”Foundation’ by Isaac Asimov │Book Review

My first Book review on the channel. Isaac Asimov’s book “Foundation” is the first of his Foundation series of books. It was written in the 1940s and has been a big influence on many of the Science Fiction creators of the 20th century.

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Styles says:

wow today he is gonna be *revealing* *THIS* a *BOOK*

MyAdultLife says:

sounds intresting but I’m a character driven type of person 🙂
Also I’ll be up for another doctor who book… hint hint…

Jochen Schütz says:

I think before you read the prequel books and sequel books, which were written in the 80s I think, you should maybe read a few of the robot series, especially Caves of Steel and The naked sun, as he started to incorporate the robot series into the foundation series in his later works. A few things will definitely be clearer and perhaps even more enjoyable if you have knowledge of those first. They are also on the shorter side anyway and basically crime/detective stories with robots and future societies, so you might get through them relatively quickly. I recently went through all 14 or so books of Foundation and had a blast.

Daneelro says:

Boy, you are in for a ride with the second two books of the original Trilogy; they won’t head where you expect them to! Also, you’ll get your female characters, in fact, two very notable ones (especially for the period they were written in).

Even before Foundation, Asimov created his most enduring character, robot psychologist Susan Calvin (see I, Robot). Though he truly did her (and women) justice only in 1969, with the Susan Calvin short story “Female Intuition” (which starts out with a bunch of male stereotypes about women from his time, only to be demolished in the last few sentences of the story).

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