Dune by Frank Herbert | Book Review

5 stars to this classic sci-fi novel! New favorite.

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MonolithMike says:

Excellent synopsis, perfect pronunciation. I would recommend the Lynch film.

Семён Семёнов says:

Coherent girl. Unusual psychic aspect for woman.

Patrick Ilmoni says:

That was a very good review done by a intelligent young woman. I am sure that the images in your head will certainly be better than anything seen in the movie. For all those seriously interested in Dune please do read the book before watchin the movie. Which is a different story altogether.

Beliaz says:

My review of Dune: 10/10. Read it. Job’s done.

Muslims 4 Flat Earth says:

Herbert heavy plagiarized, sorry drew inspiration from Islam. With his desert planet and messiah on even sames. Like Usul and Fedayin and other stuff.

Sheng Hu says:

Dune 2 the game introduced me to Duniverse.

TheMilitantNerd says:

Great review for a Great Book

Gary Moore says:

Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson’s books are good too!

octopibingo says:

I gave it 100 pages. Still wasn’t interesting. Unbelievably, the movie was worse.

jamie says:

so the 6th & 7th books written by the son, it wrapped up the saga nicely?

kyoonotenki says:

You may like the fifth book in the series. It’s a bit slow to build-up, but the last few chapters are replete with action.

Milton Jackson says:

Overall a good review, but the soft monotone is distracting and almost robotic.

George Simpson says:

She has Fremen eyes! She has been taught the Weirding way.

RobotShlomo says:

Five out of five? You’re far too generous. I got two hundred fifty pages in, and I said “This is SHIT!!”, and put it down.

Chris Hubley says:

I don’t understand how people think the characters in this book are good, they basically all have their given roles and have no desire or motivation beyond that

Mattias Lundin says:

I’m the biggest Dune nerd ever <3

Duke Kenner says:

Hated it. Definitely not for everyone.


I hope you never saw the movie. That thing is a mess

bunetoff says:

I didn’t know non ugly girls read books.

DereMemo says:

I don’t like the things which include religions.

eskimocheese says:


this book was well worth the read just for the wry ending, and how that makes you look back at the whole book.
that aside, it can get a bit dry – lol

David Thompson says:

I have learned one thing from your review. I absolutely love you. You are so beautiful and intelligent. Your countenance and disposition are no less than angelic. I have read his works religiously for years, particularly each Dune novel. I can only compair his saga to the nonfiction work of Malcolm Gladwell, Blink, because the wise reader takes something with his/herself when you see the true message given. You become greater than you were before. “Some weapons you hold in the hand. Others you can only hold in the head.” Sometimes I think that he wrote each Dune book specifically because he knew that eventually someone like me would manifest the profound changes he desired in the reader (small example: Desian loyalty. I would die for you and not ask the same in return.. But it’s so much more than that one thing). I will make great changes to this world, for the betterment of all life, and it’s greatly due to Herbert. One small point; as to Herbert and Gladwell’s Blink, these are books I would not want my enemies to read. Love, Herbert would say, is a hydraulic despotism dependency infrastructure. Marry me. I really do love you.

Marshall Rines says:

I love your review and thoughts on this book, you like villains more Grey. So love that. “Sometimes the world doesn’t need a Hero”, “Sometimes it needs a Monster :):):). A lot of people seem to not really get the religious connection to the first few books. I mean the Sisterhood created their own Messiah. When you truly think about that, creating a second Jesus and the emotional and mental anguish he goes through in the next book or two because of it and being trapped by it. Its just gets crazy deep. I mean he has abilities most would dream of, But your heart just weeps for him. Best book ever !!!!!!!!!!! I’ve read them many times and every time I find something new.

Gamma Sharma says:

Love the voice

LockSteady says:

You’re too young and dumb to do book reviews.

Zen Boii says:

Are we just going to ignore how freaking beautiful she is…? Not my favourite book but I still think it’s a good read.

BronzDano says:

Awesome review. I highly recommend ‘revelation space’ from Alastair Reynolds. I’d love to see a review on ANY of his books. RS is a great place to start. Based off this review, I think you will really enjoy his writing.

Paul 1970 says:

Very nice review. Herbert’s prose is indeed very “visual.”

NicholasDu4 says:

Do you live in Portland by freak chance?

Vad Wanuu says:

The Lynch film and the SciFi mini-series both sucked.

Adriano Gonçalves says:

Why are there 2 books for dune #1? There is one with about 600 pages and that one with 894, is there more content on that one?

vegetac4 says:

i am a huge fan of the book series. the mini series made by the scifi channel is very well adapted. it is about 80-85 % of the book.

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