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Xenu says:

Science fiction feels like a genre I should love but either it is not quite there yet or I am missing a lot. Arthur C. Clarke comes to closest to what I look for in the genre. His depictions of humanity in the face of the cosmos feels like a religious experience. “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “The City And The Stars” are wonderful reads. I always want more though when I close one of his novels. Katharine Burdekin is another favorite writer in the genre. “The End Of This Day’s Business” I’ve read thrice. It’s a very thought provoking dystopia. – Of the books you’ve mentioned I’ve only read the first volume of “Saga.” It was just a little too cute and hip for my taste. Not so much a criticism as a matter of personal taste.

zsazsavoom says:

Fun list with a few I need to explore, esp. Binti. Thank you. For me, Ocatavia Butler,Iain Banks Culture Series, and China Mieville rank high. As does “We Who Are About Die”, a short novel from a feminist author of the 70s,Joanna Russ. Incredibly taut and yes, very angry. Hope you run into it sometime,I think you’d appreciate it.

Rachel Tobias says:

I’m a huge Vonnegut fan and have read 11 of his works so far! My recommendations are: Mother night, Bluebeard, and Slaughterhouse-Five of course.

Emily KB says:

I love love LOVE The Day of the Triffids! I’ve also read The Midwich Cuckoos but I didn’t like it as much as The Day of the Triffids. Now I’m not sure which Wyndham to turn to next haha

Sabsile T says:

Which Margaret Atwood novel did you not enjoy? I want to read more of her books (have read The Handmaids Tale obviously), but I’m unsure where to start. Also your make-up is really nice in this video haha

Charlotte vlogs says:

I love the Hunger Games and Day of the Triffids! Day of the Triffids was the first John Wyndham I ever read (thanks to you), and I loved it so, so much. I got The Midwich Cuckoos recently so I’m looking forward to reading that. I think I’m going to get a copy of Binti sometime soon too, all your talking about it has made me very curious, and I did like The Book of Phoenix so I have good hopes for Binti as well. My favourite scifi novel is probably the Martian by Andy Weir, and I have a short story collection by Arthur C Clarke called The Other Side of the Sky that I enjoyed way more than I thought I would.

Janell T says:

There are a few on here I’ve been meaning to get to, thanks for the extra push! Octavia Butler is wonderful of course, but beyond her novels I recently read Bloodchild and Other Stories (a short story collection) and was completely blown away by how creative, thought provoking, and wonderful it was. Other recommendations: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers, 11/22/63 by Stephen King, and Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.

Lauren A says:

will definitely be checking out the stone gods and saga! i started reading leviathan wakes by james s. a. corey recently and i’m really enjoying it so far

Alison Rose says:

I really want to read Only Ever Yours, it sounds so good and right up my alley. A YA sci-fi-ish/dystopian that I really enjoyed but don’t see anyone ever talk about is The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson.

Isabelo3o says:

I’m currently finishing the sci fi novel Kindred by Octavia E. Butler. Definitely going to be one of my favourites!

blood honey says:

Jean, your eyebrows look amazing!! Beautiful. That’s all.

k bal says:

I went through a big ScFi stage in the ’80s. Dune and anything by Issac Azimov, I robot etc are amongst my favourites.

Filipe Heath says:

I was going to read The Handmaids Tale but I watched the first episode and it didn’t interest me enough for that. Hunger Games will forever be a YA favorite! And Only Ever Yours is so good, I need to read more by her.

Scruffy Storms says:

Galapagos sounds great, I must check it out! I love Hitchhiker’s, I saw the TV series as a kid in the early 80s and read all the books as they came out. One of my all time favourites. I love John Wyndham’s books too, my favourite is The Chrysalids which I read for English class at school. It’s a post-apocalyptic book which has some really interesting things to say around language and communication. Definitely recommend it if you haven’t got to that one yet! 🙂

Dane Reads says:

I knew Handmaid’s Tale was going to be on here, it’s still my favourite book of the year 😀

Rebecca Benson says:

I just read the book of the unnamed midwife which was excellent. My favourite (sub) genre is apocalyptic/dystopian and this really rated highly! It won the Philip K Dick award a few years ago.

Örn Leifsson says:

I haven’t read Galapagos by Vonegut but definitely will – I would recommend Voneguts Slaughterhouse Five which is a brilliant kind of Sci Fi Anti War book and then Breakfast Of Champions which is one of my all time favorite books.
My favorite Sci Fi is the Foundation stories and the Robot stories by Asimov and 2001 by Arthur C. Clarke.

Mariana Quesada says:

Hey Jean! These recommendations were amazing, thanks for helping me expand my TBR list. Here are a couple of mine.

-Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. In this one we start following a man who gets kidnapped and when he wakes up he finds his life is not what it was before. The less you know about this book the better, it’s one of my absolute favorites.
– The first fifteen lives of Harry August by Claire North. Each time Harry dies he is born again in his same life. Set in the 1940’s. This one made me ponder a lot on the meaning of life.

Sci-Fi / Dystopian:
-Red Rising, trilogy by Pierce Brown. Vibes of Hunger Games with Game of thrones. Humanity has inhabited new planets, and divided the popularity by castes. We follow Darrow who belongs to the lowest caste trying to find justice messing up with the status quo. I’m currently reading the 2nd one for the first time but I fully recommend them.

-Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. This one has no sci-fi but it’s one of my favorite dystopias. The chapters jump from past to present where we learn a desease was wiped most of humanity unsettling the way we live now. This is one of the most realistic type of dystopias I’ve read and it made me appreciate and not taking for granted our life style.

lauramurphy8989 says:

Have you read Becky Chambers ‘A long way to a small angry planet’? I thought it was great modern sci fi novel – farscape meets firefly.

Phillip Edwin says:

..Couldn’t set Ted Dekker’s Christian dystopian ‘..Circle Series!’ down!! Sensational ‘..Top 10!’ video!!

Ila says:

I love The Day of the Triffids! I took me by surprise from start to finish, and I really loved Wyndham’s style. Galapagos has been sitting on my shelves for ages, I’ll have to pick it up sooner rather than later. If you haven’t read any other Vonnegut, you should definitely read Slaughterhouse-Five. It’s not strictly sci-fi and probably not a light read (it touches on some pretty heavy themes), but it’s strange and darkly funny and thought-provoking.

Dominique D says:

I would have to say my faves lean in more towards the Dystopian end. I absolutely loved Station Eleven by Mandel, and Oryx and Crake by Atwood. Life As We Knew It by Pfeffer was also amazing, and I still think about it from time to time (more apocalyptic, what would happen if the moon got pushed off it’s axis and came closer to the earth?). The Fiona Apple series was fun as well, but less hard hitting. I also thought the Across the Universe trilogy by Revis read like scifi YA candy!

I tried reading Hitchicker’s guide, but unfortunately the humour wasn’t for me. My partner has the Dirk Gently books so maybe I’ll give those a go.
PS I just saw a new feminist graphic novel is coming out, it was posted on CBC’s best Canadian books of the fall, called Woman World by Aminder Dhaliwal! Thought I’d let you know 🙂

Captain Book says:

oh if you liked Saga you’d probably really love The Wicked and the Divine, it’s in a similar vein only more concise 🙂

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