#MoveTheNeedle With VS #2 – Comic Book Review + Listen To My New Sci-Fi Story Idea…DISPLACERS

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scantron says:

Maybe have it that all the people who choose to go into a time reservation have their memories altered so they believe they’re actually from that time period, so there’s no real ‘enforcement’ of the rules needed…usually. The story then picks up following a few people for whom the memory wipe didn’t take completely (or wore off). Some of those people are happy with the situation, while others start to cause trouble with their ‘future knowledge’. The story could also follow an agency that has to deal with these troublemakers without breaking immersion for everyone else.

I suggest the memory wipe idea because it would be difficult to avoid accidentally breaking immersion without it. Anyone going in willing would need a *very* detailed knowledge of the time period to avoid accidentally saying or doing something anachronistic. Plus there’s issues with differences in language, customs, non-verbal communication, etc.

gantzrunner says:

Reminds me of Robot jox but without the robots

Soashul Commentreh says:

I like it, but its too clean, less regulation I’d say, more like they have been stripped of non period stuff and dumped in the same place, current year people can go there and blow minds as well as have thir mind blown. current year stuff will have seeped in but the period people wouldn’t really understand it and get it twisted. I’d say
edit, plus then you wouldn’t have to worry too much about accuracy, as they are people from a certain period who have been forever changed by being on the outskirts of modern day.

Dirk-Ulrich Heise says:

Your concept reminds me of the “Time Tunnel” 1960ies TV series, which I loved as a kid. BUT, that show shut down after one season because it got too formulaic. It is too tempting to run the same fish out of water tropes again and again.

Space Duck says:

Dude that sounds really cool. Question though, is it going to be like famous historical people that are “displaced?” (Like Rasputin, Napoleon, Otto von Bismark.) If so, you should add historical people that have “disappeared” mysteriously like Amelia Earhart!

Amy Minty says:

Isn’t Displacers kinda like Rifts?

Unrelated Coma says:

about Displacers – i think youre overlooking an aspect of modern culture. specifically that liberals and SJWs are extremely arrogant and think they are philosophical and moral elites. they are so self assured that they know whats best for everyone that the notion of allowing different morals or perspectives in life is abhorrent to them.

so these period specific reservations would have to be crammed down everyones throat with executive orders and stuff. they would only be allowed to happen after much wailing and gnashing from the liberals trying obstructionist tactics in congress. you can say “well it worked anyway and they got set up” so you can still have a story, but the thing that might bring a lot of narrative tension is how the liberals would constantly seek to undermine the reservations. like radical activist groups getting admitted to the reserves on purpose and then trying to teach everyone modern sensibilities – because liberals always think theyre right.

also you could have an overarching story about modern (to the comic setting) DC politics and lobbyists trying to get the reservations shut down, and maybe the political intrigue of trying to keep them open or underhanded deals that happen surrounding them. or use the modern politicians and the lobbyists as the framing device for each story – “well this happened in wild west reserve, and this other thing happened in medieval reserve, yadda yadda yadda” before showing it happen or afterward to wrap it up.

basically dont neglect everything outside the reserves.

Jaycephus says:

I put this on my pull list, so it’s waiting for me. Been sick, so still haven’t picked it up.

PaterTenebrarum1 says:

Great idea your time reservations…..

James Burdo says:

If the creators of VS do an anthology set in their world, would you want to write for it?

waelse1 says:

Sounds like an interesting setting, maybe have it like Alienation or Roger Rabbit or something where the main characters are cops solving problems that happen.

Nerv ClaX says:

Once again, Zack is getting carried away *world-building* and fails to sell me on a sympathetic protagonist.

Zack, this book needs *perspective.* Nobody can wrap their head around the time-travel, multiple-realities, hodge-podge you’re describing. It sounds fascinating, but ultimately exhausting.

Pick a guy (or girl) and introduce us to this idea *slowly.* Your story needs a main character and focal point for the narrative.

Diwanoo Minfyr says:

I’d say it could work but you’d have to differentiate each period. For instance: you get “sentenced” to 900 AD with Vikings and dysentery. Or, you “vacation” in 1890s Victorian England. You could have a period specific time piece to track you “window” to leave. If you “miss your window”, you’re stuck in the “vacation” era. Had some other ideas but hope that helps. I write as a lot if you need brainstorming help. On the House. Cheers.

V Love-Williams says:

It’s a good idea, but I’d avoid the cliche “black guy goes back and becomes a slave” sort of storylines unless you have a really unique perspective. That sort of plotline is just too predictable as we can assume that he will not like being a slave. With topics like that or “modern feminist goes back”, I feel like it would be better for them to go with the intent on changing things, like starting slave revolts or women’s lib early and discovering for example, that just because there seemed to be “rules” guiding women, they were actually still quite free and had their own ways of exercising power and authority (and felt disgusted by the ideas the modern woman tried to distill in them). With the black guy, it’d be interesting if he was either in Africa and actually got into the business of capturing and/or selling slaves (could be Arab slave trade rather than Atlantic) OR he starts as a regular plantation slave but then is given some power over the other slaves (maybe he’s biracial) and he ends up going along with it and comes face to face with the fact that he became a willing participant in what he had always told himself was the worst crime of humanity.
Whatever you do, I would say the best storylines are going to be those that show real complexities of events, times, and circumstances that we have very narrow and defined views on today. It couldn’t just be “slavery is bad. Here, let me show you.” You also need to put in the legwork to do research on the time periods and life of the people in those days. If you can show accurate, nuanced depictions of past times AND produce characters with compelling stories, it would DEFINITELY be a big hit. The idea is really good.

Jonas Streich says:

Dude. Transmetropolitan already covered variants of this 20 years ago in at least a couple issues. (not literal time travelers, but reservations).

kurumais says:

i’m trade waiting for this

SamGuthrie1977 says:

Why must all comic books nowadays be made into movies? Don’t people like comics anymore? I don’t understand.

Germ Bedro says:

Glad to see you covering more comics 🙂 Image may have some really shitty feminist titles, but it more than makes up for it with comics like these. I follow this series, & I enjoy it. But it’s honestly one of the weaker titles I follow by Image. I love the art, but I have no idea where the story is going and who to really root for..

Have you ever read Kill or be Killed? Its my favourite Image series. Kid tries to kill himself and gets saved by a demon (or does he?) And has to murder bad people to keep himself alive. It’s a really intense read with lots of twists. I look forward to every issue

The Saurus says:

You might be right that no one will romanticize this era, but I have a feeling it will inspire a ton of dystopian fiction.

Robert Mead says:

It’s a good concept overall. You need to develop it some more to see where it goes.

Leopold says:

Hm. I like it.

Nightsever1988 says:

Do more #movetheneedle spotlight videos

Schleicherfreund says:

In your Displayers story, how do they even know from what time the people are?

It’s pretty abstract envisioning all these different people from different times being put into a place that mimicks their time and on top that there are enough people to keep a society working, also this assumes all the people are people who have the professions needed to keep it running (unless the government keeps it running and then we are getting into figuring our who’s paying for all this shit).

Also I don’t see how it follows that living in “their time” would make them “love it” there. Why wouldn’t they love today’s time? Less disease, death, war. Why wouldn’t they be able to integrate?

gao2323 says:

Sounds like “The Village” in macro form.

Derek The Braga Pabon says:

Yes, I bought the first issue; and I bought Bonehead 1&3. The last time I’ve had this much fun reading an Image series was Joe Casey’s Kirby tribute, ‘Godland’. (Btw, the Godland 2nd TPB is called, “Another Sunny Delight.”)

u G o says:

Diversity and comics there is already a thing kinda like that story were the people all get mixed up together from different times, its an anime called drifters, its about people who are taken all over from different eras like a japanese world war 2 pilot ends up in fuedal japan along with an american soldier.

HelmutDoork says:

For Displacers, how would they deal with tech advancement in the areas? Do they execute a Thomas Edison type from the 1880’s reservation?

Robert Flury says:

There was a book within the three or four years that was kinda similar. The dead just started showing up. they weren’t zombies, they just came back like they were before they died with no memory of how it happened. There was a series on TV briefly I think.

Me TooSoon says:

I feel like the idea is too close to Westworld.

It’s also pretty complicated to execute, I think.

PaterTenebrarum1 says:

You can be sure the post war era will one day be romanticized as the „good old days“.

MakDaddi says:

Have both VS books. What if your displacer concept was not voluntary but more like Botany Bay. Temporal prison zones where the stiffer the sentence the more primitive the time period. Temporal wardens, temporal merchants, entertainers and smugglers. crossing time zones. Temporal Zone breakouts, raiders, nuthouses and general mayhem. Just an idea to make it a more dangerous place to be.

Liadara says:

Sounds a bit like a story Idea of mine. Mine had a lot of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures in it though.


The only drawback I see to your idea is the thought of government officials regulating thoughts and actions like keeping people from doing certain martial arts. It just wouldn’t be practical. People who lived in the 1880s either died or progressed to the 1890s and 1900s.

It would be way too hard to keep people locked in a certain period. Just the simpler idea of a border/barrier is way more practical.

So the more interesting part is how people from different eras succeed and fail in certain other periods of time and the effect they have on the world around them.

Tigerging 66 says:

South park did time refugees. God damn goobacks

skrv says:

Goobacks took our jobs!

Robin Falkner-Wedge says:

your idea sounds a bit like a manga / anime called Drifters, just with a lot more people being taken from their normal time and a lot less dragons and elves.

staleezy says:

Would ya put the writer/artist in the description? Props, great channel.

Dracologist says:

about the idea:
why wouldn’t just schmuck with an ill temper would just sneak a gun in and go “im going to mow down all the dusty old fartmongers!” ?

JoeGamer81 says:

Why “it’s your boy, Zack?” I thought your name was Richard.

Anthony J. Manttan says:

Zack your Sci Fi idea sounds like Lego Marvel Superheroes 2.
The mega-city Chronopolis.

Marsupial Gamer says:

Whenever someone gets nostalgic about past eras (pre-1900), I think: 1) Dental hygiene and 2) Penicillin. Nope, wouldn’t want to go there! XD

Great idea, though! I started thinking about the opening scene, which isn’t exactly the way you went with it, where someone from one era accidentally breaks into another era and the ensuing chaos. It also sounds like a GOOD version of The Village, where you think it’s some age in the past, or several different eras in this case, and then it turns out it’s modern day/near future. I think there’s a lot of potential there.

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