It would appear that I’m doing a sequel type thing to the fantasy books video I did a while back 🙂

This is a brief survey of classic science fiction, the books that inspired many movies and even more authors! If I left any out or you have any recommendations for me, please let me know! I love the feedback!

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DefenestrateYourself says:

1984 is most certainly sci-fi! Don’t doubt yourself, lady!

blueplanetproject77 says:

do android dream of electric sheep? is great, but Blade Runner is far superior to the novel. i find its one of PKDs weaker novels too ( but still good)

Rull Mourn says:

dune is complex and awesome.

SuperHappyNotMerry says:


Drayton Alan says:

You have been weighed in the balance and found spam worthy… Getting ready to launch book 3 looking for feedback on my campaign before I launch.

Robert Skip Curran says:

Who reviews _newly published_ scifi/fantasy novels?

blindsamurai says:

Hi ! great vids. are you on FB ?

dug34 says:

my favorite female sci fi/fantasy writer is andre(alice)norton. she started writing back in the 50’s. you may also like the “mordants need” duology by stephen r donaldson for fantasy, and the “well world series by jack l. chalker” for sci fi.

menertes says:

cool list, try this:
the invisible man
slaughterhouse 5 
ready player one
im legend
the road 

Wolves says:

Wicked stache

Frank Tar says:

If you’re looking for a really fun read, I just finished The Adventures of Crazy Liddy by Clayton Callahan. Great characters, lots of action and…unexpectedly…a lot to say about tolerance, religion, homosexuality and people in general.

messaoud djezar says:

When are you gonna do a review for my book?

michei solomon says:

great video,check out this science fiction thriller.A futuristic colony that lives underwater.

Jenney Melt says:

I’d like to add Tales of The Screaming Eagle to your list. It’s a great book about a bar in space and has some great characters that I really loved.

Rads says:

i’m just wondering i’m writing a piece of scifi right now but i’m not sure people will like it because most of it gets interesting a lot latter in the book but hear me out OK so the book is about aliens attack earth no surprise their basically i wanted the book in 3 stages that would be 1 (a bio of the main characters life) this only goes for a few paragraphs tho 2 (aliens bring a varoity of machines down to earth and kill everything) if your a bit squeamish don’t read it to much blood and goer 3 (the alien technology becomes to much for them to handle there is a huge battle between each of the machines for sentience and no one survives not even the aliens them self’s the invasion is over with a death tole of over 4 billion peapole (also they have plants made from human bone)

Bandoolero says:

hey i can recommend you a great scifi i just read: House of Suns by Allastair Reynolds. That shit is crazy… The dude is more talented in his finger than all the people i know.

TigerClawTV says:

Thank you for throwing books at my mind-face.

I think therefore I err says:

Valis, flow my tears the policeman said & The Man In the High Castle are my favourite of PKD’s.

trha2222 says:

Brave New World is total crap, especially compared to 1984.

kevaughn Campbell says:

fantasy is too white for me

John M. Portley says:

You MUST see Blade Runner. Get the later director’s cut, which most importantly adds the smallest section with the biggest impact of any ‘director’s cut—less than thirty seconds of a dream sequence about two-thirds into movie (if I remember correctly from those many years ago) which explains so much of the main character, as well as explaining the otherwise inexplicable ‘totem’ that another character likes to leave behind after his stealthy ‘visits’ to the main character.

krisscifi says:

Complete utter rubbish!

Roger McKay says:

Decent list. WAY better than the garbage top 5 video I just watched. Now THAT was embarrassing.

passerby5 says:

If you haven’t read The Foundation series by Isaac Asimov, I’d highly recommend it! Don’t read them in chronological order, though. I think it’s better to read them in the order in which they were written; namely, Foundation, Foundation and Empire, Second Foundation, then the sequels Foundation’s Edge, Foundation and Earth, then the prequels Prelude to Foundation, and then Forward the Foundation. Reading in this order also allows you a glimpse into Asimov’s philosophy as it evolves, I feel. The last book he wrote in the series got a little bleak, which I believe is a reflection of his own life. But that’s just my speculation. Have fun reading!

zulubro says:

Blockbuster? You planning on going back in the past? If you do, go back far enough to warn me to stay away from that pretty psycho I met in college.

JeremySteakHouse says:

You made this video in 2013, I didn’t know blockbuster was still alive.

chuppy125 says:

I don’t care about the review, I just love looking at your pretty face.

Tomáš Růžička says:

ROBOT is Czech word. From word robota that mean a corvee.

David Kay says:

Mark and I have a new Sci-Fi book out on since July entitled “The Perfect Pathogen.” We’d love to have your opinion on it, especially given the Ebola news of late. Thanks. Dave

Majinga Zetto says:

You haven’t seen blade runner? Are you insane? 

wotan237 says:

Bladerunner is an awesome movie but be sure to watch the right version. I think the one where there is narration is the lesser one, watch the one without the protagonists narration. 

If you are diving into the classic sci-fi, may I suggest a few, yes?  20,000 leagues under the sea by Jules Verne is fantastic.   Olaf Stapleton’s Star Maker will make your head spin, Alfred Besters  The Stars my Destination is good…., Stanislaw Lem is good too, his Solaris was made into film twice, the original Russian film is way better than the recent one….

Pimpoyo de Loyola says:

All our loving bookworms can read Pimpoyo de Loyola best fiction books at Amazon!

Jay Dee Archer says:

Ender’s Game was a great one to read.  Speaker for the Dead was also very good.  Xenocide……well, not so good.  Have yet to read Children of the Mind.

Javi O says:

Maybe a new vid with new Sci-fi books you´ve read, if any? 

M Hodges says:

I got my Blade Runner cd from Amazon. check it out.


You should read The World Inside by Robert Silverberg. It’s a pretty hard find, but it’s pretty thought provoking. look it up

liam walters says:

Rather enjoyed this video. Subscribed 🙂

tsopmocful says:

I love all those books except for Ender’s Game which I’d never heard of. Stranger In A Strange Land by R. Heinlein is a great classic that Hollywood will never dare to film, and the Night’s Dawn trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton is more recent from the 90s but will be a classic of the future.

Hotmustardgas20 says:

My first reaction to this video was “Yes Enders Game *fap fap fap fap fap*” Lol but in all seriousness I love Enders Game

Bluebuthappy182 says:

So have you seen Bladerunner yet?

Stephen M says:

Excellent selection. From some of your comments it was not clear if you realized that before the social revelution of the 60’s and 70’s which made it possible to discuss such things openly, Science Fiction was the medium in which issues of race, gender. sexuality, role of women, etc. etc, was discussed. These things were never brought up in polite society or proper literature but science fiction was a little niche where the socially aware were having a wonderful dialog. 

PotatoeIsland says:

Would recommend hitchhikers guide to the galaxy if you have not read it.

Firebrand says:

Nice list… but no Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C Clark???? xD

Also, Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, by Doug Naylor and Rob Grant

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