RECENT READS | Sci Fi & Fantasy Books | December 2017

All the science fiction and fantasy books I’ve read recently!

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Susan Frances says:

Please add this new book  “A Glimpse Beyond The Aether” to your must read list.  An over populated world that can raise the dead, but it is forbidden (too overcrowded already).  A exception is made when the world’s most important people die in a freak accident.  We now learn what happens when we die.  Only one woman who bridges both worlds can prevent an apocalyptic tragedy, but at what cost!  The ending is awesome.Two more books in the series to follow:  “Breaching the Sentry” and “Pink Reign”Books by Susan Frances   Pegasus publisher

Duncan Powell says:

I can Recommend The Honor Harrington Series by David Weber, Schooled in Magic By Christopher Nuttall, The Bookworm by th same author and The Stork Tower Series by Tony Corden

Tristan Wilkinson says:


Cheeky Cher says:

I’ve missed your videos! Always appreciate your honest feedback – that helps with prioritizing the ridiculously long TBR pile.

1book1review says:

I read Foundation a while ago and can’t remember much tbh, but struggle to remember even the one female…huh, been meaning to continue the series, but you know how that always

Sarah M says:

I really want to read Wool!

Leslie Moise says:

If you like MR fantasy, I recommend Garth Nix Frogkisser! Very fast moving and inventive.

C Jar says:

Read the first 3 of this series and enjoyed, then stopped- Gini Koch’s
Touched by an Alien

safi hari says:

I recomend you Saven an awesome sci fi series by Siobhan Davies.

Books and Things says:

Loved Keturah and Lord Death as well as The Bear and the Nightingale. Obviously Keturah is more bittersweet but no less compelling.

Musicbookoholic says:

If you want to read really dark fiction I will always recommend the Malazan world by Steven Erikson and Ian Esslemont. Start with Gardens Of The Moon. Also Escape from Bythos by Phil Tucker which is the prequel novella to the Chronicles Of The Black Gate series and for Urban Fantasy I recommend Crimes Against Magic by Steven McHugh which is the first book in the Hellequin Chronicles.

Leslie Moise says:

You’re back, you’re back, you’re back!

C Jar says:

Here is a retro recommendation- Robert K. Silverberg’s
Lord Valentine’s Castle: Book One of the Majipoor Cycle

nerdtastic2014 says:

Off to Be the Wizard is on my a
Audible queue to listen to in 2018. It’s read by Luke Daniels, my favorite audiobook narrator!

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