Adult science fiction and fantasy recommendations for beginners.

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Son of sparda says:

Has Leo met Luna yet?

Cody Keisler says:

I’m sure someone has suggested this before, but I’d say The Expanse series is one of the best pieces of modern scifi to get into. Yeah, it’s a bit long at 9 books, but the writing is so well done and fast paced that it doesn’t feel like you’re bogged down. Not to mention the series kind of naturally breaks up into smaller pieces (ie 1-3, 4, 5, etc) so it doesn’t feel terribly daunting as you’re going through it. You (and anyone else interested in scifi) should definitely check it out 🙂

Also, it’s been adapted into a fantastic show so that’s a plus.

Edwin Tyson says:


Matea Zovko says:

Omg they were roommates

P.S. I love that book! says:

Great list, def agree with your picks

iLivieforbooks says:

I am watching this video at the gym (I work at a gym on my school campus lol and the third floor has a hang out area) and someone came and sat next to me- I don’t have headphones so they were in hearing range of my laptop and overheard this video and asked if they could see what I was watching because it sounded interesting and he is now planning to read Red Rising because of you 🙂
I felt like the proudest person ever like YES ENJOY THIS VIDEO BY ONE OF THE BEST PEOPLE

teabooksmagic says:

For some reason, I’ve always associated Red Rising with YA. Like you said, it’s probably because of bookstore shelving. I’m very excited to get to it- I keep hearing great things. 🙂 And City of Brass sounds terrific too! Unfortunately, I wasn’t personally a fan of the Tearling trilogy, though I liked book 1 (and the Mace was a great character).

Safina N says:

Great video!!!

Maëlys Reads says:

I’m really excited to get to City of Brass!

Anna Portillo says:

Great video! I absolutely love fantasy but haven’t really read a lot of scifi (though I love scifi movies) looking forward to reading more scifi this year!

Andrea Childers says:

I was just looking on your channel for this exact type of video last night. Thank you!

Afrah M says:

I reeeeeeally want to start reading Fantasy but don’t know where to begin. Thanks for this!!!

Alithia451 says:

Children of Time for sci-fi, Faithful and the Fallen for adult fantasy.

Book Invasion says:

Great recommendations! Thanks for sharing.

Jon Greenleaf says:

Didnt mention sword of truth you suck

ashima ahmed says:

but first, I LOVE YOUR EARRING !! <3

Julia Trenton says:

Some good books for just starting out in Sci-Fi are Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card and On Basilisk Station by David Webber.

TimeAndChance says:

Fantasy recs for intermediate fantasy readers?

Joan Ts says:

Really nice video!!!!! I have read City of Brass but loved more Nahri’s chapters!!! Hahaha!!!

Bedtime Bookworm says:

These are great recommendations! One I would recommend is Reign the Earth by AC Gaughen. It’s advertised as YA but I think it has some older themes to it. I thought it was the start of a series but the second one is more of a companion. I was really happy to see queen of the tearling on here – I love that series! If/when you read that last book we will have to discuss cus it’s controversial!

HoseGuerrero says:

I started with Mistborn, Lies of Locke Lamora, Name of the Wind, and The First Law trilogy.

Around the time I started thats what everyone was talking about.

Nicko Mocanu says:

I’ve read everything you recommended (except continuing on past Red Rising and City of Brass). XD

Books With Alyssa J says:

this is so helpful, thank you elliot!! i love YA fantasy and have been meaning to get into adult 🙂

Zee Reads says:

thanks so much for these recs and the great informative video! 🙂 i put all of these on my tbr!

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