Adult Science Fiction & Fantasy Recommendations // 2019

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Rachael Marie Book Junkie says:

LOVED the awesome rant/ramble!!! You are So DAMN RIGHT!

Browsing For Books says:

These are some great recs! I’ve been wanting to get into Adult SF more recently so I am excited to check out some of these books!

Zubaer Chaudhari says:


ConfessingMyReads says:

Preach girl! Stories are stories. There is no need to put labels/categories in the booktube community. You read books, you make videos, you’re a booktuber. I am still going to work my way through Queen of the Tearling. I really enjoyed it.

Bookish Drama says:

GReat discussion at the beginning, so true! I have been interested in The Bone Season for years and now I don´t know if I should read that one first or Priory instead

TheChockychops says:

Stormdancer is only 99p on Amazon UK at the mo…..

Maëlys Reads says:

I read Queen of the Tearling and The Bone Season but I didn’t even realise they were in the adult category aha

JustVal Now says:

I read both YA and adult. I started reading again in January after taking a while off and I’ve spent a lot of time on YouTube getting recommendations. I’m so glad I got back into it because I’ve felt so much better. I think people should read whatever makes them happy and not worry so much about labels.

Eliza Lagonia says:

Have you read The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind? I’ve not read the entire series yet because they are long books. The first book is Wizards First Rule. My favorite is Faith of the Fallen which is book 6.

Rachael Marie Book Junkie says:

Loved the variety on this!
Oh babe – I think you forgot your end screen ♥️

Mohamed Zeroual says:

Beautiful eyes and smile

Hazel Hood says:

I’m 58years old and read both adult and ya books. I enjoy both

Katie Stripe says:

I’ve picked up Shadowdancer on kindle as you enjoyed it so much and I really trust your tastes I hope I like it too! X

The Bookish Babbler says:

I am out here clapping. I read every single genre and “Age range” and I love and hate books in all of them, just let quality be quality!
I am so glad you read Stormdancer so I don’t feel so alone screaming about it into the void that is booktube haha.

The Return Cart says:

I actually used to be judgy when I was in my teens and early twenties but now, I’ve grown from that and have the mindset of “People like what they like and that’s okay.” Great recommendations. SF/F is my favorite. <3

Kat Talks says:

And you finally explained to me why I was hearing such different things about priory xD Great job!

Joan Ts says:

Oh, I thought The Queen of the Tearling was young adult!!!

Meg Trail says:

Yes thank god Samantha Shannon includes glossary in her bones otherwise I’d be completely lost in The Bone Season and Priory of the Orange Tree.

Mariel Zani Begoña says:

Robin Hobb and Brandon Sanderson are hands down my favourite adult fantasy authors. I love the first two books in the Tearling trilogy but the third one OH MY GOD IT WAS SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lethallime says:

100% agree – a good story is a good story! Also so many of these books are already on my goodreads to read list – when will I get to them?!! D:

Purp1eSeren1ty says:

I wonder if publishers put more money into YA BookTube because they think more young people follow BookTubers (& are more likely to be influenced by them) than adults do? (No idea if that would be right. I’m 43 and I follow and read both! But I didn’t even realise BookTube existed until about 6 months ago!)

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