Book Recommendations – Science Fiction and Fantasy

Recommendations of some good books in SFF. Apologies it’s so long but there are a lot of books to recommend! I’ve vaguely broken them down into the following categories:

1. Middle grade
2. Young Adult (YA)
3. Funny
4. Classics
5. Dystopian
6. Big stories (Epic / Space Opera)
7. Modern (Urban Fantasy / Cyberpunk)
8. Beautiful things

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FOBrockz12 says:

The Dark Tower?!


David Kay says:

Mark and I have a new Sci-Fi book out on since July entitled “The Perfect Pathogen.” Love to have your thoughts on it, especially now with all the Ebola news of late. Dave

tetsubo57 says:

Have you ever read any of Asimov’s non-fiction science writing? I think it far surpasses his fiction work. The man was a genius at explaining science.

priestessmikokikyo77 says:

I have a really good fantasy trilogy to recommend it’s the seven princes by John R Flutzs . I just started this series and I love it! Hope you can get a change to check this series out!

1book1review says:

My dad used to read a lot of his books when I was little, which for some reason never made me pick them up. Like the Lord of the Rings books. Weird, I like my dad, so that’s not the reason. Haha.

AndreaMGC says:

Wait.. how do you know if the Doors of Stone is coming out this year? What do you know!? Tell me all your secrets! 

booksandpieces says:

Thank you – I do try not to babble but it can be hard work! And Steelheart is really fun – like an action movie in book form.

The Gwendolyn Reading Method says:

Terry Pratchett is the king of humorous fantasy! I keep trying to find another author as funny as him to no avail…

booksandpieces says:

It’s definitely down to your personal sense of humour. My mum can’t stand that or Hitchhiker’s Guide and she didn’t like Rivers of London either – all of which me, my sister and my dad adore. I think they’ve all got a similar British sense of humour maybe. It definitely helps to start at the beginning so you’re introduced tot he characters and all the weird in jokes make way more sense. 😀

ZoZo Booklover says:

uhoh! you’ve made my to-be-read list a bit longer :/ lol

Mike Archcraft says:

Thank you for giving Terry Pritchett and Douglas Adams their due! Both are excellent writers and I love a funny fantasy story. I just read Tales of The Screaming Eagle and I recommend it. The book goes from very funny to very dramatic at the turn of a dime. Give it a shot.

Amy Vetton says:

Harry Potter easy top. I didn’t like Twilight or Divergent. Fantasy, I enjoyed the Dark War Saga. And less known, I enjoyed The Heroes Fall.

booksandpieces says:

My apologies. Wait, no. No apologies for the books! Hope you enjoy them. 🙂

booksandpieces says:

I hope you enjoy it now – I’m nervous everyone’s going to ahte ti and think I’m just a bit odd in the head! 😀

rawesome1000 says:

trilogy of 5 books?

Jaie Michelow says:

Have you read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell..?!??

booksandpieces says:

So much by Asimov is great – I also really enjoyed The End of Eternity is you need something else to keep you going. I still haven’t read the Robot books but I suspect them to be fairly epic!

Vala Dusk says:

This is the first video I watched on your channel an two seconds later I saw your star trek ship and I was like SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!

1book1review says:

Great video. I’ll use this as a reading challenge list. As I read most of it, and others I want to read. I meant to ask you which book you’d recommend by Asimov, and bam there you tell me already 🙂

menertes says:

cool list, this is my recomendation:
1-middle: hunger games
2-young adult: ready player one
3-funny: i dont hav read any sci fy/fantasy funny book 🙁
4-clasics: enders game
5-distopian: a clockwork orange
6-big storys: the dark elf
7-modern: metro 2033
8-beautiful: memory, sorrow, and thorn

booksandpieces says:

Thank you!

Cheeky Cher says:

Excellent video and so well organized. Thank you so much!

Robert Skip Curran says:

Thank you for your video! I’ve been looking for someone who reviews science fiction or fantasy books. However, it would be great for someone to do the same, but with clean ones – fun stories without the dirtier side of bad language.
Thumbs up

Calvin Ware says:


estellasrevenge says:

Sometimes that off-season reading can be refreshing too. I know I’ve read a lot of Gothic lit (autumn, winter, moors) over the summer and it made me stop thinking about the unbearable heat for just a bit. 🙂

I think therefore I err says:

I like Dystopian novels the best… the reason why I read Si-Fi.

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