I Recommend 5 Sci-Fi (ish) Books

Hello everyone – Today I talk about I recommend a few sci-fi books for your TBR. I hope some of them make it on your TBRs. Have you read any?
Books Discussed
1. The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night by Jen Campbell
2. Packing for Mars by Mary Roach
3. Ex Heroes by Peter Clines
4. The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami
5. The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber
6. Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie
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auntiesash says:

Random question, but is that a balloon dog chew toy beside you? My terrier has one! Most on focus – thanks for a couple new TBR’s!

ArtBooksLife Denise D Cooper says:

I read The strange library, is that a kids book? I remember it being strange as all get out LOL

kasia says:

Hahaha I loved the exasperated Nutella :p

distant_sounds says:

The Book of Strange New Things is my favourite book. I’ve read some fantastic novels over the last few years, but that one stands at the top.

Kathy Trithardt says:

I just got my naked hardback of Jen’s book in the mail last night, and did a little happy dance with it and the proof to the confusion of my roommate.
Packing for Mars (and Mary’s other books) is (are) really amusing; I love her nonfiction style.

Q. Allen says:

I am really curious on The Strange Library. I have always loved science fiction. It has lead me to write my first book, The End Timers. It’s a story about a woman who buys a membership into one of those luxury bunkers. Buy it now on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077JBHL81
Hopefully one day you will be doing a great review on one of my books!

Excelsior Books says:

I haven’t read any of these. They sound good.

SigurSof says:

Happy Thanksgiving Russell <3

curious hmm says:

thanks for the recommendations and the encouragement just to enjoy the people i’ll be with tomorrow…happy thanksgiving russell to you and yours.

su j says:

Happy Thanksgiving Russell – hope you and Dan have a great day with fantastic food.

Patrice Jones says:

I am reading Ancillary Justice in February as a buddy read with Heidi from My Reading Life. It will be my first sci-fi book. I’m so nervous about it.

Jennifer Arnold says:

You reminded me of needing to read The Book of Strange New Things. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving from L.A.!

robert elder says:

Happy Thanksgiving! I can not wait for the stuffing and gravy, candied sweet potato! I am still reading Everything I Never Told You.

Chris Bookish Cauldron says:

Boo to working on Friday! Maybe Friday would be a good day for you to catch a *cough cough* cold. Oh very intriguing picks. I have been meaning to read Ancillary Justice for the longest time. I don’t read much sci fi but one of my fave books of all time is technically a sci fi book, Flowers for Algernon. So maybe I need to branch out more. Lovely recommendations! Happy reading 🙂

Mel's Bookland Adventures says:

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

James Holder says:

Some interesting books I’ll have to look up when I have time.
I read Ancillary Justice a few years ago and didn’t make it past the second chapter. I really did not like it at the time. But, I may change my mind if I ever give it another go. Which I should probably do in the new year.

The Steam Powered Wife says:

Are there any instances or flashbacks where someone loses a young child in Ex-heroes? I want to read it but I don’t like zombies + little kids!

Susan Frances says:

May I suggest ‘A Glimpse Beyond the Aether”?  New Sci Fi / Romance by Susan Frances, published by Pegasus.  It is about a future that has absolute knowledge of what happens to us when we die.  Imagine the implications.

Yesica1993 says:

Some of these I had not read. But I did read The Book of Strange New Things. It was so haunting! I may have to re-read it. I have also wanted to read The Sparrow.

I’m new here and loving your channel.

The Nerd Girl Reads says:

These are some great recs! I’ve have crimson petal and the white on my tbr for ages! Will add the book of strange new things to that too.

MegTheMaven says:

Definitely adding Ex-Heroes and The Book of Strange New Things to my TBR!

Sydney P. says:

Thank you for your suggestions!! May I suggest Sarah King’s Zero series? It’s an amazing sci-fi story with a great plot and catchy characters.

The Steam Powered Wife says:

I’m currently reading The Book of Strange New Things. Loving it!

Cheryl Holsonbake says:

Oooh! Read Ann Leckie’s book! So good!

The Bookish Land says:

I defiantly need to read Jen’s books! Heard so many good things about it. Thanks for the recs!

Getting Hygge With It says:

Love this! I have book of strange new things but haven’t read it yet. Ancillary Justice fell of my radar so I’m super intrigued by that one!

Cami Castle says:

I love it when you do these books you may have missed videos. I missed all of these and they all sound great! Thank you!

Louise AStrongBeliefinWicker says:

I was doing really well avoiding temptation until you got to the Murakami… I’ve never heard that he’d written a children’s book. Oh and my library has a print and audio copy! I’ll have to check it out.

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