Here is the ambitious list of fantasy books/series I want to read this year!
Have you read any of these? Let me know what you thought of them!

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The books I mentioned:
-The Name of The Wind:

-The Wise Mans Fear:

-The Black Prism (Lightbringer series):

-The Way of Shadows (Night Angel Trilogy):

-The Lies of Locke Lamora:


-Throne of Glass:

-The Last Wish:

-The Queen of The Tearling:–Volume-1/9780062290366/?a_aid=CapturredinWords

-Homeland (Legend of Drizzt series):–Salvatore/9780786939534?ref=grid-view/?a_aid=CapturredinWords

-The Eye of The World (Wheel of Time):

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Megan's Reading and Writing Revelations says:

The Gentlemen Bastards is my favorite series of all time :)))
But all the series you mentioned are great.

Omar Garza says:

Great collection, dude! Good choices to make bigger my personal library..

The hound says:

Mistborne also very good

Amber Rogue says:

I highly suggest the Welcome to Night Vale Novel, and it’s follow up (but not sequel) It Devours!
Both of these are written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor

alice cai says:

You should read the ranger’s apprentice series.

Jeff Neumann says:

The legend of Drizzt are fun reads. They get a lot of hate for being overrated. Not sure I agree but hey,

Maikel Peters says:

i read the second book over 5 day’s during a work week and a worked as a waiter:p

Gerald Minzey says:

Malazan book of the fallen series by steven erikson is my all time favorite

Matt Nguyen says:

I wouldn’t recommend the kingkiller series. It’s been years and the final book is nowhere in sight.

Cami Castle says:

The Wheel of Time series scares me because it’s so huge!


The emperor’s blades is a great book!!! Highly recommend the unhewn chronicle

Roland Greco says:

One of the most epic mugs I’ve seen

The hound says:

King killer chronicle , love it

Alex Beddoe says:

I’m a bit late to this video but have you read the faithful and fallen series by John Gwynne? Judging by the books in this video I think you’d really like them!:)

Fantasy Tale says:

I have read almost 100 fantasy series which include this video mentions
fantasy series.I am glad to know you like Drizzt series. Drizzt series is my all-time fantasy favorite series.

Fiction Fanatic says:

Have you read the Demon Cycle series by Peter V Brett? (The painted man book1) 5 book series plus 2 novellas, absolutely fantastic series.. definitely up there with Name of the wind and Lies of Locke Lamora series

Thick Irony says:

The kingkiller chronicles is probably one of my all time series. Lies of Locke Lemura was really good. But no one is mentioning Mageborn.. Truly amazing FINISHED series.

kjh311 says:

Living Ship series by Robin Hobb is cool. The Way of Kings by Brandon sanderson as well

Jessica Haley says:

I’ve read wheel of Time already. If you haven’t gotten to it yet do. It’s a great series. Don’t forget the prequal book New Spring. 😉

Jonathan Prince says:

My recommendation for coming of age, dystopian fantasy is “Vivian Amberville – The Weaver of Odds” by Louise Blackwick.

It’s a new and little known author, but the book has a fanbase of 2-3 million readers.Vivian Amberville is basically a masterpiece of the fantasy genre, in right league with George Martin, J.K.Rowling and Patrick Rothfuss.

Vivian Amberville follows the story of a teenage girl who can manipulate the outcome of events. She can travel between dimensions and ultimately discovers she can reshape reality. The story mainly takes place in two worlds: one is a futuristic failed Great Britain, the other a fantasy realm where thoughts can be shaped into things.

The masterpiece of this work is the multi-layered world the author created, the lifelike characters and the hidden messages in the story. A recommended read for fantasy and sci fi fans!

Aaron Smith says:

Have you already read A Song of Ice and Fire?

Anna Świąder says:

The Last Wish and The Sword of Destiny are short stories, then you have 5 books in the series. It’s amazing!!!

LordLazaruss says:

Hey. First some recommendations – Dresden Files (Wizard/Detective from today’s Chicago), and Kate Daniels Magic series, about a girl mercenary from a world destroyed by a magical apocalypse.
Next, i will give my oppinion on some of the books you’ve mentioned :
Name of the wind and The Wise man’s fear are my all-time favorite books. Good choice.
The first two books in the witcher series are a collection of short stories, but the rest aren’t. I read them all and they were ok, though not that special.
Wheel of time is my third-favorite book series so far, but many people dislike it. Just to give you a warning.
I liked the first book of the Way Of Shadows, but the second one made me lose interest in the series.
Lies of Lock Lamora is cool, though too intense for my taste.
As for Mistborn, i liked it up to the end of the second book. I didn’t like the ending of book two and the whole third book, so i stopped reading it.

Neil Walker says:

Have you tried any David Gemmell books? He’s a popular heroric fantasy author in the UK with a Fantasy awards ceremony named after him.
His Drenai books are action packed and can be read as standalone.
Best to read Legend then Waylander 1 and 2 plus many more.
Google him.

Clubberchops Bobbadon says:

Have you read Kandor The Warrior? A new fantasy novel by Leo.

John Toulantas says:

Read Scott Lynch Dude. A great read. Give up on Patrick Rothfuss, another Harry Potter character who can’t be beaten and falls in love with every woman he bumps in to – yawn.

coleen rafael says:

You look like draco malfoy lols;),hahaha where did u put harry ? Im slytherin house too hahaha;)

Viserion says:

I recommend Riyria Revelations

Tyler Hudson says:

Im wanting to read more high fantasy! I have yet to read most of these on this list even though I want to so bad. But Throne of Glass is phenomenal to me. It’s currently my favorite series but also her A Court of Thorns and Roses series is amazing too. Push through!

Jesse Sharp says:

I read the first book in the Night Angel trilogy, but I couldn’t really enjoy it past the first one. The story just seemed done for me by the end of it. The Lightbringer books on the other hand I find much better. The characters are more interesting and fleshed out, the world is a lot more well built and it doesn’t have the insane power creep I hated about the night angel trilogy. I can’t recommend it enough. My fiance and I are both reading them together and we find it interesting how we’re both drawn to different characters as the focal point of the story, Kip for me, and Gavin for her. I hope you got around to it, and thanks for the recommendations on the books I haven’t read. Ciao

Sophie's Media Magic says:

My books are a metaphysical teen fantasy series. Please subscribe to my channel and check out first two books on Amazon!

Joshua Johnson says:

What are your thoughts on the Xanth series?

Donald Joyce says:

i couldn’t finish throne of glass. i came across a goodreads review of that book that kept referring to the protagonist as cinderbrat.. very funny IMO. that same reviewer said something along the lines of the throne of glass attempted to do the same thing as Poison Study and failed. i read poison study and it was fantastic.

Tim Kilborn says:

The legend if Drizzt is amazing with a whopping 33 books I’ve read all of them and loved every single one. I would recommend the war of the spider queen its six books, one story, 6 authors great read. Also anything by terry pratchett

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