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Check out these amazing Bookubers who focus on Adult Fiction!
– abookolive – (adult fiction – Russian focus)
– AGirlandaBook – (adult fiction)
– AliReadsBooks – (adult fiction)
– AllisonTeresa – (literary fiction)
– ArielBisset – (literary fiction/ poetry)
– Biblio Nyan – (fantasy / sci-fi)
– BingeReader – (horror/thrillers)
– BooksAndLala – (thrillers/adult fiction)
– BookishFourEyes – (thrillers)
– BookswithEmilyFox (adult fiction)
– BooksAndPieces – (sci-fi/fantasy)
– BreeHill – (adult Fiction)
– BrittaBohler – (literary fiction)
– CinziaDubois – (literary fiction)
– Climbthestackss – (classics/literary fiction)
– CravingBooks – (horror/thrillers)
– Derby_LaneReading- (adult fiction)
– Getting Hygge With It (thrillers) –
– GetBookish (adult fiction) –
– Helene Jeppesen – (adult fiction)
– JeansBookishThoughts – (literary fiction)
-JentheLibrarian (adult fiction) –
– mementomori (classics) –
– MercysBookishMusings (adult fiction) –
– Okidokiboki – (adult fiction)
– RaeofBooks – (adult fiction)
– RGsDevilship (horror/thrillers) –
– Rinceyreads (adult fiction) –
– RoseReads (adult fiction) –
– SFF180 (sci-fi / fantasy) –
– SquibblesReads (adult/literary fiction) –
– That’sWhatSheRead (thrillers) -
– TheNovelSanctuary (adult fiction) –
– ThePoptimist (adult/literary fiction) –
– TheRestricted Section (thrillers/horror)–
– TheShadesofOrange (horror and thrillers) –
– Unmanaged Mischief – (Japanese literature)
– WellDoneBooks (literary fiction) –

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Foibles and Fancies says:

Fantastic list! I love most of the booktubers you’ve mentioned here (Olive and Rincey particularly) and will be checking out the others. One I would definitely add is Jennifer from Insert Literary Pun Here. Jennifer is probably the smartest booktuber I’ve come across, expresses her thoughts eloquently, and goes into detail about WHY she likes or doesn’t like a book. I’m still a relative booktube newbie, but try to post weekly about mostly adult fiction, be it literary, contemporary, or genre, and will be including non fiction in the future too. But, I have mentioned YA books, and will probably add middle grade to the mix too. Just books, no particular niche 🙂

Vernal Chahal says:

Thank you so much for this list! It really felt like a majority of booktubers were into YA/Dystopian novels. I really enjoy WellDoneBooks (you already mentioned him). He reads a wide variety of genres and recommends great books!

Bofinkins says:

I make a fair bit of discussion videos and mainly read adult sci-fi and fantasy with hints of literary fiction. I also read translated fiction and graphic novels a fair bit.

But, since I’m hesitant to advertise my own channel, I’ll mention a few of my favorites:
Shelby from Read and Find out, reviews largely adult fantasy and talks about psychology and counseling. She has a series of book recommendations based on the Myers Briggs test.
Matthew Sciarappa, reviews a variety of eclectic books, literary fiction and translated fiction. I really enjoy his content.
Adriana from perpetualpages. They are an absolute treasure and review a large variety of different books from middle grade to adult and with an emphasis on queer lit.
Kelsey from the Fancy Hat Lady Reads. She reviews a lot of fantasy of manners books and fairytales and is a treasure trove of knowledge on stage plays!
books by leynes is magnificent as well. She has a series called ‘Black Authors Matter’ in which she discusses black writers who may have been forgotten by history and she reads a lot of classics as well.

Those are just a few of my absolute favorites, I could be here all day writing this list, but for now, please check these channels out. 🙂

The Book Ponderer says:

What an awesome list of channels … and lots of my favorites! I think of booktube like hiking … so many trails to go down and it can be difficult to find your way to another trail once you’ve committed to a path. I use every trick I can think of to search for new reviewers of adult fiction, and still I come across a video like this one with so many channels I have never heard of before. Fantastic! A few of my other faves I didn’t see mentioned … (all a wide variety of adult fiction) Runwright Reads, MCS-books, Mel’s Bookland Adventures, and Lia (Hyde + Seek). And, yes, it feels awkward to do this, but since you’re so kind to put the invite out there … I also review adult fiction (and non-fiction) on my channel. The books I discuss are all over the place. Even I don’t know what I’ll be reading next!

Bobbi Reads Too Much says:

Leann over at literarydiversions reads a lot of thrillers and crime fiction. She’s also super funny!

Katie over at Life Between Words reads a lot of historical fiction and literary fiction.

Hannah at From Beginning to Bookend reads just about everything. From middlegrade, to thriller, to classics, to literary fiction. She also focuses on books up for the man booker prize and stuff like that. She’s very well spoken and I just love her.

Also Chelsea at chelseadollingreads reads a ton of contemporary. Yes she does read some YA, but she reads a lot of new adult and contemporary.

Tracy van Alphen says:

I love “Getting Hygge with It” (April is nothing short of wonderful). I also love “Lindsay’s Little Library ” (she does a lot of historical fiction, and general fiction). “Big Haired Bookworm” is also wonderful (mysteries/thirllers mainly) 🙂

alice cai says:

I love YA, but I like sci-fi and contemporary not fantasy so I’m a bit screwed. I go to every YA channel and it’s like “I fucking hate dystopian”…and I’m like 🙁 it’s not that’s hard to find good dystopian if you actually tried.

I love classic sci-fi too. Flatland: A romance of many dimensions is my favorite book. I don’t like space sci-fi of any kind so I pretty much don’t know who to trust. I always find new books myself now.

Nicole says:

I love this video! Thank you so much for the recommendations! It’s really cool that you’re giving other channels shoutouts.

Other channels I would recommend are:
-Kate Pfeil (adult fiction)
-Wolfshot Publishing (horror/fantasy)
-Elliot Brooks (fantasy)
-Chareads (classics/adult fiction)

Gina Lynn says:

I loved ReadSusieRead its been a year since she posted but I beg her on IG all the time to come back. She still posts stuff on IG and through Stories. She works at a university library and also gave wonderful reviews and recommendations for adult lit and graphic novels.

The Three Bookshelves says:

Thank you for this! I was hesitant to join booktube at first because I thought I’d be an outcast, talking about adult fiction amongst a YA-centric community, so I’m always on the lookout for other adult booktubers. I’ll definitely be utilizing your list—thanks especially for including the genre they focus on!

To add my own recs, Life Between Words ( and BooksAndJams ( are both favorites. And I’m still fairly new to booktube myself but I do read and discuss adult fiction on my channel, so come on over and check me out. 😀

Ashley Zieman says:

This is such a helpful and amazing video. I am really looking forward to finding new booktubers to follow!

Denise Currie says:

Great video. I would recommend Louise at BigHaired Bookworm – she reads a great variety, and also Jo at Retired Book Nerd. Both are interesting, articulate and passionate about reading.

tommykayreads says:

Great resource–thanks. I also like Kitty G and Sam’s Nonsense for SFF.

books by leynes says:

Hello there, my name is Hélène and I review adult books as well. 🙂 Mainly Black literature, classics and nonfiction. I have a „Black Writers Matters“ series where I talk about black writers and their work almost on a weekly basis.

Anna Lilah says:

myreadingisodd for thrillers, horror, and adult fiction! Love her! x

Laura Frey says:

My tip is to search for (adult) awards like the Man Booker. Even if you’re not a huge fan of awards, the type of Booktuber to review the longlist will likely be into adult books….

BingeReader says:

I love this video! Thanks Katie! I’m so lazy when it comes to actually researching booktubers that read more horror/thrillers such as ourselves. This will be a great resource for me to find more booktubers to follow. P.S. thanks for the shout out in the description bar 😀

Kirsty's Reviews says:

I myself often read and review adult fiction, usually thrillers more than anything else, though I do read a little of everything. As I do read widely, sometimes I read YA.
Some of my favourites are Aoife, over at Fred Weasley Died laughing, who like me reads widely. I’d say the main genres of adult fiction that she picks up are fantasy and thrillers.
Another favourite of mine is Kath over at Kath Elizabeth Reads. Again she also reads widely, and a lot of the adult books that she reads are thrillers.

sasa pejcin says:

You’re one of the rare young booktubers that reviews and talks about adult mystery/thriller books which is the only genre that i’m reading.
Other young booktubers just talking about boring fantasy or sf books.

Unapologetically Laura says:

Im so glad you left a list in the description box, I found alot of new channels to subscribe to

Eileen L says:

I discovered Booktube through bookshelf tours. At first I was excited because this seemed like a really cool idea. Then I realized it was just the same YA blockbusters over and over and over.

Erin Grace says:

Thank you so, so much for the tips! I’m new to booktube and I’ve been on the hunt for other channels to watch. I love watching the YA reviewers and they make me want to branch out but I love to read history, biographies and thrillers so I want to see those channels as well. I just started my own channel, so it’s great to be able to watch the videos of those who read similar books. 🙂 Love your recommendations!

Erica Mangin says:

Another booktuber I’ve discovered recently that I’m really enjoying is Ink and Paper Blog (think based in San Fran). Seems like a great guy and reads some books I’ve never heard of. He also has paired up with Green Apple Bookstore in San Fran for more recommendations 🙂

Beyond the Pages says:

Loved this idea! There are so many brilliant booktubers out there who read primarily adult fiction. I have so many to booktubers to recommend:
Helene Jeppesen
Shawn the Book Maniac
Kate Howe
Mel’s Bookland Adventures
Books and Things
Lil’s Vintage World
I also read only adult fiction, mainly classics, modern classics, nonfiction, general fiction and historical fiction. I enjoy a wide varitey of books 🙂

rincey reads says:

Yessss this is so good! I always tell people who are looking for people who review X genre to search for their favorite books to help find people. I honestly think that is the best option out there.

Super Space Chick says:

This was such a helpful video and resource for finding adult booktubers! I just added a ton to my queue. Another channel I love which focuses primarily on classics is LucyTheReader!

Blatantly Bookish says:

This is a fantastic video! As you said, I feel awkward and self-conscious about promoting my own channel in the comments here, but I do make booktube videos, mainly discussing literary fiction and classics (I especially love Victorian literature!). Occasionally I’ll throw in a non-fiction book, poetry collection, or mystery. Some of my favorite channels that aren’t on this list are Katie from Books and Things who discusses Classics, literary fiction, and writing as well as Mary from Happily Ever Esch who talks about a wide variety of literary fiction. I’m familiar with most of the booktubers you mentioned in the comments, but I cannot wait to check out the ones I haven’t found yet! 😀

storiesofwonderland / says:

Awesome video! I read mainly YA but sometimes I find myself craving something other like Middle Grade or Adult and that’s why I’m subscribed to your channel, to find a books I maybe wouldn’t have heard of otherwise. I’ve read Night Film from a few recommendations and I really enjoyed that! 🙂

I myself would recommend Heather from BookAbles, recently she’s talked about about Adult Romance novels so if anyone’s interested, defenitely check out her channel!
Another person I’d recommend is Raeleen from PadFootAndProngs07, although she doesn’t make videos anymore, you can still check out her videos, and you can follow her on Instagram and GoodReads to see what’s she reading, defenitely check her out! She reads mainly adult, classics and thrillers and many more!

Anja Ravlić says:

Awesome idea! Check out Jen Campbell, she’s amazing.

onthefritz says:

Great video!! You are right, it’s usually the people who don’t put in the actual effort to look for their audience of choice. I love watching all types of Booktubers and it rocks because I have heard about so many books that I normally would not have picked up.

I also love Lisa – Books & Smiles and Sarah – Sarah’s Nightstand. The both read a ton of everything, I personally enjoy their thriller/mystery talks.

I haven’t ventured into “reviews” too much because I just ramble and it turns into a hot mess. But I love to read thriller/mystery, fantasy, dark fairy tale re-tellings, and middle grade!

Dreamworks says:

Insertliterarypunhere is a great great book tuber I love! She mainly reviews literary fiction. Also savidgereads and between the chapters are good ones.

Crazy Little Book Page says:

I read a lot of Adult Fiction and Non-fiction books. So I don’t believe that booktube is only YA books. I have found so many adult booktube channels.

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