10 Worst Tropes in Science Fiction


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clara x says:

He shared this knowledge of liking skillshare through a mind meld?

Max Wylde says:

Colonization isn’t a bad thing either. Gandhi himself said so, saying that only the British could’ve modernized India. That didn’t necessarily make it all good, but it wasn’t all bad either. Further, some civilizations deserved to be destroyed. That’s right; take the Aztecs and the Inca; both of them had it coming. Both were heavily into horrendous human sacrifices, and to do that they had to go into other tribes to kidnap their people so they didn’t have to sacrifice their own people. The Inca also had a bad system of economics, in that if you own land, you owned that land for eternity, meaning that even after you die, that land still remains yours, and if your offspring wanted to do something other than what you had originally wanted for that (farming corn, for instance), they couldn’t change that, so this gave the Inca a huge incentive to conquer other tribes in South and Central America. Cortes had plenty of help from other Indian tribes in the region to beat the Aztecs, as did Pizarro against the Inca. The point being is that colonization isn’t a black and white issue (no pun intended).

Claire Writing Club says:

Teens in charge yaaaas 🙂

NaomiPhoenix says:

I’m currently worldbuilding for #5

Alistair Von Zanzibar says:

Lmao mass effect violates literally every single entry.

Adrian Ghandtchi says:

Hey Jenna, do you have any horror or thriller tropes you absolutely love/hate? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

PersonThat Knows Things says:

Damn, that’s a real cute look. I don’t think I was prepared for that.

Linx says:

Another trope: If it’s in space, it has aliens. Why???

Kelsey Robinson says:

[Jenna Moreci voice] CERTAINLY NOT *GENOCIDE*

PelenTan says:

Ok. You owe me a couple keyboards for this one. 😉 I’m pretty certain I avoided all of those tropes. Or at least if I hit one of them(sexy aliens) it was because I sort of hit another one (colonialism) but in a reverse and rather different way (“Hello Terrans, my name Yal Ben Dover.”).

Coral Reeves says:

6:02 Awww look at the way she looks at him. She’s so in love <3 Makes me wanna write a story about a cyborg falling in love now 🙂

v_for_vegandetta says:

Born sexy yesterday is Metropolis

You Are No One says:

Stories about children (or rather Teens) in space battles was successfully done by Orson Scott Card in his Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow book series

Naomi Sedgwick says:

Love everything about this video, starting with the thumbnail

Seth De Shallow says:

okay, we get it, you love star wars

Tomasz Kiełtyka says:

What is wrong with colonialism? In books I mean. It is simply another natural step in civilisation, and what is the big leap into space other than starting civilisation all over at a grander scale?

Jake of SP4DES says:


Ashley Langenberg says:

Miss Moreci, I appreciate you.

Brain FromArous says:

So close? We got all the way to #8 before the PC baloney appeared.

Colonialism is always bad and fails? Really? Jenna and I are members of an entire culture, society and civilization – modern America – which exists principally due to successful colonialism.

Also, no SF writers should imitate Star Wars because it’s not science fiction and never was. George Lucas wrote a love letter to the pulp/comic book adventures of his youth, mixing in aspects of Westerns and even Samurai stories. His chief villain is a straight-up evil sorcerer with black robes and magic lightning attacks, for goodness sake.

There’s great fun to be had with SW, but it’s not science fiction.

Persephone Diggen says:

When are you going to do a video about the best sci fi tropes?

Batlokoa Sekhamane says:

You say “violence, disease and the destruction of entire civilizations” like those are bad things. Oh, let me guess, you’re a huge fan of peace and love. Barf!! Seriously though, colonization is exactly what we’d do if we “discovered” an “inferior” species out there. Look what we’ve done to wolves, we turned them into dogs for Christ’s sake! Are Lassie’s owners the villains? Maybe…

KrazyVideoChick says:

The Homogenous is the one I absolutely cant stand!!!

Lord Angelus of House MacGregor says:

I slightly disagree with the last one… not because I want to f*ck an alien… but because a fish has a penis but isn’t supposed to f*ck a human. so alien species having somewhat similar genitals isn’t that weird, BUT having an alien that can reproduce with a human is weird. so yeah, my sexy aliens can stay… please.

EvveeVeeVeeWuu says:

When did this channel turn into an SJW snore fest?

Gabriele Simionato says:


Brenden Gardner says:

Have you ever read the Red Rising series? If so, what did you think? If not, I highly recommend it. It avoids many of these tropes, and those that is doesn’t avoid are explained appropriately. SCIFI MUST READ!

Marcel says:

Tech overload is amazing, the rest I agree

Aurora Gemini says:

Those eyebrows tho

Geeky One says:

omg how dare you diss cpt james t kirk (lol I’m not actually mad)
but seriously
kirk in the original series is a nerd and hardcore feminist and is the kind of guy who picks up pretty flowers on an unexplored planet bc its pretty
and mostly uses his masculine wiles bc his crew is in danger
I’m sad that the public perception of him as an obnoxious womanizer is so widespread

Astro Matrix says:


Nicholas Whynacht says:

I’m afraid I have to disagree with several points.
Firstly while it is definitely true that atrocities were carried out during colonialism of the past their is no reason to believe that the colonialism of the future would be carried out the same way. Furthermore even if it is carried out the same way a practice can be evil and do terrible things but that does not mean that everyone who participated in such a thing is evil or terrible. In fact I think it would make for a fairly interesting morally grey book about colonialism where your main character isn’t a villain he’s just misguided or even blinded to the problems by his own beliefs. Where he would genuinely believe he is acting to the betterment of not only his country and his people, but acting to uplift and “civilize” a more primitive species bring with him modern medicine and technologies. He isn’t evil just misguided. Furthermore you could have a wide variety of characters with a wide variety of reasons and moral positioning. Like a scientist/doctor who is trying to find the next penicillin and save countless lives, or a soldier who loves his country and loves his fellow countrymen and thinks he’s doing what is necessary for their protection. I think summing up colonialism as “You have to be the villain” not only puts you in an position where you’re unwilling to explore the varied ideas, morals, and justifications that can come with the topic, but your also wholly rejecting a setting that would allow for a fairly nuanced look into how people can justify and do some morally gray or strait up evil things in the name of a cause greater than themselves. Which is also to ignore the positive benefits of bringing modern medicine and technologies to these more primitive cultures and the ideas of the enlightenment. While many horrible things were done to indigenous people’s the modernization of their world is a good thing and can create an interesting and nuanced discussion about the ends justifying the means. Where modern technology will likely save many more lives than were killed and modern technology can lift people out of poverty and create a more prosperous world. It can also raise the interesting idea of, are all cultures worth preserving? If your culture sacrifices a baby at the alter of the great sun God every full moon, and sacrifices a virgin on each solstice while justifying the utter annihilation of neighboring countries to please your God. Why should that be allowed to continue? Would it not be the duty of more enlightened people to end such barbarism. Just to name a couple interesting topics/discussions a book on colonialism could dive into.
Secondly child soldiers, now I have two schools of thought about child soldiers. Firstly is the third world country paramilitary group utilizing drugs, hormones, and a complete absence of all moral teachings to mold young impressionable children into soldiers to do monstrous things without questioning it. While by no means an elite fighting force, it is a very real fighting force. It would of course create a character with either a drug dependency or constantly fighting an urge to take drugs. And a character who will never properly adjust to society. I see no reason why soldiers like this wouldn’t or couldn’t exist in a sci-fi universe, though i think as a character it wouldn’t fit well into a group of characters who don’t share this upbringing. However I think it would make for a really interesting and sympathetic adversary. Now as far as some Ancient Spartaesque soldiering program, yeah it’s pretty dumb. Modern guns have completely eliminated the need for these types of training practices and it makes little sense that a space faring nation would utilize something like this for their soldiery. So I get your point and only partially disagree.
Thirdly is about the lone women. Now my disagreement does not stem from the main point your raising. I see no reason why their shouldn’t be multiple women and the damsel in distress/love interest being the only female character is tired and uninspired. My disagreement arises from one point where you say she is a doctor or an engineer but still relays on others to defend her. To which I have to ask, Why wouldn’t she? She has spent her entire life working rigorously in academia not going to a shooting range, or learning krav maga. This isn’t to say that she can’t pick up a gun and defend herself in emergencies (which I think any realistic character would), but to say that she needs help when fighting off space pirates or killer robots is, in my opinion, beyond fair. Like if you went to a hospital today you would find plenty of nurses, doctors, and you would find armed and trained security forces/police, because doctors are not fighters, by profession, and are not specifically trained to do what security guards do. Any character who can with one hand do brain surgery while wiping out a band of space pirates with the other would be an unrelatable character.
Just a thought, an interesting video and your are at least mostly correct.

Foton Icon says:

“Do not step to me with your illogical bullshit.”
This is agreeable.
Colonization is not conquest, learn the difference, and you may yet reach Kohlinar. Though the way is difficult.

Antoine Raine says:

Who the hell watches star trek

K.L Morris says:

6:04 and that’s how cliff lost his mobility

Pa Sp says:

I could see a colonization sci fiction where they intentionally show them as the bad guys. There are video games and stories where you are the bad guy.

Rainbow Fire says:

Kirk has a heart of gold though, so he gets redeemed

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