Favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy | Top 5 Wednesday & #BooktubeSFF Babbles

In which I discuss my favorite science fiction and fantasy books…

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Last Juliet says:

hey Sam , would you please tell me what you always looking in character development and the world building , specifically

Tiffany Allen says:

A favorite right now is A Darker Shade of Magic by V E Schwab! I’m also reading the Raven Cycle ! Loving both ❤️️

The Viewing List says:

I learned about a lot of new fantasy books from ur vid. Thank u!

Bookish Queen says:

I love your personality so I had to subscribe, I want to read the grisha trilogy so I will be purchasing.

Sierra Vacha says:

this is random by i love your voice. it’s so nice to listen to!

Samantha P says:


AStitchInTime says:

Not a big sci Fi fan but I enjoy Starlight and Starfall by Melissa Landers.Does urban fantasy count?

nerdtastic2014 says:

I love The Magicians TV show so much that I’m nervous to read the books in fear of how different they are.
I really want to read ALL the fantasy and scifi books this year!
One of my favorite fantasy series is The Iron Butterfly trilogy by Chanda Hahn! Very underrated but amazing! I think These Broken Stars is still my favorite scifi book. I also enjoyed Avalon by Mindee Arnett.

nan oo says:

Hey, I really recommend you finish the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy!! The other two books are soooo heartbreaking and beautiful that I enjoyed them more than the first book. 🙂

Lexy Luna says:

Have you read Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss?

Mari Martini says:

Ok, I have a book recommendation for you!

mechanique: a tale of the circus tresaulti by genevieve valentine

It’s just…. this book….. THIS BOOK!!!!!!

It’s sooooooooo good (my favorite book of all time), and I feel like you’re would like it!

You don’t need to know much about it (I think it’s best if you don’t, and just learn what’s going on as the story is told – that’s how I read it)

Sorry for my English (not my first language). But really…. its an amazing book, and no one seems to know about it…

GREAT BOOK! Read it! You will love it!

Monica Hay says:

Does the Grisha Trilogy get better? I loved the first book but the second really didn’t do it for me :/ also I recently read Kiss of Deception and I liked the writing… but i wasn’t super in love with it. Does that get better too?

Brekke El says:

“classic YA” – I totally get that for the Old Kingdom series. I *loved* it and still go back and re-read it. It’s audiobooks are fab – Tim Curry reads the original 3! I think of them as the gold standard of what YA can do – especially with world building.

BookishKhaleesi says:

Thanks for all the recs! You sold me on TLOLL because my favorite story element is found family. Recently I finished the Red Rising trilogy and it has that + resistance/rebellion and awesome characters and I’ve had the WORST book hangover. I haven’t been able to get into anything since. So maybe I’ll give TLOLL to get me out of it. 🙂

Wizardace says:

Hey Sam, I posted a comment on your carve the mark video, and I was sort of negative and I shouldn’t have been. After reading it again, I felt bad because it didn’t come across the way I intended to. Anyways, I’m sorry your awesome and you didn’t deserve criticism for speaking your mind. Love your videos because you give good recommendations. So i’m just going to post positive comments from now on.

Marie A says:

Top 5 haha ! 🙂

I would go with a great (like : GREAT) French series that US publishers should go buy and translate : La Passe-Miroir, by Christelle Dabos, my all-time favorite so far. Then : Six of Crows, The Shades of Magic Trilogy, The Book of Lost Things, The Neverending Story <3

How would you say Brandon Sanderson's books are in terms of writing and language? Would you say someone whose mother tongue is not English could read it?

sablebeauty says:

The Naomi Novik book, is it three books in one volume? Trying to find it on goodreads.

Anna Lammi says:

*Finally* someone talks about Temeraire! 🙂 This is the first time I hear about it in a video so thanks ALOT 😉 I have the whole series (9 books) and I like it very much

Hannah says:

A year ago I would had placed throne of glass high on that list, now I’m not so sure anymore :/

Jada Vidinha says:

Oh my goodness I love your Garrus funko pop!

HardbackHaven says:

Ahhh I need to take notes I think. So many intriguing series! I’m bumping Mistborn up on my TBR – a heist, bridge from ya to adult fantasy?!? I’m so in!

Amber T says:

AHHH! Graceling was my first fantasy too!! It’s so good! I couldn’t get into the last two :/ but that was a few years ago maybe I should try again!

Arya Safira says:

Have you ever tried The Inheritance by Christopher Paolini? 🙂

I personally loved the first book (Eragon), but the last one (The Inheritance) was rushed and I didn’t like it. It was sort of boring for me 🙁 I was 17 when I read the first book, and 23 when I finished the last book. That may be why I didn’t like the last one 😛

Katja Baladad says:

We have almost the exact same taste! I also love how you’re so succinct. Subscribed!

anipad skydala says:

subscribed the instant you talked about the Graceling series. First read it when I was maybe 12 and have reread it like 50 times since. I don’t really hear a lot of people talking about it so I tend to trust the few that do

Megan Koenen says:

great recommendations for a genre I totally want to read more of! Thanks!! 🙂

SFF180 says:

_The Night Circus_ is definitely one of those rare “lives up to the hype” books. And who thinks the magic in _Uprooted_ doesn’t have rules? LOL. One whole point of the story is that the mage character is _too_ rules-bound and academic about magic, and the heroine has her own intuitive kind of all-natural Coachella hippie chick way of accessing magic that he doesn’t understand. It’s about breaking the rules!

Bedtime Bookworm says:

100% agree about DoSaB!! So glad you enjoyed it. I loved the whole series!

Karina Kessler says:

I adore all of these books! They are all at the top of my list and the ones I haven’t read yet are at the top of my tbr! The only other books I would add are The Kiss of Deception, Narnia, and my all time fav, Lord of the Rings!

Benjamin Bufton says:

Fantasy: The name of the wind, witches of Eileanan series, juliet marilliers books…

Nethmini Gun says:

Have you read the Cahill Witch Chronicles??

The Inked Path says:

How are you Sam? I hope you had a great week.
I feel very bad because I only read 5 books of the ones you mention…Watching your videos is very good (or very bad, depending on how you look at it) for my wishlist, hehe.
I am not a fan of sci-fi (and I read Illuminae but I didn’t like it as much as other people. It was good, but not that big for me…please, don’t get mad) Which Sci-Fi book would you recommend me to try the genre again?
I haven´t read Grisha either… Gosh, I need a library full of your recommendations!

I love your videos. You are so close and enthusiastic.

Lots of love from Spain!

Sandra Nicander says:

I’m so glad you picked more than 5!! There are so many amazing ones out there. Good list, as always

Meredith Billington says:

I loved Wicked because I got to learn more about the Wicked Witch of the West. I had always wanted to learn more about her. I actually felt for her because of all the misfortunes that she suffered. All she was trying to do was help people, but because of her differences people never really understood her. I am going to be checking out the rest of the books that you mentioned. I need to read Wicked again because it’s been a few years since my last reading of it.

Maya Francesca says:

Abhorsen!!! I love that series to death (lol) and had no idea you liked it so much! I also love Garth Nix so much for dealing with “difficult” topics re: mental health in a day that wasn’t very common for books intended for a younger audience, especially in fantasy.

le sigh says:

The Girl of Fire and Thorns definitely doesn’t receive enough love! It’s soooooo good! Oh and The Graceling is so amazing. I just want to hug that book. lol

zoereads1125 says:

Have you read the raven cycle? Sorry if you have I don’t remember, if you haven’t though I 100% recommend! I’m sure you hear this all the time from other people it’s a great series

guibarta says:

what is the name of the first series of book? i can’t understand..

Spiritbro77 says:

Reading Uprooted right now. Love this book. Sci-fi favorites would include just about anything by Bradbury, Asimov, and Stephen Baxter in more recent years. Manifold Time and Manifold Space are great as well as Titan and Moonseed. The book of the New Sun and The book of the Long Sun by Gene Wolfe are epic and beautiful.

PsYcHoTiCcReAtIoNs says:

thank you so much for mentioning the assassin’s curse!! I love those books so much. Idon’t know anyone who has read that book or have seen any of the booktubers that I follow ever talk about them. ugh just thank you, oh and love your videos!

Tink Beadle says:

literallly adding all of these to a wish list XD D: ahhh so many series! So happy you made this video though and that you did more than five 😀 !!!

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