Book Review: VALIS

Ben reviews Philip K. Dick’s novel, VALIS

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Bob Dobbs says:

PKD most likely had a genetic predisposition to mental illness, although the psychedelic drug use could have exacerbated it. Also, Fat’s son had a hernia if I recall.

Decent review overall though. although I interpret it as a raw account of schizophrenia.

Joe Willey says:

So when. Are you going to dig into The Exegesis? I want to read alot more of his novels before I dive into that undertaking.

Art Netic Field says:

very good review!! I had the hardest time reading this book, BUT whenever I think about it I always ponder, because I’ve never read anything with such a scope

JeffryFeffry says:

Valis was my first PKD read and I absolutely loved it. B)

Rupam Shyamal says:

I’ve just finished VALIS today !! it’s my first PKD read,I found it very confusing at first & I gave up,but then I gave it a 2nd try & I loved it… it was amazing…!!!

PissedFechtmeister says:

“Dick” means thick in German. 

Bob Aldo says:

PKD has stated, on many occasions, that he only tried LSD twice in his life, and didn’t really like it. He used a lot of speed, especially in the year 1970, in order to turn out enough books
to feed his family – 16 novels in one year! But the idea that he was some kind of dedicated druggie is fiction (and how appropriate!). So forget the whole “psychedelic drug use” hype. It is an urban myth. Was he crazy? Maybe/maybe not.

James P says:

The Empire Never Ended

SixIsaac23 says:

Great review. Valis has always captured my attention. I can’t wait to start reading PKD, basically all his books interest me. What book (short story or novel) do you recommend me to start with?

Innerself says:

fact is pkd predicted our future AND explained the nature of reality, nothing of what he said is fiction, its all real.

Gun Bunny Hobo says:

Not a good review drugs are not a big deal if you a closed minded satist you have to change perspectives on your own reality. This guys is entitled to opinion but look at it for what it is a book maybe having more meaning behind it and trying to uncover it makes it sound crazy which it is not. Phil knew something we all dont know thats why he wrote novels of this sort. Fuck this dude.

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