Company Town by Madeline Ashby | Book Review and Sci-fi Extremes.

Company Town blew me away and kicked off a bit of a sci-fi jag that explored the two extremes of sci-fi writing. Also an unexpected fan encounter in the wild!

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Company Town –
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The Bibliotherapist says:

A Closed and Common Orbit only follows one of the main characters from The Long Way, I personally didn’t like it very much in comparison to the first book.

Theodor Morris says:

My 7-year-old has a reading log he must fill out every week, and we literally read every book in the house within his range. I took him to a used book store with me and let him choose whatever he wanted. He picked Goosebumps Stay Out of the Basement. I remember these from my childhood and when he finished it he got hooked. He’s on his 13th book now, and definitely ahead in his class when it comes to reading. Any thoughts on RL Stine?

cryingaboutbooks says:

I have to read this now!

Knowledge Lost says:

Bigalbooks has such a great channel, I’m glad to see you shouting her out.

I S A B E L L E F L Y N N says:

Oh I’m loving American Gods so far! Though, weird observation, in a world where I’m used to seeing inexplicably naked ladies on the TV every five minutes, the penis to boob ratio in the episodes so far makes an interesting change. I mean, I’d be completely content seeing none of either, but the reverse of the norm feels weirdly refreshing.

You’ve totally sold me on Company Town, I’m getting really into wacky, almost trashy, could-go-so-wrong-but-somehow-goes-so-right fiction at the moment so I feel this will be perfect for me right now.

The Reader's Athenaeum says:

I just found your channel and am really enjoying your video so far. 🙂 This book sounds fascinating!

bigalbooks says:

Thank you so much for the shoutout 🙂 Everyone at work is still making fun of me for geeking out over meeting you haha! Company Town is such a kickass book. I would have probably never picked it up if it wasn’t on the Canada Reads shortlist, but I’m so glad that I did. I’m amazed looking back on it how many huge ideas Ashby crams into this short book and still manages to make it such a page-turner. Can’t wait to see what she does next!

1book1review says:

This looks like my SF TBR, so need to add Company Town.
I’m conflicted about the American Gods show. I really think it’s too real – if that makes sense – and Shadow has too much emotion going on in his face. Every other character is better cast IMO.

Indie Insomniac says:

I get so weary about when I see Newfoundland as a setting in a book, especially from non-local authors. The dialect here is so strange and inconsistent that most of the time I see authors overcompensating the “accent” by simply adding a couple of “by”s to the end of a sentence. – Most times I’d prefer they just wrote the characters with normal English instead and not tried to encapsulate the lingo. Especially when you consider that I can describe at least 5 distinctly different and unique dialects found on the island.

No shade on this book though. I learned about it from Canada Talks and it’s been a curiosity to me ever since. The story and characters sound intriguing and I’m looking forward to eventually getting around to it.
I’d add this was a great review, but (not to pander) I don’t think you know how to do a bad review sir hah.

Tracy Judge says:

Sold – most definitely buying Company Town. Looking forward to reading that. Totally agree with your thoughts on the American Gods series. They have done the book justice, which is rare. I just read American Gods this past year and after reading it wondered why I waited so long to read it. Fantastic read. It’s one I will be re-reading for sure.

Kay A says:

I am so not a sci-fi reader but your review of Company Town sounds fantastic. I have never read a single Gaiman book, but my husband got me to watch the show and I can’t believe how much into it I got – PornStash is a definite plus 🙂

Barter Hordes says:

No Way! Two of my favorite booktubers.

anotherhalima says:

Never heard of company town and thanks to you I really want to read it. Great review as usual!

Eclectic Reads says:

This book has been on my radar for a while. So nice to finally see a review of it on booktube. This just made me want to push it up on my TBR.

Laura Frey says:

Ahhhh I love Big Al Books! That’s so cool! Im having a small scifi moment too – I read The Three Body Problem and now considering reading my first Guy Gavriel Kay. Or is that fantasy…

Gemma Hahaj says:

Beware, David! Soon you will be forced to wear a cap and sunglasses indoors.
Company Town sounds like a fun, fast-paced, slightly escapist sci-fi and there comes a time when I will need something exactly like that. Will look into it.
I loved the comment about striking couple bingos in “Read Harder Challenge” with one author xD
I wanted to read “American Gods”, which gathers dust on my shelf already, before watching the show and now you told me that Pornstache is in it… Get out! No way! How am I suppose to cope with it now?

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