Recommendations – YA Science Fiction

In which I tell you about a bunch of great science fiction books for YA readers.

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Null Hyp0thesis says:

I tried to read Paolo Bacigalupi’s ‘The Windup Girl’ a few years ago and didn’t get past the first few chapters. Is it worth persevering? Also, the Ender’s sequels: time well spent, or a big pile of horse shit?

TinySpaceLiving says:

While I was adding all of these in GR I read that Feed was set in 2014. Must read this now. Thanks for the recommendations!

Let's Read says:

Love how these books blur the line between YA and Adult fiction. They could be either. Mostly it’s how they are marketed.

FangirlFlails says:

I really appreciate that you mentioned the not niceness of Orson Scott Card. I can’t bring myself to read his books, but it’s each persons decision, especially since it’s such a staple in scifi.

Yesica1993 says:

How disappointing that you consider those who simply disagree on the topic of same-sex marriage or homosexuality to be “not nice” people. (Especially since that topic has nothing whatsoever to do with the book.)

So much for tolerance and diversity of opinion.

AlexTalksBooks says:

Always looking to read more Sci Fi! Thanks so much for this video! 🙂

MagicOfBooks says:

Great video and thanks for all the recommendations! Totally requesting some more of this genre specific videos where you can find more sci-fi/fantasy related books. SFF is the sort of genre that disperses amongst numerous other genres, which is really fantastic.

Celeste Tran says:

Shipbreaker was such an awesome book! It definitely deserves more hype

Book Escapism says:

Awesome video and some great recommendations in there!(:

The Marvelous Reading Room says:

Ender’s Game!!!! Something you said has really resonated with me and I’ve actually brought it up in everyday life in discussions about Orson Scott Card specifically.

“I’m always of the opinion that you should read the book even if the author is the most awful person ever. Because I’d be really suspicious of someone who didn’t read a book by someone if the author was ‘too liberal.'”

That statement was really eye opening and I can now separate authors personal beliefs and be able to enjoy the story without that political cloud looming over me.

Great video as always!

writerlywitterings says:

Like you I am a massive Pratchett fan and tried this, but had the same problem. First few chapters didn’t get me going. Thanks for this – I’ll be trying it again very soon! Great video as always!

mentatphilosopher says:

Is the dress a declaration of loyalty to a particular Doctor Who prior to August 23rd?

JuRodrigues says:

Another great video. I’m not a YA reader anymore but I’ll check out some of your recommendations. Thanks!

FinalBlowJoe says:

I’m a massive Pratchett fan but haven’t ever known what Nation was, I knew it wasn’t Discworld and I’m behind on them so may be awhile but eventually I hope to read it. I like the sf mastersworks series and have quite a few but not the space merchants, yet.

Have you watched the film of Ender’s Game by the way?

TheSkepticalReader says:

Some of these sound quite amazing. I’ll definitely be checking them out. 😉

Lidia Lis says:

great video and great channel! Thank you!

WoolfsWhistle says:

Did you know that Orson Scott Card advocated for the criminalization of homosexuality? Being able to marry or not is not even a question here. I for example don’t really care about marriage…it would’ve been nice though, but i can live without it and anyways it’s not going to happen in Russia ever. At least nobody i killing me. Viewing it as crime is a completely different thing, it’s dangerous. and it gives people ideas.
It’s not about his beliefs even. There are some people who have the same views, they are just not so dangerous, because they don’t have the money and power to turn their beliefs into life. So basically if somebody is buying his books they donate for his sick cause. I skipped him because of that, he’s a real asshole, I have no patience for.

I’d say if you want to read his books, pirate them. He doesn’t deserve your money.

This dress (?) looks so great on you!
And I also added a few fabulous books to my tbr. Thanks to you 🙂

fuzzydragons says:

loved the newsflesh series, recommend it to people that want to start reading horror all the time since its easy to read but still a little gory in parts

WorldsinInk says:

Great recommendations. I’d add the WWW:Wake series by Robert J. Sawyer. It’s a great geeky read about the Internet, emerging AI and a girl that regains her sight through an implant and deals with issues like privacy and freedom of information. Intelligent YA.

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