Fantasy & Science Fiction mixed PROPERLY! Science Fantasy | “Darkover” | Novel Series Review

All this talk about Elder Scrolls Lore, and Michael Kirkbride’s C0DA had me thinking about Science Fantasy and how one properly implements science fiction elements into a fantasy world or fantasy elements into a science fiction world. Unlike much fanfiction on the internet, the Darkover series of novels really hits that out of the park and does it properly, introducing us to a Science Fantasy world done right. The series starts off as Science Fiction and then becomes Fantasy in the Middle, before reintroducing Science Fiction to solidify itself as Science Fantasy all in one cohesive world.

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sKyWIperzzz says:

Wheel of time melds the two genres to an extent

Aedyn Poole says:

Star Wars: “Hey, let’s put Fantasy into Sci-fi!”
Elder Scrolls: “Hey, let’s put Sci-fi into Fantasy!”

Spacefrisian says:

Gloryhammer, Fantasy and Sci-fi mixed properly as got metallaser dragons and Astral Dwarves with crystal laser battle axe. Its not a book, not a game, not a movie, they are the epic tale sung on 2 music albums.

Nessie Andrew says:

I really like your new hair!

Alexander Birkett says:

Personally, my favorite Science-Fantasy thing is probably ShadowRun.

YASH says:

i really love science-fantasy fiction. does anyone know any other good examples; it can be novels, anime/manga, series/films, video games…

TheHermit says:

I’ve always hated how people have referred to Dwemer automatrons as ‘robots’ that supposedly have ‘errors’ when hit and ‘process’ information like a computer. I’ve always seen them, and I think I’d be in-line with the lore here, that automatrons are no more mechanically advanced than real world steam engines, but have a soul gem inside that effectively give them ‘AI’. It’s probably a lesser soul gem filled with the soul of a dog or troll and this is basically the ‘mind’ of these automatrons. It’s more mystical than anything else and doesn’t really emulate anything in the real world today.

*EDIT* lore, not law :’D

christian908 says:

Just as a I need to pick a series of books to read for AP lang, you couldn’t of made this at a better tine. Thanks man.

EyeOfEld says:

I started with the Free Amazons book that had Thendara House and another novel in it. Bit disappointed you didn’t talk about the Free Amazons, the handling of sexism in both Darkover and Terran societies, or the rampant homosexuality, but admittedly those aren’t really relevant to your main point

jake Me says:

I will definitely have to read it

sounds like something I’d love

jake Me says:

I will definitely have to read it

sounds like something I’d love

Noble_ A says:

“The Warlock in spite of himself”. That is all.

Ellis Farrow says:

I’ve actually begun writing my own science fantasy book series. Gonna take many years to complete it fully and hopefully if it’s good, it will be a hit.

RoboticUprising says:

Have you tried Piers Anthony’s series The Apprentice Adept? It’s pretty good and combines sci-fi with fantasy

Pocari Suit says:

Ever read Book of the New Sun, Zaric?

Cryptosporidium 137 says:

Star wars?

Luke Price says:

CODA makes my lore senses tingle, I want to form an Imperial Commasariat to purge the kirkbride cucks.

Dan L says:

What’s a “book”?

Space Woof says:

That last bit sounds Warhammer 40k as hell.

M Hachicho says:

Awesome thanks.

slothkingn1 says:

Fuck this seems really fucking cool.

Avrysatos says:

Darkover books were great. I used to have them all in original paper back. Landfall is quite possibly the worst of them.

See I’d toss people in around the whole hastur sharra stuff. I don’t remember the order of the book titles but this is when they have some science fiction elements.

It’s a pity Marion Zimmer Bradley was apparently a horrible person.

If you want something along the lines of people and culture based science fiction type stuff I can certainly recommend half a dozen authors. Some people may never have heard of.

Simon Boudreault says:

Whats the order you suggest to read those books ?

The Gunslinger says:


Hoonter of hoonters says:

The Infinity blade series had 3 mobile games and a book which mixed Sci-Fi and fantasy. The idea is that what appears to be magical on the surface is actually advanced technology. In the first game you’re told that every generation one man goes to a tryant’s castle and attempts to kill him as the only tolerated act of defiance against him. Every time he fails, but you as the player keep all of the gear so that eventually you succeed and behind his throne you see what are clearly computers. Up until that point there were a few weapons that looked out of place and even the cleaver from gears of war but you would take it as a joke.

K22 N34_Dingowarrior says:

With the way disclosure is ramping up, within the next 3 -10 years, this will be considered more a documentary then science fiction. Just change the word ‘Magic’ to ‘Quantum Physics’ then one starts to see some Startling connections.

Wy Kay says:

Ah, I was looking for a good read. Thx.

Armour King says:

It sounds better than Kirkbride’s FanFic 😉

Liquor Fan says:

Are you familiar with the videogame Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura?
It merges magic/fantasy with steampunk/Victorian era technology. Sadly it never saw a sequel, but it’s a must play for any RPG fan IMO.

Hugo Ramirez says:

It’s a shame that almost none of this series of books is translated to spanish, my main language.

Up8Y says:

Man, that cover art is amazing.

adam wickens says:

Some of George R.R. Martin’s early work is excellent science-fantasy, thanks to many colonized worlds having medieval levels of technology. Check out ‘Tuf Voyaging’, ‘In the House of the Worm’, and ‘A Song for Lya’ for a good start.

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