Recommendations: Great Classic Sci Fi Books!

Welcome to my new Book Recommendation series! In this video I suggest some of my favorite great classic Science Fiction novels! These are adult sci-fi rather than YA and all really amazing classic science fiction books! Books mentioned are linked below:

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Books Mentioned:
– Dune by Frank Herbert
– Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card-
– Foundation by Isaac Asimov-
-The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi

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Israfael D. says:

I truly recommend “children of time”
It’s one of the smartest sci fi I read this year.
Just wow!

Jessica Tull says:

I just told my mom today that I needed a new book!! Thanks! Love sci-fi ❤️

Toast Dragon Fantasy says:

I think this is the first time ‘Dune’ was responsible for helping to grow a relationship! 😛
Ignoring the external stuff, I personally found ‘Ender’s Game’ a not so great book to read – really don’t like the character of Ender himself :S
But I’ve been meaning to get round to Scalzi for ages!
My sci-fi recommendations are ‘Ancillary Justice’ by Ann Leckie (not a classic but will be) and I’m currently reading ‘Red Rising’ by Pierce Brown which is outstanding.
Georgina sent me by the way 🙂

Blacksun Germania says:

I’ve read all of these except the Foundation series, but that is definitely on my list. I think you really nailed the sci-fi list, these are must reads. I also like Hyperion a lot, but I have not read the entire series yet.

BTW: I have a book called “old mans war” by john scalzi but the story sounds exactly the same as The Ghost Brigades, is it the same book under a different title?

AlphaDoc says:

I’ve read all of these except the ghost brigades. I’m going to buy it now as you went through all of my favorite books!

Trudi Johnson says:

The Gunslinger series by Stephen King is his best writing

Jedi Zim says:

I recommend ‘Myst: The Book of Atrus.’ I’m not going lie, because of the nature of the novel, I debated with myself on what its genre really is; I’ve decided on sci-fi, although it’s not sci-fi in the traditional sense.

Basically, it follows the journey of a young guy named Atrus who lives with his grandmother in a big cleft on the side of a dead volcano in a desert; one day, his father Gehn finds Atrus and takes him under his wing, leading him to the underground city of D’ni, pronounced “Dunny,” the once-proud civilization and people whose hallmark was the ability to write special books that could transport people to any world they could describe.

Of course, it gets more complicated, but I really don’t want to spoil it; it’s become a dream of mine to someday adapt this story into a film.

hokiecaptain says:

I have read or listened to all the works mentioined and loves them all. Also for those that have missed some others….I name off a few. Hyperion as a standalone novel excellent. Forever war is a cant miss. Also Ive been into Marko Kloos work Frontlies saga…..we the humans venture out to do battle with the intergalactic baddies. Facinating tales. Great characters.I so agree with the foundation triliogy. It set the stage for my future reading and it set the bar quite high in terms of quality. With all the mumbling….Ill fininsh with what I believe is the single greatest novel every written in the genre….Dune. Political intriuge, interstellar war, competing families all boiling down to a character or two the have the possiblilty to change the way the universe works. Bow down to the masters who present us glimpses of their souls. Thank You from this one geeg I suppose. I want more…..voraious appetite still not satisfied. bring it on……Grok

RyanneAndHerBooks says:

Ender’s Game sounds good. I’ve been wanting to read more adult and I love Sci-fi 🙂

Neuro Astro22 says:

I’ve read Enders game, dune, ghost brigades. Have not read the foundation

tomtalksbooks says:

I’ve always been into sci-fi everything but recently I’ve been devouring books and films even more! I’ve still not read some of the classics though so thank you for making this 😀

Silvia Kay says:

Thank you for making this video, I’ve been getting into sci-fi lately and I really need some pointers as to what the classics of the genre are. I knew about Dune, of course (I have actually watched all the serialized film adaptations), but not about the other books you mentioned. I will be sure to check them all out! P.S.: I loved the little anecdote about how you and your husband were reading Dune together when you were dating. I love it when booktubers share something from their personal lives in their videos 🙂

legendary gaming says:

my faviourate nvoel was Jurassic park and the lost world by Michael crichton

Tom Britz says:

The Ghost Brigades is actually the second book in that series. John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War was the first.

George Ehret says:

Have you read 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke? i think you’d enjoy it a lot.

MoralSingularity says:

i got to chapterhouse dune and lost interest, but the first few were good. I foundation to be a bit dry and dated, but still enjoyable.
enders game was good, the second one speaker for the dead was a bit alien huggy, the movie was awful, explained nothing, didnt flesh out ender or his brother, and was sjw in not explaining what was going on with the bugs, and made us out as the bad guys, which was not even close to what was going on in the book. scalzis book was not bad, but he seems to have petered out after it. hyperion was interesting as a take on chaucers tales.

Beautifully Bookish Bethany says:

This is one of my early videos, but since it has become popular I wanted to clarify that I do realize The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi is the second book in the series. Old Man’s War is the first and is what I describe here. Sorry for the mixup!

Neuro Astro22 says:

Ghost brigades is the 2nd book. The plot you described was from old mans war the first book. *spoilers* The ghost brigades are dead people given a new conscience. The normal soldiers are old people given better bodies.The ghost brigades are the special forces.

Booky Lorra says:

Found your channel through Georgina’s tag video. I have read so much YA lately that I’m looking to get back to my sci-fi roots so this video was so helpful. I’m just about to read Dune and I’m so excited as I’ve heard such amazing things!

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