5 Favorite Science Fiction Books!

In which I talk about my top five favorite science fiction books!

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Marlon Pangilinan says:

Just stumbled upon your youtube reviews…I admire your energy! I think I will pick up Hyperion. LOL!

kreesentry459 says:

you’ve got really good taste in scifi 🙂

Paddy Moran says:

Great list! I need to read more si-fi it is something I am lacking in my reading.

David Agranoff says:

Excellent tatse in sci-fi I have read and loved all but one of those, so I will read it too. Have to follow you on goodreads!

Richard Ray says:

Excellent! Hyperion was beyond amazing! Loved every second of that book!

The Sparrow is next on my list.

The Bookish Babbler says:

I just found your channel and I love it already! I have been wanting to get back into reading sci-fi and your channel is perfect for getting me pumped for more sci-fi epicness!

Nicolas Medel says:

Can you recommend some of horror sci-fi book?

kevaughn Campbell says:

is science fiction your favorite genre

Jay Dee Archer says:

Red Mars is my favourite sci-fi novel! It was incredible. I still haven’t read Green or Blue Mars, though. Dune was great, too. I love world building, and it definitely is excellent. And I loved the Hyperion Cantos.

idunwantafreakinchan says:

mutineers moon,

J. T. says:

You nailed it.

Great variety….but… No Neuromancer by Gibson, Neverness by David Zindell, or Iain M Banks?

Fuat Zakiah says:

Great video! I should read Dune ASAP and really curious about Hyperion. Have you read Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation”? Really like to hear your thoughts. Cheers!

Leroy Stone says:

Thanks!!! You have such an awesome energy.

Wojciech Kowalski says:

Fantastic channel. I am looking for more booktube about science-fiction.

Additionally to your list, I recommend some science-fiction from Central Europe, like Stanisław Lem. This is really the classic of science-fiction literature. Try some his serious novels like “Solaris”, “The Invincible”, “His Master’s Voice” or “Fiasco”. Even his comedic science-fiction works shine with multiple brilliant and deep ideas, like “The Star Diaries” or “The Cyberiad”. I am not sure how much is lost in translation, though.

From Eastern Europe Strugacki brothers are great, too.

Angel Angelov says:

Legend has it, if don’t shut up about Hyperion, the Shrike will show up in your room, take you and impale you on the thorny Bookshelf of Pain, filled only with copies of Fifty Shades of Grey.

kevaughn Campbell says:

I heard you need to read fall of Hyperion as well

JulianVM says:

I liked Dune, and I loved Hyperion so much. They are amazing books. Hyperion was one of the best book I read this year. If you like them both, I will recommend you a book called “The many-colored land” by Julian May. You will probably like it too. It is a sci-fi book, about traveling in time. I am already reading the second book (they are four) and they are awesome.

ekufoy says:

So I just graduated from college again..lol, any suggestions for a book thats great for someone going thru a transition period ?

Sadie_Serenity says:

Does the firefly book belong to a game?.

Rydia Skye says:

i think i might love you.

ZumZoom RU says:

Here i was, thinking that this top too will be about romantic fantasy teenage books… BUT you’re list is really great!
To my shame i haven’t read most of these books, but i planned to read “Red Mars”, and after watching this vid i definitely am going to read “Hyperion”! And of course “Dune” is my favorite book series along with Asimov’s “Foundation”.

kevaughn Campbell says:

love your passion

kevaughn Campbell says:

I watched this video too many time

Che Adventure says:

fantastic top 5 list!

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