Brand New – Science Fiction [FULL ALBUM Review/First Impression]

One of my FAVORITE bands, Brand New, surprise dropped their 5th album, Science Fiction. In this video I share my thoughts on where the band’s sound has gone since Daisy and if LP5 stacks up to the rest of the records in their discography. I hope you got the limited vinyl record before it sold out!

Brand New – Science Fiction
01. Lit Me Up
02. Can’t Get It Out
03. Waste
04. Could Never Be Heaven
05. Same Logic/Teeth
06. 137
07. Out of Mana
08. In the Water
09. Desert
010. No Control
11. 451
12. Batter Up


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Roaming Shaman says:

“Their first three albums are widely regarded as amazing, all the way through.”

Your Favorite Weapon is not widely regarded as amazing. It’s the kind of album that is only loved by people who look back on it fondly because of nostalgia. But most people agree that it pales in comparison to their other albums, including Daisy(which is even better than Deja by the way).

Though, I’d even argue that Your Favorite Weapon isn’t a particularly good pop punk record either. There are plenty of others that are better. The problem with YFW is that it doesn’t have much to say. It’s just an album with basic instrumentation and lyrics that try to be clever, but fail to deliver much substance.

Random Tamara says:

Im going to listen to it now!!

Brandon Fitzsimmons says:

You’re quite the Pearl Jam fan, I see.

Tonyshazam says:

Yoooooo Matt waddup

Felwa says:

Is it really their last album?

Cj Prewitt says:

Jesse has stated the band is selfish in writing, they write what they like, and don’t worry about what everyone thinks. Daisy is the best album of all time. People listen to this shit.

Hunter Summers says:

Uh what the hell. Do people not like The No Seatbelt Song? Thats one of my favorites on Your Favorite Weapon.

Nate Zowak says:

In the Water sounds a lot like Slint, particularly their song Breadcrumb Trail

Ed Ostler says:

haha, Latin American western, I thought Spanish meets Country so think we got the same vibe, you just said it better 🙂 No Control really stuck out to me on my 2nd run through so it’ll probably grow on you!

mckling says:

I was the same way with Daisy. Listened to it a few times when it came out and thought “mehhh” … but as the years went on I think that’s it’s pretty fucking amazing. Has some of my favorite BN songs on there.

BrandonPrive1432 says:

i loved daisy from minute one!,

HaydenBrown says:

Epiphone!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!

Wiz key says:


KanekiGaming says:

I mean ik you wont believe me, ill have proof if you ask. Im Jesse Laceys son, ask me any questions and ill answer.

Robert Eichler says:

def my favorite album, wasnt quite there at first listen, but after a few i knew that it took over devil and god for me

BrandonPrive1432 says:

waste sounds like nickelback!!! no joke!

max79_99 says:

Never thought I would hear blues rock riffs on a Brand New record, but would you look at that, 451 has became one of my favorite songs by them ever.

morrissey man says:

NO SEATBELT SONG? Brother, let’s get real now.

Adam Kinowski says:

Yoooooo Matt whaddup

Jeremy Seal says:

The album is fucking incredible. I think you nailed it mentioning the age of the band members. Every album they made perfectly captures their lives and emotions during a particular time. Great review.

Chad Grauke says:

I’m glad you noted the 90’s alt rock sound on Waste. When I first heard it I was waiting for Scott Weiland to drop in lol. “Take timeeeee with a wounded hand” kept repeating in my head.

pretty exe says:

137 is such a gorgeously haunting song

SpinMeRoundStore says:

It is such a Great record! Congrats on getting it ltd.

Chris O'Connor says:

Great review. Just checked your channel; great music taste and presenting style. New subscriber!

Brian Singer says:

I love the album, great final chapter for them

Jake Sweeney says:

I think sealed to me would’ve went well with the album

Rybread 28 says:

today has been insaine

so brand new and neck deep just came out with albums. I am equally as big a fan of brand new as i am of neck deep. The peace and the panic and sicne fiction are infinity/10 life changing flawless. I cant stop listening to them. okay by as it is, the peace and the panic by neck deep and science fiction by brand new are tied for my number 1 favorite album of 2017. THERE SO FLAWLESS

this is currently my 4th favorite brand new album but it might move up with more time with it

rating infinity/10

Michael Claeys says:

I feel like Jesse wrote these songs for him and not for what the fans wanted ala, “I am a nightmare” and “Mene”. And with that said, good for Jesse.

Allie Kimball says:

Best video yet.

mike mason says:

awesome review matt. ive heard brand new. they are good.


Landry Chamberlain says:

Nah man, daisy will always be the best

Jonny Kane says:

“which is really sad and super unfortunate, but hey…that’s life” WHY YOU GOTTA GET SO REALLLL
good review, subbed

Days PeaceMusic says:

Matt…would you bar me from your channel if I said I’ve never once heard of Brand new…..ever…..where do I start to get myself to your Brand new excitement…i like my pop punk as much as the next guy

Dustin Webb says:

after the intro and about 30 seconds into “lit me up” I was fighting tears and I couldn’t believe it. This album came out of nowhere & couldn’t of came at a better time for me. I can’t wait to see them perform this live. Great review.

Track X Track says:

This was my first time listening to an album by Brand New. I dig it! Here’s my review:

The Rapid Jags says:

Thanks Matt for getting me into brand new about a year ago when I saw your record store day video for 2015


John Anderson says:

awesome review man! Loved your shout out to the killers too haha

ScottJAw says:

What the hell is wrong with you??!! No Seatbelt Song is AMAZING!! xD

I’ve listened to it 5x today and will probably be playing it nonstop for awhile, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Even though it’s more than likely the last record, Batter Up ends it so eloquently. I dunno man, I’m swirling with emotion right now, it’s crazy.

You going to High & Low? I wasn’t planning on it but may have to now haha.

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