[Book Review] The Complete Fiction Of H.P. Lovecraft

As requested by a subscriber here is the review you asked for. The next video I will work on is regarding why Lovecraft is popular.

Lately my channel is doing well. One video has over 3k views, I’ve reached 120 subscribers in a short time. Thank you for the support. Any suggestions are welcome!


Patchouli Knowledge says:

Barnes & Noble edition also has gilded edges ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Madness Out Of The Cosmos says:

Or I already ordered the necronomicon, Well doesn’t matter that much since I already have The Call of Cthulhu and other weird stories, so i can still read Nyarlathotep. Maybe if I have enough money I’ll buy the Eldrich tales one.

Floran says:

so if I get the necronomicon and eldritch tales,I don’t miss anything from the Knickerbocker?
(I can’t buy the B&N book so that’s out of the picture)

Looking to the Skies says:

I’m a wannabe Lovecraft; my short stories suck though!

Preston Lennox says:

Finally I’m glad I found a book review of English H・P ・Lovecraft . It is a very good channel.

Robb Death says:

If i buy the Barnes & Noble edition do i have to buy the Eldritch Tales book as well to get a complete reading of his works?

9FireTiger says:

I’ve only read two of Lovecraft’s stories but I’m a huge fan of his. I just ordered the Barnes and Noble version and I’m so excited to finally be able to read Lovecraft’s work. Thank you so much for making this video, your channel as a whole has helped me many times when it came to deciding which book to get, which story to start with, his biographies, etc.
I love your channel and I hope you keep up the excellent work your doing!

Spider Seven says:

A Best Of volume of Lovecraft is useful if you’re a book collector. I have several Arkham House collections of Lovecraft’s work. When I need a Lovecraft fix, I read from the inexpensive Lovecraft anthology I bought. This saves wear and tear on the volumes I value for sentimental reasons.

Iulian says:

How about the 3 Penguin Paperbacks? Do Do they add up when it comes to the content?

Cm Mosher says:

I got the annoted HP Lovrcraft as a gift. It is good if you want info on the individual stoies but it is far from complete. I think that it would work best for a completist who wants to get a persepective in addition to Joshi.

Bailey Gonyea says:

The barnes and noble is one of the nicest looking books i own or have seen . Do they all wear out like that? I just got my copy. Also have the knickerbocker set which i reccomend

Brother Malachai says:

The thing that disappoints me about Necronomicon is that it has no footnotes to help modern readers understand the older writing style and terms used by Lovecraft in his stories, let lone his more archaic and scientific references in his colorful vocabulary-at all. If you haven’t read his works in the past or have a passing knowledge to some of the things he references, you’re going to get really lost really fast. And not in the manner he intended.

I like New Annotated. It actually takes times to explain things most readers would not get. Constellations, historical and scientific terms, etc…

tim Kedryuk says:

I just ordered the complete HP lovecraft with the blue cover through my bookshop

Pyro-Nexus says:

What do you think of Alan Moore’s comics on Lovecraft (Neonomicon, Providence) and his story The Courtyard (and maybe its comic adaptation)?

Samuel Camarillo says:

Hi, I’m trying to get into HP Lovecraft’s writings, and I’m quite confused about what’s the best way of collecting them, physically at least. From what I’ve read (and this video), the 3 Penguin Classics’ volumes are quite complete, but I’m also considering about getting the Necronomicon + Eldrich Tales, and almost nowhere do they ever bring both editions to discuss, can you help me out?

CthulhuChow says:

i got the Klinger Book for $12 on Ebay w/free shipping.

Dave R says:

AR: There’s a kindle mobi and an epub for Nook with all of HPL’s works from The Tomb to The Haunter of the Dark. And it’s free. Here it is: http://arkhamarchivist.com/free-complete-lovecraft-ebook-nook-kindle/

Xanatos712 says:

I got the Necronomicon edition. I gotta say, when reading it in public people think you’re actually reading the *real* Necronomicon from the spooky cover.

Flathead Gg244 says:

Anyone from Central Europe here? Are these also available in german? only found English ones in the internet

Danthehorse says:

Which of those 3 has the nicest paper quality please?

Ide v says:

good review man! keep it up :))

Old Bugs says:

People must ask you a lot about it, but, what is the name of your intro song?

marcwolfleach says:

So the necronomicon and its sister book are more complete together then the other two

Darmok says:

Shakespeare & Co.? Are you a Watcher? They are still around you know, the immortals who go ’round chopping each other’s heads off in a lustful quest for power. They do not age, dead giveaway. (Nice review. But I have Conan in the Necronomicon style and the art is very good in these, so I will likely buy that and the second book if I like his writing enough).

Archduke says:

Black Seas of Infinity: The Best of H.P. Lovecraft is excellent. It has a very good round up.

Harlekin Sego says:


AllahJew Cuckbar says:

What’s the song in the back?

I ordered Necronomicon btw.

TheWaffleman54 says:

I have to say I found this video quite in depth and really helpful in deciding my puchase options, though while I think each edition looks great in it’s own way (yes, even the Necronomicon version) I noticed each have their own shortcomings. I’ve also had the same problem picking out a definitive editon of the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe and the Complete Sherlock Holmes (again with versions by B&N and Knickerbocker).

I was very tempted to get the 3 Penguin volumes as they have notes by S.T Joshi and as far as I know it’s every story (so no poetry or sonnets) but I feel it was a missed opportunity for them to re-release them in a clothbound edition like with a bunch of their more famous books, I have the clothbound Dracula they done.

P.S There’s also yet another edition that’s supposed to be released this month by Sirius Entertainment. It’s a slipcase with six volumes so I’m probably gonna take a huge risk in buying that as I don’t know for sure if it’s the complete works.

Have a good day!

pie460 says:

I have the 3 penguin classics story collections. I can’t compare it to the other ones, but I’m quite happy with them. They seem to have most of his stories, it was inexpensive, and the extensive notes from S.T. Joshi are fun.

The Man Who Belches says:

Can you make a video about what is missing from the complete versions-e.g. Some poetry, collaborations, anything else etc.

Riff says:

Awesome video man. I just bought the knickerbacker classic collection.

Jamie Lee says:

Thank you so much for doing these videos

Gustavo says:

Thanks for the review! I just bought the Chartwell Books “complete” edition, can you do a review of it? Thanks in advance!

Joseph Vice says:

I own the ugly book and it’s sister book.

MarvelBoi says:

2:11 Шhere dhis nickel from?? I alшays ass-u-me’d S∴T∴ Ďoši Ďapańese

Archduke says:

I purchased the Azathoth cycle by Chaosium. Have you read any of the books of that series. Also do you like Azathoth?

Wesley Alves says:

Great review. I pretend to buy Barnes and Noble version but, I got Knickerbocker Classics on sale so, it was basically for free. It is worth it.

Adan says:

the knickerbocker complete works is extremely cheap on amazon, I got a copy for £10 ($13US)!

Taryn Allan says:

I appreciate the Black Books reference. 🙂 Personally, I have the Knickerbocker Classics edition of the ‘complete’ works.

Douglas Jones says:

I got yet another one for you, THE COMPLETE FICTION OF H.P.. LOVECRAFT, by Caldwell Books. It would be perfect if annotated; but it’s a handsome edition nonetheless. Inexpensive, too, sold to me by Green Frog Books, San Francisco. $12 for his novel, four novellas, and 53 short stories. No juvenalia.I don’t need to reread the latter.

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