RECENT READS | Science Fiction (Sci Fi) + Fantasy Books | August 2016

Let’s dive back into the world of sci fi and fantasy books!

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Susan O'Fearna says:

I liked the first two or so of the Kim Harrison books… and agree with you

also Emma Bull and Charles de Lint… mythopoeic GODS

Diannime says:

I am recommending any of Juliet Marillier’s books. She writes historical fantasy. I just recently finished Heart’s Blood which is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a bit of Irish history mixed in. I heard her Sevenwaters series is her best which is a retelling of The Six Swans.

ChaptersWeLove says:

I read The Martian and thought that all the scientific stuff was just too much and boring for me besides that I like the characters I haven’t watched the movie yet that was the reason why I picked the book lol

The Gwendolyn Reading Method says:

Any sci fi or fantasy recommendations for me???

Nada Mostafa says:

The Inheritance Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin (not to be confused with the Inheritance Cycle). The premise is very different, and I absolutely love it.

Shelleen Toland says:

There are 13 books to the Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series. That’s not the series I am going to be finishing lol. I thought it was. Anytime you need to know books in series then I highly recommend

Freakazette says:

I loved the Martian! So funny and clever, genuinely one of my new favorites. I liked Dead Witch Walking but if you were unimpressed I definitely wouldn’t continue with the series. IMO the first book was one of the best and although there are some fun romps in there I found the ending of the series to be intensely disappointing.

If you like ridiculousness I would try Steven Brust’s Cowboy Feng’s Space Bar and Grille though I will tell you that I wasn’t super fond of the ending and basically anything by Douglas Adams though obviously the Hitch Hiker’s Guide is his most famous work.

Shelleen Toland says:

Loved The Martian! I was a little bored with all the math and Science but the rest of the book was awesome! I will be finishing the Kim Harrison books soon.

ZoZo Booklover says:

World War Z!!!! I loved reading this book, but listening to it was an experience I’ve never had before. It was amazing and I will definitely listen to it again =D

ofbooksandtrees says:

great video!
read the martian last year and loved it! I’ve owned the dvd for a little while now, btu still haven’t watched it.. Really should watch it soon!

TheGalacticGrizzly says:

I actually thought all the technical stuff in the Martian was very interesting to read! I love how much research was put into this book and I have a soft spot for science (even though I suck at it), so I didn’t mind those bits at all.

lexiophile says:

Have you read Mercedes Lackey? Her 500 kingdoms series is pretty decent.

CornerTalker says:

I thought WWZ was more psychological, examining how diverse people react to a life-threatening situation – a blind man, a family, an air force pilot, etc.

CornerTalker says:

Try “Ancillary Justice” or “Illusion” by Paula Volsky.

Shannon Ridler says:

I’m glad to hear you enjoyed World War Z, I heard kinda meh things about the book but liked the movie so wasn’t sure if I should go back and read it after the fact. Now I might! Thrilled to hear you enjoyed War of the Oaks, I read it recently and like it – especially The Pooka, why or why don’t we have more characters like him in books? And more interracial couples? Seriously! It was so good. I still can’t decide on if I should read Dead Witch Walking or not, sounds like it might be more serialized story over romance, not sure if that is a pro or a con!

Mummah Bookworm says:

I’m laughing at the fact that the 80’s are considered historical reading now….. seriously I am so old for booktube!!!!

Amber Eats Books says:

I felt the same way while reading The Martian! I was also surprised by how funny it was in parts. I normally don’t laugh out loud while reading but I did with this one.

theolivelady says:

I listened to The Martian – which considering my tendency (for audiobooks) to phase out for minutes at a time, it probably wasn’t the best situation! After your review, I feel like I should read it again, just in print form this time. xD

Quill Café says:

I loved The Martian. I think I found the technical aspects so much easier to get through because I was listening to it on audio. The audio book is _so good._ The film was fairly well adapted – though the stakes weren’t quite as high as the novel – but oh my gosh, the ending. Gah. Why? Why did they think that would be a good idea? Hollywood…

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