How to Write a Killer Book Review in 5 Easy Steps |

Want to write a book review but don’t know where to start? Here is my 5-step process for writing a book review that not only gets the job done, but also stands apart from other books reviews. Download your one-page cheat sheet here: Read the blog post here:

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Heidi Checketts West says:

This helped a lot! I just wrote a review for The Burnout Cure by Charmaine Johnson-Fuller

Jimbe Jamba says:

i didnt watch the lord of the rings. she just spoiled it for me

Nachiket Sunil says:


Dattatreya Chakraborty says:

Very insightful, thank you

Aastha Soni says:

This was very helpful video. Thank you!

RebzAnimations Animations says:

:O wow, you really helped me! My book report was due for 2 weeks, I haven’t read the book tho ;-; even tho its actually due tommorow

Alande D says:

I lykd dis video. It personally just helped me with my English assignment.

bob bob says:

Thanks for doing the intro for me, p.s. im reading lord of the rings

TheLegend27 says:

Thank you for this hellped sooooo much

Emma Higgins says:

Good info. I’m trying to step up my book review game. I always feel that when i write one that its just pointless and dumb. Thanks for the tips. P.s. you have step 3 down twice.

Mohammad Ismail says:

Thx this video helped a lot!

Raeanna Figueroa says:

Thanks for the info

Nelson Quest says:

really helpful – thanks Yaasha :)!

Kanwar Anand says:

If I give a book a good rating, I don’t like talking about what I didn’t like about it at all. Because people have so many books to read that they are looking for excuses to skip one. For example, there is a book by Gregory David Roberts called MOUNTAIN SHADOW. It has some 100 pages on philosophy which is not everyones cup of tea but I downplayed this because the book didn’t receive many positive reviews and people disliked it because they compared it with his other book. Also – it takes away from the books greatness.

I Dontknow says:


Owen Hughes says:

thank you for the help
have to do a school project

Marlene Ringler says:

Well done! Comments are helpful and applicable to many books. Thanks for sharing!

Hashem Badran says:

Thanks for your help. It is very clear, useful and informative.

shiphrahfepuleai says:

Thank you! I haven’t written an academic book report in years, like nearly 7, and enjoyed your content and presentation! I also like your name!

Ritika Mishra says:

Very informative!

Nathaniel M says:

Thanks for the ideas Yaasha!

Emmanuel Kawit says:

thank you! for this 🙂 i am going to write a blog and I am gonna follow your format of doing a book review. 🙂

hafza ishaq says:


Brina Perc says:

hi i’m in grade 9 and i have to write a book review for my english class and this video saved my ass, thx for that! one question though. when you said graphic content you mentioned sex, violence and bad language. my question is should i include that the boy in my book got raped?

Mishellyloves Books says:

Your video was so helpful!!! Thank you I was surprised to be asked to do a review today and I had never had to do a formal review before.

YourBoy Yasin Vlog's says:

Thank You Soo Much
I have my yearly exams 2 day wish me good luck

Jon C. says:

This helped me so much with my summer assignment. Thank you so so much!!!!!

nayaab khan says:

I’ve been searching for this and I got it.Amazing tips,I am surely gonna follow them.Thank you.

vivian oguzie says:

Subscribed!! Thanks for these useful tips am preparing for my first book review.

Nadav Egosi says:

It took me a while to find a good book reveiw

Alka Gaikwad says:

Thank you so much it helped me a lot fpr writing a review

Sacha Harlan says:

I’m trying to use this to write a review on a circus show. I loved the show but can’t figure out how to write a decent review on it.

DB_BALLOUT 23 says:

Can u help me i got a book review due in 2 days and i havent even started bc i dont really like the book

Martín Manchego says:

Thanks! I read “every good endeavor” from Tim Keller. Thank you so much for this video. “Subscribed”

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