DUNE #BookReview

Let’s take a look at a real classic of the Sci-fi world. Perhaps the most famous science fiction novel ever. But will I like it?

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JBE says:

to understand the logic behind the dune series you should read it in chronological order. That book is number 18 on 31!!!!
Here is a link to an article that explains it well: http://www.howtoread.me/dune-reading-order/.
Or just read the 3 prequel book series :
1 The Butlerian Jihad
2 The Machine Crusade
3 The Battle of Corrin
For world-building: it’s been built throughout all the series books. The Bene Gesserit are a result of book 3…

Israel Sánchez says:

Dude, just say that you like Twilight and get over with it!!

Ernest Schultz says:

Terrible review. You seem like you’re on drugs.

cubsfan 154e56544 says:

The cursed child or fifty shades of grey

Carey Pridgeon says:

I love Dune, but I can’t disagree with your comments. I just happen to like that sort of book, if it’s well written. The use of Third Person Omniscient throughout really makes the book. No other author has done it so well. These days I prefer the Audible full cast version, because the printed version is, as you say, somewhat hard to read in places. I’ve got a first a first edition though, don’t touch it, it’s on my shelf, for being impressive only.

Risa Fey says:

This makes me wonder why, when I said I wrote fantasy, why people asked if I read Dune? And then got surprised when I said I didn’t xD Didn’t even know it’s sci-fi

Andrew Gosnell says:

Martin has the best world building? YOU DARE BLASPHEME THE NAME OF TOLKIEN??!!

Kidding, I liked the video. But, seriously man, George never invented a language.

Henry Ferdo says:

You should read Grasshopper Jungle By Andrew Smith. I read the book and it was quality.

Frylund says:

Hey Travis, thanks for publishing these made for Patreon book reviews. I hope you are writing something new for us to read in the meantime.

Dianne B. Dee says:

Dune is pure science fiction. What I loved about the book is the political aspect of it. The politics of Dune is way better than anything GRRM could ever write. I read the book back a way and having read Mary Shelley’s “Lodore” and “The Last Man” you get used to the talkiness of a story. I personally felt Paul Atreides (a-tre-deys) was a Christ like figure. His mother Jessica was a Mother Mary. To a degree Duke Leto was either Joseph or God to a degree. That is why Paul could do the things you said felt like a Gary Sue. If Christ could walk on water, Paul could navigate a sand storm. As for the hypennating you mentioned, that’s part of the Bene Gesserit (benay jes-serit) voice technique. More here: http://dune.wikia.com/wiki/Voice .

BoldnessofSouls says:


Seb Bishoff says:

Have you read American psycho

BionicBinary says:

Dune is great, I think I would have slogged through it though if I had read the physical book, as it is I listened to the audio book and that may have enhanced my enjoyment of it. If your going to keep riding this gravy train of books you dont normally read I’d suggest Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. It’s my favorite book and I try and re-read it once a year. Though my personal belief is that if your not enjoying a book 50 to 100 pages in, eh, dont bother reading the rest. you can’t force yourself to like it, and there is so much out there that you could be reading and enjoying much more.


Have you read Félix J. Palma’s Victorian Trilogy: The Map of Time, The Map of the Sky, The Map of Chaos?

Amanda Lewis says:

This makes me really miss your Patreon. Hope you are doing awesome!

cindaflame says:

For me Dune was the first book I bought for my Kindle. It is a book that I would take with me if I was abandoned on a desert island. It influenced the way I write. I LOVED it. I read it in High School and it made a huge impression on me. Dune and Watership down are MUSTS for me. Those are on my Keeper shelves.

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