thing to distinguish it what can I say, I study philosophy at university, I like my pedantic-ness.
But I am also curious cause I like hearing your behind the scenes thought process with your videos, cause you Leah’s seem to have a very rational and open mind/ well thought out process.

JaimeLannister says:

My biggest problem with this channel (not clickbait)(but definitely clickbait):

The intro music… man it just gets stuck in my head, it’s so frustrating I watch your videos every day and then for the rest of the day I just catch myself whistling the into, how did you make it sooo damn good that it just gets stuck in my head?!?!

Chris Mellish says:

Great review! Kudos for making a great book review under 5 minutes. I feel like a lot of booktubers make their reviews too long so I appreciate a “short and sweet” review.

Siansonea Orande says:

I’m hoping that you don’t find more classic sci-fi novels as underwhelming as this one. The genre has changed and become much more character driven of late. Back in the Pleistocene when I was reading a lot of these novels, we had much more concept-driven fare like Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke and the like. I was never a Niven superfan, but I remembering enjoying Ringworld in the 80s when I read it, but haven’t felt like revisiting it since. So maybe it wasn’t as compelling as I may have thought.

It’s always interesting to hear a what a modern reader thinks of all this. Looking forward to more in this series.

Gavin McArthur says:

I read this book and you know what, i cant remember any of it.

Covenfan1234 says:

Are there any classic sci-fi that don’t throw women to the side?

Tiresias says:

It gets a lot more interesting if you read the earlier books

Ryan Ratchford says:

Another good video, I enjoyed it very much.
Also Oooooo I’m very excited to hear from you about what you feel makes a good villain. All your discussion videos about the creative/ abstract parts of good novels always motivates me to read and write myself, making notes and thinking about my own thoughts on the given topic (like with previous videos- Mary Sue, favourite characters, ect…)

Have you ever thought about doing a video about Plot specifically?
I find that the hardest thing to quantify and talk about. What makes a good plot? Good twists? lack of cliches? It’s very hard for me to describe.
Here you mentioned off hand how Ring world had a decent plot. What are your thoughts behind a good, bad, engaging or boring plot?

shallmaneser says:

Can you recommend a good/great SF book?!

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