My Favourite Science Fiction Novels

What the titles says! My favourite Science Fiction of all time.

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Nandi says:

Have your read Octavia E. Butler’s Dawn? It’s first of a trilogy, sci-fi and also postapocalyptic. In spite of it being a very short book, it has many different levels to it. 🙂

Danyell Stoerger says:

Ever read Ender’s Game? Seems like you would enjoy that book. I enjoyed it! There’s a whole trilogy/series behind it but I really enjoyed it as a stand-alone.
Also hell yeah to Hitchhikers guide and Dune. Yessss.

J says:

Do yourself a favor and read the Hyperion Cantos. Especially if you enjoyed neuromancer and dune. It’s sad how little recognition that series gets. All four books are fantastic.

Daddy Dadpants says:

my Dune was one dollar and i bought it when i was homeless and had only one dollar. it was as bad as your and i loved it

trha2222 says:

Good solid choices. I would definitely include all three in my top 30 SF novels.

Enni Kuortti says:

def gonna check out the first two books! i know i should probably read the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, but i haven’t read thay much scifi before, so reading THE scifi book that everyone knows is still nerving to me. Thanks for the recommendations, i love youtubers who talk about books!

Charles Stacy II says:

All three are on my list as well. Since you like Neuralmancer you should try Snow Crash, if you haven’t already.
Currently I’m re-reading A talent for war by Jack McDevitt. I last read it in HS, about 89 or 90. So far It holds up great.
Also since I know you’re in Star Wars have you read any of the novels?

Zombie Girl says:

lol, I was just telling my son that the answer to the greatest question of all time was in that book last night. When he asked me what it was, I told him he’d have to read the book for himself. 😉 Awesome video.

Team Tinfoil says:

will forever be, Ready Player One 🙂

PRSSC12 says:

Nice video Dallas!

Riley J. Dennis says:

just realized I’ve never read Hitchhiker’s guide, but the movie was great 😛 I took a class on science fiction tho and we had to read Dune and it was a struggleeeee for me, I just couldn’t really understand it or get into it 🙁 but my favorite book from that class was The City & The City by China Mieville! the plot was just so fascinating like it starts out as a regular kinda murder mystery but then gets really into this unique science fiction world… idk it’s great. 😀

Retr0Beau says:


Yuri Ingram says:

Dune is also my favourite sci fo, it got me really going, I’m currently reading Hyperion, it’s also great

Stefan Klassen says:

The Forever War is another really good one, and Snow Crash as someone mentioned below.

Kevin Doyle says:

Interesting how many uses there are for a towel (Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy)

Kate Hickey says:

Try out The Diamond Age – steampunk cyberpunk type stuff! 🙂

Glenn Dallas says:

Hitchhiker’s Guide is an all-time favorite for me, absolutely. Have you ever read Snow Crash?

James Townsend says:

The Hitchhiker’s Guide Trilogy–in five novels!  LOL!

Joel V says:

Hey Dallas, do you read any sci-fi fantasy books like David Eddings or Robin Hobb? Definitely recommend both those authors if Game of Thrones is up your alley

jrmwmaic mt says:

I love that you’re making videos again Dallas! Hope VanCity is treating you well <3

James Borman says:

I recommend NOI by D. X. Wynne. It has a unique blend of sci-fi, action/thriller, and supernatural elements. A bit slow in the beginning part of the first chapter, but then it really picks up speed. The end is a bit anti-climactic, but a good ending to a great story. I’m surprised it hasn’t been made into a movie yet.

Glenn Dallas says:

Oh, and if you’re looking for fantasy stuff, Terry Pratchett’s DiscWorld books are the closest thing you’ll find to Douglas Adams in fantasy. They’re outstanding.

Krieghandt says:

If you want to read a book written at the same time as Neuromancer, and covers cyberpunk’s physical side, Walter John Williams ‘Hardwired’ is freaking awesome. And the follow up ‘Voice in the Whirlwind’ has some serious existential questions about cloning. He writes all over the SciFi/Fantasy genres, but his books have never failed me yet.
And he and his wife are really nice ppl.
I quit reading SciFi/Fantasy when I had to wait several months for new books. I found out the hard way, that reading 1+ pages a minute over 15 years, will exhaust the books available 🙁 But I really enjoyed all that reading 🙂

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