My Top 10 Favorite Fiction Books!

I’m prepping for my talk in Vermont this week, so here’s a fun video about my favorite fiction books.

What are your favorites? And what should I read next?

Links to the books (only a couple; I won’t spoil the whole list!):

HPMoR: is the official site, though I actually recommend checking out xenohedron’s PDFs, which include Daystar’s re-written versions of the first four chapters (the originals are considered by the community to be a bit rough compared to the rest of the story; Daystar’s versions bring the writing up to the standard of later chapters and make the book easier to get into), and are formatted to look very similar to the printed canon Harry Potter books:

Hitchhiker’s Guide, narrated by Douglas Adams – Unfortunately, it seems this is the only way to acquire this version these days:


LittleMsEfinSunshine says:

Fledgling by Octavia Butler is fantastic! I recommend it to everyone!

Vinícius Martins says:

It’s so nice to hear someone talking about hpmor… It’s such an amazing work and more people should know it. The ending was so funny.

Pranjal Goel says:

Hey, what’s up Thomas buddy!

David Marion says:

hey i’d recommend you check out R. Scott bakker. be prepared for a really complicated world. but also amazing character interaction, and world building.

Nathan Wright says:

Read the Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown

Nathan Bickel says:

You may enjoy 1984 by George Orwell

afolabi bisade says:

Is that Ace’s hat from one piece?

Abdullah Adil says:

Ok there is a fan fiction of hp but why is the real one not there??!! Srsly hp is my favourite book

John Drake says:

I don’t know if you’ve read Slaughter House 5, but if you have, it’s gotta’ be on this list, and higher than The Sirens of Titan, as well – at least, that’s what I say. Gonna’ be rude now and recommender two other books that I think should be on this this, The Player of Games by Iain M. Banks, and Neuromancer by William Gibson. Check em’ out, I think you’ll like them.

James Townsend says:

Loved *Neuromancer* by William Gibson.  Doug Adams’ humor is just whacked and I love it.

Tyler H says:

Tom Lloyd, Daniel Abraham and Scott Lynch are essential fantasy authors (D.A. also wrote the Expanse series that ScyFy turned into a tv show.)

Joseph Simmons says:

(You have Ace’s Hat!)

Brian P says:

Berserk is my favorite

Robert Redling says:

Science fiction has had many changes as with our culture and society and interests. I first started reading Sci-fi in the 1950’s which published many pulp mags and a variety of, Space Ranger, hard side, and societal oriented books. I have favorite author’s rather than books. They were authors like Asimov, Clarke, Niven, Delaney, Zelazny, Silverberg, Halderman, LeGuin, Anderson, Herbert, Brunner, Dick, Bester, Blish, Leiber … and others. I think I awaited each new author’s book as we moved on into the 1960′ and 70’s and even 80’s. Many are deceased now. Cyber Punk and fantasy are more seem to be much more in touch with our newest generation. I do like newer authors like:Stephenson, Robinson, Brin, and Scalzi The history of sci-fi is amazing.

Tamoor 622498 says:

Dude you have to read Foundation by Isaac Asimov!

Jerry Graves says:

what is canon? what is MOR? 8:05

Kip Fleming says:

Have you ever read paralandra by C. S. Lewis? It’s the Second book in his space trilogy. One of my all time favorites. It paints many pictures to describe the origin of “sin”. And how Evil is in our world as we know it. It’s a read that requires thought but is so good.

hind megaiz says:

i just ilove the way you talk thank you so much i love u all the best for u

Because Gaming says:

OMG HPMOR YASSSSS, so happy to see someone adding it to their top list

James Townsend says:

Thought Ender’s Shadow better than Game, having read that whole series.

music says:

Based on just loving
HH Guide which I heard as the original radio serial and now on CD, much listened to, The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton is my book of 2017, try it if you can.

Locutus D'Borg says:

The Magus, by John Fowles.

Douglas Maday says:

No big boy books?

Jonathan Prince says:

My recommendation for coming of age, dystopian fantasy is “Vivian Amberville – The Weaver of Odds” by Louise Blackwick.

It’s a new and little known author, but the book has a fanbase of 2-3 million readers.Vivian Amberville is basically a masterpiece of the fantasy genre, in right league with George Martin, J.K.Rowling and Patrick Rothfuss.

Vivian Amberville follows the story of a teenage girl who can manipulate the outcome of events. She can travel between dimensions and ultimately discovers she can reshape reality. The story mainly takes place in two worlds: one is a futuristic failed Great Britain, the other a fantasy realm where thoughts can be shaped into things.

The masterpiece of this work is the multi-layered world the author created, the lifelike characters and the hidden messages in the story. A recommended read for fantasy and sci fi fans!

Gale97 says:

Finally a video of a guy with similar interests suggesting books that sound good and not fantasy novels for feminists about women finding their inner power and overcoming men.

Roger MetalgearSolid says:

i know nothing of this…..

Lesley Molinar says:

I love Mistborn!! One of my favorites
Have you read:
Graceling By Kristen Cashore
Throne of Glass and A Court of Thrones and Roses by Sarah J Maas
Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini
??? Definitely recommend the first 3 but Starcrossed I haven’t read in a while but I remember that I really loved it.

sarah pennington says:

If you like the mistborn trilogy then the six of crows duology is a good one to try. The character dynamics are amazing. I personally think they top what I’ve read of the mistborn trilogy so far. Six characters from different backgrounds are tasked with the impossible heist. The magic system is not as complex, though the worldbuilding is awesome.

Oz Garcia says:

Good presentation and arguments for the books, but it’s not my genre. I can’t give it a thumbs now because you genuinely love these books and I happen not to like them.

Joann Oriol says:

My favorite book ever and I am a big reader is memories of running, excellent.

Ezgi Calis says:

I recently realised it is so hard to recommend something.

Harry James Potter says:

I dont know if Method of Rasionality is being famous in several sites..

The Big Wow Wow says:

Physical books only for me.

rohan kumar says:

hey @Thomas Frank try reading books of R.K Narayan.

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