YouTubers And Politics: How (Not) To Present An Opinion

Another nearly 20 minute “essay” where I talk about unimportant schlock that nobody cares about. Enjoy.

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You may remember a little while ago a video was released on my channel titled “Jello’s Political Apocalypse,” during which I discussed a video created by Jello where he tried to motivate people to vote for his party of choice by sort of masquerading it as an unbiased take, and presenting information in an inaccurate and intentionally manipulative way to achieve such goals. And since then I’ve been keeping an eye out for YouTubers discussing politics on their platform because to be honest I find it to be an intriguing topic. In this video I discuss the right and wrong ways to go about this, with Quinton Reviews, Anthony Fantano, JonTron, Tana Mongeau, Casey Neistat, and of course Jelloapocalypse serving as the maine examples.

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Legendary KoreanBBQ says:

Melon is a socialist therefore his opinion though he can have it will not be payed attention to or taken into consideration.

DotDotSlash says:

Quinton is such a stereotypical neckbeard. I love it.

Mitch Holladay says:

damn. how many whiny bitches are there on Facebook in total.

no0 says:

so what you’re saying is that people can’t do what they want with their own platforms

okay dude

John Duncan says:

JonTron did nothing wrong.

John Duncan says:

Great video. Subbed to your channel over it.

Actually Not Hayden says:

You had such a big problem with Quinton saying “maybe this person who preaches hatred shouldn’t be platformed in front of millions of children”
just because of, like, the word choice and shit. Why did you even make this shit?

Actually Not Hayden says:

Someone:”I think trans people don’t deserve rights”
Anyone else: “fuck off”

Drake ́s Woes says:


Heuch Gack says:

Casey should play Moe in the live action Simpsons movie.

Tali P says:

i thought that jontron joke was exactly that. A joke. But, to each their own. I do admit, however, that the rant on *le Donald Drumpf felt out of place and forced. Solid video none the less.

Pandora B says:


Turkey Tom says:

Say the n word

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Jabo's Fun Train says:

i think you may of over done how bad melon is but apart from that i think the video is good

Actually Not Hayden says:

Hey tom this video was uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bad and nobody asked for it. I don’t know why you inject yourself into stupid bullshit like this but if you want shitstains like this to be your legacy then i guess i can’t stop you

Ivor Stirling says:

You have literally done no research whatsoever

Tacokittypopo says:

I would love to see a Hunter Avallone, I used the watch his vids but I’ve recently stopped, I’d like to see your opinions on him

Daniel Van Hoogstraten says:

How are you saying things like “bringing in your own opinion never makes you look good”, while you state yours several times and also make your own standpoint in politics so clear, by the choice of people you are talking about?
Jontron talking about a white ethnostate wouldn´t be any less controversial, if he versed it well.

Jack Baucke says:

I assumed quinton calling jontron racist was a joke

W4rdrobe says:

how could you listen to the things JonTron said and not think he is alt right, this is so dumb

Chocolate Milk says:

it would just be nice if people werent so sensitive and dumb at the same time. You cannot say much at all without some bum on twitter coming at your throat with all sorts of buzzwords and labels.

like ffs, people still unironically call people “literal nazi” and attempt to dehumanize and will concoct the most annoying paragraph ever typed if you disagree with one of their 20,000^4 unreasonable beliefs

ArchangelDrake says:

1. Politics in entertainment is neither new nor inherently defective of the overall product.
2. Non-political media has been coopted by political parties, so everything is political now. You can’t talk about a movie (which has a political bend anyway) without a political framework because politics informs your views on things.
3. Ben is a loud, ignorant person who loudly espouses hatred and has a massive audience which is shared with pewdiepie. Putting him on that platform to attempt to give him a likeable “just like you guys” spin is a tactic he specifically employs to garner sympathy so he can keep saying hard right-leaning and anti-lgbt shit without looking like it.

This video, despite the title, is not a well-meaning and well-informed argument for how to present politics, but is rather just a meaningless takedown of people you don’t agree with because they “got political” but didn’t make 100% of their content political. It’s pretty dumb. I think you made this video in bad faith because of the intellectual dishonesty with which you presented it. The title should be “Don’t get political unless you agree with me” because that’s the finished product. It’s not hard to see the bias in this video or the audience who has received it well.

Jonatan Harg says:

06:10 “What’s wrong with humazing someone who is human?”
Intentional misinterpretation and strawman of the argument. People with bigoted opinions should not be intentionally humanized since they themselves dehumanize minorities. Intolerance should not be tolerated.

06:22, paraphrasing, “Saying you should not humanize ben shapiro is ironic because that implies that Ben Shapiro is not human”
Obviously not what humanize means, so again, intentional misinterpretation and strawman of the argument unless you legitimately are unable to speak coherent English, which you seem to be able to do.

06:36 “But it’s pretty fucked up to say that because he holds an opinion that you disagree with, that he shouldn’t be humanized pretty much no matter what his beliefs are”
Yup. Let’s humanize homophobes. Let’s humanize misogynists. Let’s humanize nazis. Let’s humanize people who advocate for the abolishment of consent laws.
No. You have really stupid beliefs and you haven’t explored this topic far enough to make a video on it. You have fallen into the ‘We have to tolerate intolerance’ trap, and you are advocating for people with some dangerous beliefs.

I won’t do more because you say more stupid shit literally every 10 seconds. Holy shit, you really don’t know what you are talking about.

Douppi says:


RJCHodges says:

Fuck you n- wait, wait, wait. In conclusion, fuck you, ugly. Actually, good video. Can’t wait to show this at Bakuretsu Con.

StickyDonutHoles says:

Well Shapiro isn’t human, he is jewish.

*badum tiss*

blackfear jays says:

have my sub !

Malik Obama says:

dude, please criticize or maybe review pewdiepie. I would love to know your opinion on it.

MentalFrog says:

*HOT TAKE* from big brain centrist tom!

Gabriel Serra says:

seriously, this video is shit. you’re judging people for taking stances in a way you dislike, it has nothing to do with being a good way or not, you just want people to communicate the way you want them to. that’s dumb.

RaveSage says:

I do feel bad about Jon. He got caught in the mix with someone who really knows how to drive the knife in when you don’t know what’s happening. I hope his opinions didn’t change too much or people yelled at him enough to make him hush up completely.

dafuzzymonster says:

yeah i think less of pewdiepie now that he put ben shapiro on

Ms. Tinput says:

There’s some really clear bias and unprofessionalism in this video that’s trying to paint itself as professional and legitimate
I get that to an extent it’s for humor’s sake and to make the content more easily digestible but it crosses into some territory that just comes across as whiny and childish

Gabriel Serra says:

according to this tom guy, the correct way to discuss politics is protecting racist people for saying racist things and not really get into the politics at hand. this is STUPID. you sound like a child trying to discuss politics with adults, there’s nothing to say back to you because you miss so much of the point. just go drink some capri sun dude.

Owen Nelson says:

As a fan of Hunter, I am waiting for your video on him since you left a BIG hint

Joseph Seaton says:

they have a right to an opinion, but they should be expected to get shit on for it and not get any spotlight if it’s inherently ignorant and racist. Ben Shapiro is alt-right lite. This video is presented in a clear way to shy away from the fact that most of the points are completely vapid. fuck you and your sympathy for these bigoted morons

Com Lag says:

Middle 8, a music channel, recently did exactly this with feminism

mike says:

“conservatism has become the new counter culture” lol k

Mickey Sixx says:

There’s politics, then there’s the god emperor.

Christopher McAvoy says:

That moment a video comes across as unbiased

Aiden Pearce says:

Why do all these retards say dont “humanize” these people. Like is this the nest excuse they could think of?

Geahk Burchill says:

Add ToddInTheShadows to the list of people bad at talking about politics.
He’s in the same sphere as The Melon but infinitely worse at it.

Project Apocalypse says:

What’s wrong with Hunter Avallone?

j Morton says:

You’re pretty bad at criticizing people like I don’t think you’re misrepresenting anyone or anything but like for half the people you spoke about it just wasn’t good criticism the Quinton reviews was a stretch and Anthony fantano got mad like he just got mad and was condescending to people he dislikes on Twitter that’s not weird or even interesting that’s just something that most people do; get mad. Obviously, tana Mongeau is a fake bitch and Jon Tron is a racist but everyone knows that. I’m not trying to shit on you or anything I just think you should get better at criticism

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