Brand New – Science Fiction | Album Review

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►My review of what could be the final album by alternative rock/emo band Brand New, “Science Fiction”. Holy s**t, this LP is fantastic.

“Science Fiction”
Procrastinate Music Traitors
Release: 8/17/17
Rating: watch/5

►Favorite tracks: Lit Me Up, Out of Mana, Could Never Be Heaven, Waste, Desert, 137, Can’t Get It Out, 451, Batter Up, Same Logic/Teeth

►Least faves: n/a

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Dalbert Leal says:

Yes dude….just yes. I completely understand you. This album pulls you back in. #fghtffyrdmns

Brittany K. says:

They’ve always been incredible but this album has set a new standard. It’s beautifully written in all aspects.

Jamie Draper says:

With you on the tearing up thing. I’ve been a mess all week but I feel better for it. Listening to this album is like being in group therapy.

Robert Lewis says:

“Brand New is making music that is not following trends” yes…. the best part about this band.

Robert Lewis says:

I’m too opinionated to watch these reviews… “I didn’t know Brand New had something like this brewing inside of them…..” Did you not listen to Daisy? Did you completely ignore what everyone hated about The Devil and God are Raging Inside me? I LOVE that they finally went full blown Creative as fuck Brand New.

OnlyIvyLeft says:

Brand new are the best band.

James Stone says:

Awesome album – great review.

Miles Maassen says:

Batter up is influenced by his friend and protégé Kevin Devine.

Jesse said that once he heard Ball Game, he he really loved the Americana aspect.

TheUpsideDownTheory says:

Out Of Mana is the most amazing song I’ve ever heard

Neurotripsicks says:

Nice review man. Good album. Waste reminds me of my ex.

P.S. fold the bill on that hat, thx

Jennifer ditmore says:

Yes..perfect review.
This album is mint. Like seriously perfect.

imagelesseye says:

I knew this was going to be good by the passion he put into this review, but wow… classic

OctoberReflection says:

Is this brand new?

lotusflowerdeathstar says:

Dude, calm down! Listen to the album several times, let go of the excitment of a fan, be fucking critical! We get you’re a fan and it is nice to have a new album by a band you love and it is really good but godammit start talking about the music and not about how genius you think it is.

Sarah L says:

I’ve always been a very mild fan of brand new—i saw them two years ago when they toured with manchester orchestra and Kevin Devine—but I never fell in love w them. I watched the first 6 minutes of your review and got really hyped to check it out. One week later Im in love with this album and have returned to hear your track by track opinions. Thanks for getting me to listen. I’m so excited to see them again at voodoo now

Emma Lindvall says:

The God is dead quote, but also the cardinal bit comes from Nietzsche’s Thus spoke zarathustra. So Jesse has clearly been doing is philosophy reading while writing these lyrics. LOVE this album, LOVE the lyrics, can’t wait to get in on vinyl. If this is the end for Brand New this will be a pretty amazing end…

Lauren Cline says:

I could listen to you talk about Brand New all day lol

Yeh Mon says:

It’s so damn good

Spyro 115 says:

Honestly, to me, the album is more of a 4/5. But I have to give them credit; the album’s atmosphere is fucking pitch perfect!

Markus Udo says:

“God is dead” is a Nietzsche / Hegel quote …

Tricko says:

I’m not into EMO or reading too much into songs or getting to emotional about songs (have never listened to Brand New before) but was blown away by the depth and quality of this album. Very creative and better with each listen. Very much a Pink Floyd, The Wall seriousness in this album.

Super #Gang Yoshi #Gang says:

This album is amazing. Listened everyday since it dropped!

Elisa Vazquez says:

100000% could not have said it better myself. You perfectly phrased my passion about Brand New

Garrett VonBergen says:

Yooooo I have that shirt 🙂

Robert Gonzales says:

This album is badass

Maverickblackzero says:

I’d like to tell a story. I got into Brand New last year whenever I found ARTV and binged video’s of both channels. I watched John’s video on top seven saddest songs about death, fully expecting Cancer by mcr to be #1 (already being an mcr fan and hearing some of John’s stories). When I saw Limousine was #1, I needed to know what could have possibly topped Cancer. I fell in love instantly and I listened to the entirety of TDaGARIM that night. Since their most recent album was in 2009, they weren’t relevant enough to be on the radio, but that didn’t stop me from constantly listening to my local alt-rock station in case they played something. Then, something amazing happened. I was going on a 20 minute drive and then Lit Me Up started playing. Then Can’t get it out. What started as a 20 minute drive turned into an hour long cruise around Kansas City as 96.5 played the entirety of the album front to back with zero commercials or interruptions. John, I’d like to personally thank you from Missouri for introducing me to this fucking amazing band. Brand New will always be my favorite band and I will never be the same person that I was.

Drew Heard says:

yeah been a brand new fan for quite some time. and this album is honestly my favorite from them. modern classic for years to come

the only broken-hearted loser you'll ever need says:

Great review, man
keep up the good work

Mason Smith says:

“Bigoted American male”, so just because someone has a different set of values they are bigoted??

Gumerk Smith says:

It’s one of the most powerful albums I’ve ever heard! It’s amazing; seriously.

André BM says:

this album is beyond great !!

Michael Mollura says:

This album rules. Glad you are getting so much out of it. I am too. Cheers!

ShadowW0lf1 says:

I just love watching live performances from this band. They’re absolutely amazing live.

Nick Novak says:

Loving this album! What was the last album he gave a 5? I must’ve missed it

Pseudo Wounds says:

Agree with everything, amazing album.
One a sidenote, I never knew ARTV meant Album Review TV. I always thought it was Alternative Rock TV, lol.

ARTV says:

I seriously am so unbelievably happy with Brand New’s long awaited album “Science Fiction”. Hope you guys love the review, took a lot out of me to get my thoughts out.

Laurent Dias says:

I appreciate artv.

Daniel Lynch says:

Awesome review! Ive taken a few weeks to digest this album, and its seriously perfect. Favorite of 2017 and probably one of my top albums of the 2010s. Its emotional and beautiful. You summed it up perfectly.

Jason Hamm says:

God is dead is a reference to Nietzsche

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