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My non-spoiler thoughts on The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu (Liu Cixin) & translated by Ken Liu. Thank you so much Tor for sending me the trilogy! I’m pumped to continue and see what happens next. Let me know if you’re interested in the series or have read it!

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Shan Jiang says:

I like your synopsis! Side note, I find that people who read a lot generally tend to be really humble while those who don’t read all that much are the arrogant ones.

Sikander Iqbal says:

Hah! I also wondered about Wang’s family and why they were introduced and then completely forgotten about.

i like plant says:

it is better if you read it in chinese

King Kill42 says:

Worse than Dune

Moac says:

They should Americanize the books … wang meow … Chinese names sure are weird.

Juancho Juanchito Books says:

Amigo el problema de los tres cuerpos es un libro con una historia muy buena algo lenta y retorcida pero es increíble por todo lo que pasamos a leer este primer tomo, que es el comienzo de una aventura catastrófica e incomoda

Shan Liu says:

When the choice is available, it’s actually much faster to read in Chinese. Also, the beauty of the written word is so that you can know a person or Jesus himself so well, without actually seeing his appearance, this is much more so in Chinese than in English.

Anita Reads says:

Science Fictions sort of intimidates me, but I really loved the Martian, and I’ve also read some other Science Fiction books that I enjoyed, so I don’t know why I’m so hesitant about picking them up.

Spartacusse says:

That sounds like a recent Doctor Who episode, where scientist (everyone really) were killing themselves after reading some mysterious text. Turns out the text proved to them that they were not real but a simulation, so they were just killing themselves.

Liam Mckullin says:

I’m a Chinse lit major at SEU in Nanjing and my graduate thesis is on this trilogy. I didnt even think book one was all that great but i was like “ill push ahead cuz this author’s a big deal and I need to be familiar with this stuff.” Books 2 and 3 blew me the fuck away. They’re romantic. Action-packed. There’s mind-bendy physics shit and space battles and I almost cried during book 3. STILL manages to be one of my fav trilogies ever despite the first one being meh.

Hunziker Ernesto says:

I read the original book in 2 days…becasue I was soo intrigued and sucked into the book. I realized that many people have problem s with the science aspect of the book, I think it did a great job explaining things. I think this is down to the language, where as in English if you aren’t familiar with latin, a word would have no meaning when you first see it, yet in Chinese the Chinese characters itself have meaning, that when it makes up the words, it made them self explanatory…which makes reading complex concepts really eazy.

Courtney Pickles says:

I read this earlier this year and really didn’t enjoy it. I felt like the main character was useless and never actually did anything. I would’ve preferred if Liu kept the plot in the cultural revolution like the beginning of the book. I’m looking forward to seeing your review for the next book and if it’s worth continuing with the series.

Lambda says:

i read the trilogy, didn’t really like the first volume all that much, felt it went too slow, but what ends up happening in the second and third books are a looot more interesting

victoria zhu says:

The first book is more like an appetizer for the second and the third book, both characters and plot wise.

Scott Liang says:

your pronunciation is totally wrong man…. try to pronounce it in Latin way, Chinese pinyin base on latin pronounciation.

Don't Have a Degree in Reading says:

Oh boy, hard science fiction is not my forte. It is the main reason why I did not enjoy The Martian as much as everyone else did. There would be pages of him describing science and I just could not grasp it. :/ I actually just purchased The Three-Body Problem so now I am a little worried that I won’t like it. I am still going to give it a try because at least now I am prepared for the info dumping. Great review! 🙂

Linda Klinedinst says:

+Connor O’Brien – I love Science – I love Science Fiction so I will be reading this one. This is a Great Review. I love watching your Videos – I just don’t know how you read so much in a week’s time. You are an amazing Reader – Book Tuber. Happy Reading!

Nugget Bob says:

aha it took me a day to read it

Jing Shang says:

Do the dark forest please!

Bushangels says:

Can you review death’s end, also by Liu cixin?

Zhewen Dai says:

I feel like when you say “hard science”, so many people will be scared away haha. I read the Chinese version and didn’t feel like the science part was all that out of control. I myself have absolutely no astrophysics background whatsoever, and believe most people can enjoy reading the astrophysics “dump” if you allow yourself to just understand the high concept of it, rather than trying to study like it’s a textbook. Imagine watching Interstellar or Gravity. The concepts are fascinating.

Meto Kaiba says:

*******SPOILER ALERT*********FOR 2nd BOOK IN THE SERIES*********

The english translation is depressing as fk.

I loved the series!

大明定遼中衛指揮使 says:

The third book of the trilogy….That was so damn cool. Believe me. The first book is just a prelude, only a beding for the later story . The second and the third books are so damn cool. If it is hard for you to comprehend the first book, it is very hard to do with the later books.

Augustus Z says:

I have to hint you that his name pronounced like Leo Tsushin. LOL

老王隔壁 says:


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